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      Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      OOC: Everyone is free to just jump in and starting roleplaying. This RP has no plot, just devise your own, and your own circumstances in this world. Double posting is fine, just don't triple post.

      To make it clear on what race you can choose, it's any. You can't leave the atmosphere, but you can certainly fly. You can pretty much possess any powers as well.

      Setting: Ten years ago an alien species invaded. Their technology was vastly superior, and it seemed the human race was doomed. However, in an attempt to fight back, the world changed forever. The aliens did not win, they found themselves trapped on Earth with everyone else.

      A ray hit the world and the aliens too. People changed, most could no longer call themselves humans, but some still can. The ray caused the aliens to mutate as well, most importantly it rendered their superior technology useless. The animals grew intelligent as well and some mutated.

      The Alien and Humans came to a peace agreement afterward and today live in peace. Although there is still some discontent among them. Another phenomenon had occurred as well.

      No one has died since that day, or should be said they have, but instantly regenerate as well as everything else. It has become disconcerting for most, but as a result, murder isn't looked down upon as much. Hate crimes are treated much more viciously now since everyone seems to be immortal in a sense.

      Having children is a thing of the past as well. The youngest children are ten, and no newborns have occurred since. Those who have aged to adulthood have literally stopped aging. No clear answers yet exist on how to combat this, though they are searching. The scientist who created the ray is nowhere to be found.
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      Re: Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      Red, once again was laying in an abandoned car in the city his home. It was time to go out and see what was going on it the city. The market would be a good place. Red stretch his claws as he got up and jumped out of the car. His feline size grew from the appearance of a small house cat into a large red mountain lion, hence his name. He liked to keep things simple. He headed out to the market to see what rares they had or to prowl for anything interesting. He knew he was low on cash and needed some, his buddies would be upset with him if he didn't figure out a way to find some. Normally when he got some he'd spend it on a party for his buddies. He was perfectly content living inside an old abandon car.
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      Re: Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      Ghost opened her eyes as the sun leaked its way inside the abandoned warehouse, reaching down she checked to make sure her daggers were still in their sheaths upon her thighs. Nodding her head as they were still there, she rose to her feet and headed towards a mini fridge that was next to one of the many tall windows that covered the building. Taking a bottle of pre-made protein milkshake which was a special concoction of her very own recipe, many would find the smell alone disgusting, she chugged it down in one and wiped her mouth as she placed the bottle back inside the fridge. "Time for another day of scavenging, such a waste of time." Ghost was quite skilled in finding things and making sure she went unnoticed, which is why she earned the nickname. Pickpocket, assassin, fast, would just be a few other words to describe her. She wasn't a bad person, but she wasn't a good person either. Ghost had learnt that if you want anything in life, you take it. No matter the cost. As she moved for the exit she grabbed a tight black leather jacket that was hung by the door and proceeded to leave the building, black was her favourite colour, its all she ever wore. Tight, dark clothing, it couldn't get stuck on anything and hold her back. She would have her long white hair tied in a ponytail that swung behind her and wore a black mask that covered her mouth and nose so that all you could see were her deep red eyes which felt like they were staring right into your soul.

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      Re: Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      The city Red lived in had been one of the unfortunate cities that took a great blow during the war. The buildings were in ruins. Though some of them had survived and were still intake and functioning. Power had long been restored and so had running water. So the facilities that remained were fine. However, there was a dispute in this city on who governed it. The so-called aliens or the originally governing government. As a result, little had been done to restore the city. Many still made their homes here, because it was where they grew up, and they were attached to it despite its destruction. Most left the crumbling city though.

      Red was a lion in the zoo here, but no more. Now he was considered a citizen here, an unwanted one since he tended to con others here and there out of their possessions, or simply take them. He was considered a scoundrel it was fine by him. He liked living as one. He didn't anyone to praise him for confirming to society. It was society he didn't belong to anyways, they had forced it onto him.

      Red was for now taking his normal walk, admiring is freedom, he was a proud creature and his stride showed it. A girl ran up to him, to greet him. Her name was Jamie, she was a teenager, young for this world. Red and Jamie had been friends for a while, she had lost her parents in the war and she was a toddler. The girl had survival instincts though, and Red admired that in her. I didn't know why Jamie was attached to him, she didn't need him at all, at least not anymore. He had helped her in the past because she was in a desperate situation. Even he couldn't overlook that.

      "Hey youngster, how are you doing? I'm out prowling for some prey."

      "Food banks will give you the food you need, they never run out."

      "You know I'm not looking for food, I'm looking for chumps."

      "You never change Red, I wish you'd stop that."

      "No way, those chumps deserve it. They should learn their lessons and not be easy targets."

      "Its wrong to take advantage of others."

      "I'm just going to take their stuff, they'll get more, no big deal." Jamie frowned, as usual, it was a conversation they had regularly, she never gave up on trying to change him. But he was who he was and that was that. Red liked Jamie, so he tolerated her attempts.

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      Re: Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      The run down urban scene that lay before Ghost as she stepped out of the building was like something straight out of a movie, ruins of old buildings from before the war and in the distance you could see one of the new cities that had been built after. With its towering buildings, one after the other after the other. The buildings seemed never ending in the new city. Ghost didn't care much for the company of others, so being in the ruins, where nobody lived, pleased her. Nobody ever knew what race she was, as she never told anyone much about herself, but to be truthful, she wasn't all that sure what she was. Some kind of cross species of some sort. She looked pretty humanoid though, so if someone asked her if she was human she would just go with it. Ghost didn't have much memory of her past, she guesses that at some point during the war she must have suffered a bad blow to the head, causing her to have amnesia. Sometimes she would have weird dreams that seemed to be maybe memories, but she could never piece them together. After walking what seemed like eternity, she finally made it to the city, looking around she made note of where the guards were, or any point of interest/danger. Ghost made her way to her usual place, a small house which was rather odd to say most of the buildings in the city were vast. Upon entering she was greeted by a weird looking male, he was of an alien race. This man loved collecting old pre-war artefacts that belonged to the humans and would pay Ghost a lot of money to find them.

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      Re: Unusual Tidings (Casual) -A slice of life

      Red parted ways with Jamie, and set out. Well he sort of did. Despite what he had told Jamie he wasn't ready to head to the busy streets or abandon homes to look for prizes. He wanted to go hang out with his friends first and see if some of them would come along for the fun. Well it was funner with others. Zed for instance was a wolf, like him he was now intelligent and as much of an opportunist, perhaps more so, Jamie didn't like Zed one bit. Red, however, liked Zed. There was a bar they usually hung out at, although it wasn't strictly for animals only animals went there on a regular basis. Sometimes there were others, it was mix of them. It was strange that he had no desire to chase a deer anymore. Well there was plenty of food that was given out at the food bank, just like Jamie said.

      Pony ran the bar, he was an irritable donkey and didn't like it when others pointed out he was in fact an ugly donkey and not a pony at all. Red was sure Pony styled himself as a pony and insisted to be referred to as one. Pony wasn't bad, and he didn't charge much for his drinks and food. Naturally the food was free for him to acquire so he could only charge for prepping and serving it. I had tab at Pony's because I didn't have money to buy all the time, but I paid it whenever I did, and I usually had the funds every few months, which pony seemed agreeable too. Luckily he didn't charge interest. I imagine he might if I took to long to pay. In fact pony often pushed me to go out and make some money to pay my tab. I arrived at the bar, I saw that Zed and Pony was there.

      "Hi Zed, what's up? Pony, I'll have a couple of eggs with a thick slice of ham and a coffee."

      "Coming up Red," Pony replied.

      "Are here just to agitate me?" Zed remarked. Zed went out for work more often than I did and didn't need a tab. As I understood it, he was fairly well off. Sometimes he'd have work for me to join in on and I was actually hoping for that. I didn't have to find it that way.

      "No, just wondering if you have a gig going in which you could use an extra hand on, like me."

      "You are here to agitate me," Zed confirmed.

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