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      Solty Rei [Rune Wars] [Closed]

      The City State Ruder stood a few days north of Solty Rei a large port city. While Ruder was not as large as Solty Rei it was still a well-known city and a major trade hub since it was close by to Solty Rei. The farmlands around it were lush and Ruder was Solty Rei's primary trade for produce products. Solty Rei boarding the sea directly had plenty of fish but not a lot of vegetables and other livestock available for their citizens. Ruder wasn't the only city with livestock and produce available for trade to Solty Rei but it was the closest so it has prospered greatly.

      However, Ruder has now become a footnote of history on one single disastrous day. Few survived the tragedy and most fleed to the nearby city Solty Rei which was the closest city with a standing military. Ruder, of course, had a standing military as well and while it wasn't known for its military might Ruder's soldiers and mages were well trained and ready for combat. But they weren't prepared for the power of the ancient Rune Magic of legend.

      Shatcha scowled once again at his master's task. Why with these powers should he stop at attacking just one city? Shatcha was quite confident he could destroy this city and many others. Though Shatcha knew he could not defy his master's orders. Since he knew the city of Ruder presented no threat toward him he did not even bother to hide his approach.

      "Captain," the lookout paused confused a bit since it was but a lone goblin. It seems it was some kind of trick, though goblins weren't that tactically minded, were they?

      "On with it, I don't have all day soldier," the watch captain barked. The soldier jumped that had called to him.

      "Sir, its a lone goblin approaching the city, I don't see any others with him," the soldier replied

      "You must be mistaken, goblins aren't that brave. They are coward by nature. Even if it as lone goblin there is no point in sending soldiers to deal with it, just shoot it dead with an arrow," the Captain remarked and ordered.

      The soldier nodded and headed to an Archer stationed on the city's walls and pointed out the goblin. The Archer nodded and took out his longbow. He readied it by pulling it back with a notched arrow, and carefully aimed his shot and adjusted for the distance. He let loose the arrow which soared through the sky toward its kill. The arrow veered off to the side of the goblin as it approached it and missed. The Archer hadn't expected that to occur, but did not panic and quickly shot another. The arrow again veered off its target and struck the ground near the goblin who kept on walking toward them with no fear.

      The Captain was watching as the Archer loosed his shot not once but twice and somehow missed. Strange, the Captain thought, perhaps this was not a typical goblin. He had heard there were more powerful goblins from time to time, perhaps this was one of them. A volley should suffice, however. Even more powerful goblins were still weak monsters compared to others. He barked his order to have several Archers ready their bows and shower the goblin with arrows.

      Multiple arrows soar through the air creating a lethal rainstorm and to most creatures it would have been. Shatcha just looked at them with annoyance. He knew he couldn't bring his power to its full strength for long, so he needed to conserve his strength until he got closer to the city. Arrows weren't threatening at all to him now. He let his power swarm around him, and it forced the arrows to turn away from him. Even if they had been shot point blank at him his powers would have turned them to the side. The delay though worked to his advantage since it had given him more time to approach the city. He was sure his power at its full strength would hold out long enough to destroy this hateful city-state.

      Yet again the arrows all missed despite the fact 20 had flown true towards their shared target. The Captain surmised arrows simply would not work against this foe. He sounded the alarm. Troops and mages responded readying themselves for an attack. Citizens retreated into their homes if they were near or into the nearby buildings. That's when Sergeant Garth Wesly a seasoned soldier first responded to the threat of the City State Ruder.

      Garth not knowing what was going on reported to the front gates where his squadron would gather to advance. A messenger should arrive there promptly to inform them of the situation. Garth never made it to the gate before it exploded. He witnessed splinters of would flying pass him from an impossible distance, his instincts drove his reactions and placed his shield solidly in front of him. The debris killed and injured most nearby soldiers. They weren't ready for it, nor was he. It was unexpected, his countless battles experiences had saved him.

      Garth shouted out a rally to gather soldiers to his position. He knew the city's gate had been breached and it was up to him and his fellow soldiers to stop the enemy here and now.

      The soldiers that could, gathered up in a formation with the Seargent readying themselves for the battle to come. No such battle immediately occurred. Garth and those who had temporarily formed a squadron with him waited for the dust to settle. No enemy was there.

      Shatcha decided he was finally within reach and launched himself at super-sonic speed. The waves tore through the gates and the buildings ahead. The goblin zipped and back forth, with super-sonic flight, tearing most of the city to sunder. However, his great sonic power was short lived. Such intense power could not last and it wore him out, but in a few days he'd recover completely. Exhausted from his powers he looked down upon the destroyed city. It was hardly recognizable as it mostly debris now. He was sure many had died. Now that the soldiers could see him hovering in the air he figured it was time to deliver his message from his master.

      "My master sends his greetings, those who survived today should cherish it while they can. Soon all of you will die by my hand. You have but witnessed a fraction of my strength." Finished with delivering his master's message Satcha turned and flew away at a much slower pace, only about 100 miles per hour and only for about ten minutes, as it was all he could manage. He landed, not as gracefully as he wanted. If he hadn't of used his power at its full strength he could have flown for quite some time. However, he was far enough away he knew he'd be safe. Now it was time to head back to camp, it was near.

      Garth had survived that day, but his home was gone. There were more survivors then he had expected, but many were crushed or trapped under collapsed buildings. Garth with others headed to Solty Rei a City-State one that boasted a mightier military then theirs perhaps even the strongest in the south. Garth like others didn't have much to report on the goblins abilities only that it was highly destructive and leveled the entire city within minutes.

      The four Guild leaders of the Solty Rei gathered together at the call of its King by the request of his Knight Commander. Solty Rei was divided into four guilds which ruled beside its King, nearly as equals.

      The Mage Guild was known throughout many cities as one of best places to learn mystic arts as its mages were renowned and quite skilled.

      The Warrior Guild was no less impressive and had turned out the most skilled soldiers, knights, and archers.

      The Shadow Guild while it still maintained influence did not turn out reputable Assassins, Thiefs, and Rangers. Those it trained were skilled but it was certainly not the first choice of many, most were locals.

      The Guard's Guild was simply Solty Rei's standing military which was a mix of classes of various skills. Solty Rei's army was known to be one of the mightier standing armies in the South. The Guard Guild frequently hired members of each of the other Guilds for various jobs at the Palace's expense.

      The gathered Guild leaders and the King agreed, that the goblin was real and true threat to civilized cities. The King called forth any and all willing adventures to come to city and gather in his hall to hunt down the goblin who had destroyed the City State Ruder. The King promised a handsome award for completing the quest.

      In a week many gathered and found the fame Knight Commander Lucile Kinder who headed the Guard Guild as its master there to greet them, and not the King himself. However, Kinder had the authority by her King and the other Guilds to handle the quest and award.

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      Silence is the Sound of Madness

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      Re: Solty Rei [Rune Wars] [Closed]

      Begrudgingly a small figure made his way to the hall where the adventures would gather. The person’s head was would reach waist height of an average human. This meant he was too small to be a dwarf, and definitely not wide enough. Its shoulders were tucked in, almost as if they were designed to hide his neck. If it wasn’t for the large nose on the creature one could have mistaken him for some sort of goblin or other small monster. Not that his posture was any less menacing.

      Its shoulders where slouched, its nose pointed toward the floor, and its feet seemed more reluctant to move forward after each step they took. Although somehow they maintained a consistent pace, even though they seemingly were getting heavier. It was often difficult to detect the mood of gnome based of their gait and body language, but this one seemed to be putting his frustrations on display as it made its way into the hall.

      The servants of the room stopped as he entered, each one’s face echoed the same confused expression. Their dazed looks seemed to give away their inner thoughts about why a fragile looking creature was here. The creature was used to the looks of pity and misunderstanding, but this did not mean it did not tire of them. It looked up for a moment to survey the room for the registry. Obviously none here were going to lead him to it. He reached into his pouch, where his hand rustled around for a few moments. When it emerged a small polished rock came forth. He threw it towards the table where the adventures registry resided and a moment later, he was there. Gasp came from the room as they were no longer frozen. The servants quickly scurried about as they had misjudged this gnome. Obviously it knew some sort of sorcery and they did not want to cross its path.
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      Re: Solty Rei [Rune Wars] [Closed]

      It had been such a long time since her sister and herself had been together. Today was going to be quite the day. Poly dressed in her holy robes and holding the staff she had crafted herself all those years ago. Now she was an adult. Poly stood at a good 6ft tall and not a smidgen more. She assumed her sister would be just as tall. Her long black hair reached the lower end of her back. It flowed wildly as she walked her slow, but methodical pace. Her facial features were soft, but held a unique sharpness that showed her birthright. They had been born to a noble elven family. It was how her sister and her were able to become such high ranked magi. Poly had been talking to adventurers and just happened to see her sister running right to her.

      "POLY!!! POLY I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Hymnia said. The silver haired girl said. She too held the same facial features, however she was just an inch shorter. Poly excused herself and turned to embrace Hymn. "We have so much to catch up on, I can't believe it's been twenty years!" Hymn hugs Poly again. Hymnia's hair sat just below her upper back. Shorter, but it was also wild. Even a few different colors were running through it. "Well are you ready?!" Hymn said excited.

      Hymns voice was sweet and high pitched, but Poly's, "Yes, dear sister. I am ready to aid you and whomever else who needs my aid." Her voice was like smooth caramel. "However, why are you in such.... Vulgar clothing?" Hymn was wearing a black, white, purple, blue, green, and red dress. It represented each element she had been studying and mastered. Upon telling her this, Poly nods and they go to attend the gathering. No need to be signed up, they were well known enough in their respective masteries.
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      Re: Solty Rei [Rune Wars] [Closed]

      Kurt disliked meetings, he disliked being summoned and he disliked the fact he had been escorted to the meeting by several armed knights. They gave him the same looks of disgust you would give a rabid dog. Kurt didn't care, he did what needed to be done.

      The grand hall was vast and filled with servants and other people, he kept his hood over his head leaning against the wall as his escorts left the hall. But at least the knights had promised wealth and what ever he desired. An audience with the King or Knight Commander would be a start, he could decide how he would deal with them then.

      He played with the end of the cloak in his hand, it subtlety shifted in colour starting to blend in to it's background. The gnome and the elves seemingly weren't part of the staff and he began to study them. He didn't like working with others. Gesturing to a servant girl for a drink, he noticed she recoiled slightly when she saw his face and the scars that covered it.

      Kurt smiled and waited for the illustrious Knight Commander to appear, she obviously knew he was a wanted dead or alive or a dozen city states, why he was here at all would be interesting.

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