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      LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Hostel Requests & Information

      Please state in this thread who you would like to share with so we can allocate you to a room. Rooms are typically 9, 12 or 15 people sharing a room with bunk beds (a typical hostel, NOT a hotel). We can allocate you with friends if you let us know in advance (the purpose of this topic). Note that you need to register and pay for a place at the hostel before we can allocate you to a room. You can register here: https://summer.londonanimecon.com/re...action=nologin

      Here is the form to fill in -

      Forename(s) and Surname:
      Email Address:
      Names of People you wish to share with:
      Any special requirements we need to know?:
      If you don't wish to post this information publicly, that's fine. Please email registrations @ animeleague.com or Private Message me instead.

      Where we are staying and price.

      Where are we staying? We will be staying at the Smart Russell Square Hostel.

      The Smart Russell Square Hostel (WEB LINK HERE) is located near Russell Square tube station, which is on the Piccadilly line, one stop before Kings Cross.

      Smart Russell Square Address

      Address: 71-72 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1DF

      Common Questions

      What time is checking-in?

      Checking in starts at 3PM on Friday. Please wait until 3PM until speaking to the hostel reception. If you arrive earlier, you can wait in the common room until 3PM. We will be checking-in until 10PM, If you are arriving after 10PM, please text/email us in advance so we can make arrangements for you.

      Is there any late night curfew?

      No, you can come back to the hostel anytime. However, the hostel has night security on the door. You will need your keycard AND your photo ID to get into the building at night. No ID means no entry! Everyone is checked and there are NO exceptions.

      Is there a breakfast provided?

      ~ Breakfast is available for a fee.

      Are Visitors allowed? ~

      No, visitors are not allowed in the dorms or in the common room.

      Where is the hostel reception?

      ~ The hostel reception is located at the front of the hostel building.

      How do I get in and out of the hostel? How do I get a Dorm Key?

      ~ Dorm keys will be given out by the front desk. This is available on check in by speaking to our staff.

      Is there a security locker to leave high-value items in?

      ~ Lockers are available to hire for a small fee.

      Does the hostel provide towels?

      ~They are available for purchase at the front desk.

      What time are check-outs?

      ~ You need to check out no later than 10:00AM on your day of departure.

      - If you have paid for two nights then checkout is Sunday morning.
      - If you have paid for three nights then checkout is Monday morning.

      Is alcohol allowed in the dorms?

      ~ Alcohol is allowed to be consumed in the common room, but not in the dorm rooms.

      What is accessibility like at Russell Square?

      There is a small set of 5/6 stairs going up to the hostel building. Our rooms are either in the basement or upstairs, so staying is not recommended if stairs are a problem for you.

      Is WiFi access available?

      Yes, there is WiFi available at the Smart Russell. The WiFi code password is located on a sign at the front reception. Note that the router is located at reception, so the WiFi may not connect in the rooms because of the distance from the router.

      Where to meet up with us on Friday & Friday Activities


      Don't panic! Just make your way to the hostel and we can still check you in up until midnight.

      We will be meeting at the Russell Square tube station at 2PM. If you arriving later or can not find us, make sure to call Martin - NUMBER TO BE ADDED LATER, or make your own way to the hostel after 2PM (easily found using Google Maps).


      If you have any issues from Friday to Monday morning, please call/text Martin (number below).

      Please ONLY contact Martin Friday-Monday on NUMBER TO BE ADDED LATER. If you have any queries at any other time, please post here or email us at registrations @ animeleague.com.

      Friday Activities

      Friday entry to LAGC starts at 12PM (noon), and we have activities going on all afternoon/evening. Please view the provisional event timetable for more information.

      Saturday and Sunday Activities

      Normal entry to LAGC is at 10.30AM unless you are helping out (ie: staffing) in which case it is 8:30AM onward. We will then be rolling until midnight, where everyone will return to the hostel (or go home/to their hotels!). The last tube back to the hostel is just after midnight.

      Lots to do throughout the day, including a ton of events, dealers (we will aim to have plenty of companies involved, so there will be plenty to buy, probably at prices lower than Expo events), Video Gaming, Artist Alley, anime screening and so forth.

      Transport Information.

      Getting the London in itself is not the end of transport costs. You will need to get a London Underground Day Travelpass on the Saturday at the least. This will cost about £6.50 (about two thirds of this maximum if you have an oyster card, which we recommend you buy). It will allow you to go anywhere in London all day via the underground.

      Click here for a map of the London Underground.

      I would recommend booking in ADVANCE by train or coach. You might get a discount.

      http://www.nationalrail.co.uk is the site for booking and finding out train times nationwide.

      IF you happen to live in or be close to a major city, then megabus might substantially reduce the cost of travelling.


      Similarly, National Express do a similar deal -

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      Re: LAGC Hostel Requests & Information

      Just registered for accom, could you please mark off my entry?
      Also what's the deadline for payment?
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