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      Re: Dates

      Quote Originally Posted by Elgood81 View Post
      Rabbits are cool! used to breed them for pet shops with my dad before he got very sick and we had to stop. Once we got a super rare one, an albino lop. It was completely white with red eyes and lopped ears. he was so cute. I wanted to keep it but we sold him to a pet store for 300. (if he had been a she we'd have gotten 500)

      Anyway there's a huge roundabout near where I live, it's commonly refereed to as Rabbit Island because there's quite a lot of wild rabbits living on it. They're mostly not scared of the cars but it's like they know not to come off the roundabout. One night I was coming home from my brothers and I saw a little frightened rabbit on the road. It was so scared it wouldn't move so I pulled up in front of it with my indicators flashing in case other cars came along (but it was like 12am so almost nobody on the road) and I picked it up and put it back on the roundabout grass. I felt good cos I'd saved a bunny and I think the bunny might have been glad someone stopped to save it.
      Sounds like it had myxomatosis.
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      Re: Dates

      Quote Originally Posted by Moulders View Post
      Sounds like it had myxomatosis.
      yeah I don't think it had myxomatosis because it didn't show any of the signs and hopped away when I put it down. I think it was just scared because it looked to be a young rabbit (kinda small)

      ooooooh you mean the albino lop. no it was very healthy and it's super rare becuase it doesn't matter how many mating partners you put with the rabbit that gave birth to it, you may never get another one.

      here's a picture of an albino lop ear'd rabbit

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      Re: Dates

      Quote Originally Posted by KagaKoko View Post

      by HentaiSenpai

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      Re: Dates


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