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      The Lovely Siren
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      RPN's Easter Event: The "Golden Rabbit" Hunt

      The Forbidden Forest is home to many creatures of both good and evil.Only during the Easter weekend it is home to the much wanted "Golden Rabbit".Finding this creature gains you social advancement and even riches.

      Only the bravest and most cunning can capture it.No guns allowed though.


      How TO Win:
      Catch the "Golden Rabbit" using your witts,traps and home made weapons.No guns allowed.

      1.No use of guns.All weapons and traps need to be hand made.
      2.Use details.Non detailed posts will not let you gain the prize.
      3.Only 1 winner
      4.Roleplay will end on Monday at 10pm EST.Winner announced Tuesday.

      Winner receives 500 AL Points
      Participants recieve a rabbit badge

      "Golden Rabbit" sightings will be release at random by the host.Both of the host's accounts will not take part.

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      Jumping On My Bed!
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      Re: RPN's Easter Event: The "Golden Rabbit" Hunt

      It was a bright and warm Easter morning when Sadaku bravely entered the mysterious Forbidden Forest. She was a bit worried to enter the forest with such a mysterious name but also determined to catch the fabled Golden Bunny if she could. It was as she had explained to her kitten Uwu (Sadaku was fond of explaining things to the kitten whom usually responded with purrs and occasional meows for treats) a very important mission and she was determined to do her best... even if the woodlands looming before her did look a little scary!

      Plucking up her meager reserves of courage she entered the forest, holding tight to the shoulder straps of her school bag in which she had concealed her "secret weapon for bunny catching awesomeness" (as she called it anyways) she ventured cautiously deeper into the Forbidden Forest. To her surprise she found the fabled forest was actually quite beautiful and peaceful. It's tall looming oaks and pines rose high into sky, providing homes for the sweet singing birds whom were busily building springtime nests. The leaf strewn forest floor made fun little crackling noises whenever she stepped, and there was even the pleasant babble of a little steam nearby. Sunbeams shown down through the branches in beams of light in which dust swirled and danced like little forest fairies and it all felt very peaceful and soothing. Sadaku began to think this might not be so bad after all.

      Feeling a bit more confident, she continued to explore the forest until she found a little open glade, perfect for her plan and after a little rest she set about preparing her trap. Said trap was a very simple one, but she hoped it might be enough. First she removed a extra fresh and inviting looking carrot from her bag and then a ball of string. She carefully tied the string to top part of the carrot where the green stalks were attached and made as tight a knot as she could. Next she placed the carrot in open view and began to unroll the sting, being careful to conceal it with fallen leaves as she did, until she had reached a tree stump large enough to hide behind. Once she was in hiding she tied the other end of the string around her wrist and then settled down to wait, with a hopeful expression on her face.

      It was a surprisingly short time later that Sadaku heard a rustling from the bushes at the other side of the glade, and her eyes widened as she spotted a pair of unmistakably large rabbit ears poking over the top! She suddenly became aware of the fact that a mystical Golden Bunny might not be the size of a usual bunny which was a very worrying realization. How could she capture something that large?!

      "I think I'm going to need a bigger carrot!" Sadaku said in a whisper as she looked doubtfully to the string tied to her wrist.

      The rustling continued for a few more moments and then suddenly everything was quiet. The whole forest seemed to be still, even the birds had stopped their singing. Sadaku could no longer see the ears of the alarmingly large rabbit and she wondered if it had simply decided against trying to get to the treat she had left for it. Had it left, where was it?

      As her attention was focused on the glade before her and she continued to worry, Sadaku suddenly felt a gentle touch on her shoulder and she gave a startled little squeak of surprise spinning around and looking directly into the sparkling blue eyes of a another girl about her own age looking down at her with a bright friendly smile and dazzling golden colored hair that shown like gold in the light beams from above. But that wasn't what caught Sadaku's eye, it was the unmistakably real rabbit ears poking up from that girl's golden mane of hair, and the fact she could see a little puffy rabbit's tail poking out from a hole cut into the girl's skirt. This then was the Golden Rabbit!

      "Hi!" Said the cheerful rabbit girl as she took her hand away from Sadaku's shoulder and waved cheerfully. "What are you doing?"

      Sadaku blushed furiously as she saw the Golden Rabbit's eyes drift to the string tied to Sadaku's wrist and then to the large carrot it was tied to. But rather then being angry the Golden Rabbit simply let out a little giggle and waved a little finger in mock reproach.

      "Naughty girl," She said with a laugh, "You were trying to catch me weren't you?"

      "I..." Sadaku said looking down, "I just wanted to earn my bunny badge..."

      "Bunny badge?" Asked the Golden Rabbit raising one delicate eyebrow, then shaking her head with a musing smile on her lips as she took hold of Sadaku's hand and pulled her up so the two girls were now face to face.

      "Y-yes!" Said Sadaku a little breathless at how strong the bunny was. "You see I--"

      The Golden Bunny held up one delicate hand in a gentle graceful motion. "I think this is probably best discussed over a nice Easter Dinner, wouldn't you agree?"

      And before Sadaku could object the Golden Bunny took her gently but firmly by the hand and led her deeper into the woods, until they came to a little cottage built in a deep secluded part of the forest, brightly painted in Easter colors, and featuring many Easter themed decorations. Although it was a bit small for grown up humans to enter without stooping down, it was just right for the bunny girl and Sadaku to enter without any trouble. The inside was just as beautifully decorated and with many comfy furnishings and a very cozy feel to it. Sadaku felt instantly at home and her fears began to leave her, Golden Bunny seemed do kind and not at all angry about Sadaku trying to trick her.

      "I'm Goldie," The bunny said in her sweet toned voice as she smiled at Sadaku. "Welcome to my humble little home."

      "I-I'm Sadaku," Said Sadaku with a timid little smile of her own, "It's a lovely home you have Goldie do y--"

      "There will be time for questions while we eat," Said Goldie with a giggle. "Don't worry I'm sure we will have a nice chat and I'll answer all your questions."

      With a wave of her hand and a flash of sparkling bunny magic the large dinner table was piled high with all sorts of good and tempting Easter treats and dishes, the good smells of fresh cooked food made Sadaku eagerly agree to the suggestion by her new friend and so they sat down to a wonderful Easter dinner. During the course of the meal and discussion Sadaku learned all about Goldie the magical Golden Bunny whom spread Easter cheer throughout the forest on this special day and would sometimes invite a specially liked guest to dine with her at her home. Nobody had ever caught her as she was quite clever in avoiding traps, but she found the attention a fun Easter game.

      Sadaku for her part told Goldie all about how she came to search for Goldie in hopes of earning her bunny badge, and Goldie seemed both amused but also touched by Sadaku's earnestness.

      "Well," Said Goldie, as they finished their meal, "I guess you've caught me Sadaku, so what happens now?"

      Sadaku blushed and looked down, "I- I hadn't really thought about what would happen I guess Goldie, I'm sorry. I thought you were a regular bunny not..."

      "It's all right," Said Goldie reaching out to gently squeeze her friend's hand reassuringly. "I was only teasing, but remember that even us bunnies have feelings just as much as you and your friends do. We don't like being caught or imprisoned any more then you would, you know?"

      Sadaku could only nod feeling a bit ashamed for being so thoughtless.

      "Never mind," Said Goldie shaking her head gently. "But I would rather have you as a friend, if it's all the same to you?"

      "I would to," Said Sadaku perking up a bit and smiling. "It's more important to me even then a bunny badge!"

      And so the two friends shared a fine Easter day together and would go on to have many further adventures.... But that is a story for another time. Happy Easter everyone! ^^

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