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      SIGN-UP: Pokemon RP

      Currently taking sign-ups for a Pokemon themed roleplay.Choose from Trainer,Gym Leader and/or Pokemon.

      You must fill out the character sheet and be approved before you are allowed to play.The IC thread will be made this weekend.You can play up to 3 characters at a time.Details will be posted then.This roleplay will include battles,catching Pokemon,Healing Center and even Shops.Rivals and bad guys will be posted later in the roleplay.

      Battles are decided by HP reaching to 0.


      Type(trainer,pokemon,gym leader)


      If your character is not a Pokemon please add
      • Pokemon team (no more 6)
      • favorite Pokemon type
      • weaknesses and strengths

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      Re: SIGN-UP: Pokemon RP

      Name: Annabell (Anna to her friends)
      Gender: Female
      Age: 22
      Type: Gym Leader

      Appearance: Annabell has long reddish golden curly locks and bright emerald green eyes. Her favorite attire as a gum leader is wearing emerald green shirt and black pants with a black cape.
      History: Annabell grew up in a small village where she befriended a family of dragonites and one day captured a dratini the first of many pokemon that evolve into dragons.

      Pokemon team: Dragonite, Flygon, Shellgon, Kingdra, Garchomp, Altaria
      favorite Pokemon type: Dragon
      weaknesses and strengths: Is weak to fairy and ice type pokemon:

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      I missed my chance
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      Re: SIGN-UP: Pokemon RP

      Name: Noe Yusha
      Gender: Female
      Age: 18
      Type: Trainer

      Appearance: Noe is short for her age. Standing at straight up 5ft. Her hair is a dull blue color. She wears thick lensed glasses and the eyes behind them are a beautiful pair of dark red eyes. Her hair is usually put up into a low hanging ponytail that reaches her upper back. However down it reaches her middle back. Noe wears a black shirt with some sort of logo of a huge anime that's currently showing. She also wears a loose skirt that reaches just above the knees. She enjoys wearing leggings and some simple climbing shoes.

      History: Noe grew up in a very nice and cozy city. Everyone there cared for each other and would do anything to help one another. Life was pretty easy for them, Mother, Father, and herself. She had always been around her mother growing up, that and her Gardevoir. They kept each other company and were completely inseparable. Until the day Noe's mom came down with an illness.

      At first, it wasn't so bad. She would get lightly dizzy, but after a few months went by and with many visits to the Doctor's, it got terribly worse. It tore her father to shreds. He eventually gave up, not wanting to see his wife die in such a slow fashion. He left, leaving Verity, the Gardevoir, and Noe alone with her mother. Both of them were taken in by the neighbors. Everyday though, Noe would visit her mother. She watched as she faded away.

      One day, Noe showed up to her mother's room in the hospital. There were many doctors and nurses around. She dashed, but was caught by Clefable, the Pokemon looked right into her eyes and hugged her as best it could. A nurse came up to her afterwards, "I... I'm sorry. She passed just before you got here...." She places a hand on Noe's shoulder. "She had a Gardevoir right? Well maybe she passed on one last message to her. Pokemon have been known to do stranger things." With that, Noe leaves the hospital. Not wanting to see her mother's corpse. Gardevoir found her immediately upon return. Gardevoir relayed the last message. "I love you Noe. You are and were my everything. I only hope that you can find love and happiness. With this last message, Verity is now yours. She will keep you safe. Ah.... Goodb....." That was it. Noe was crying the whole time. From then on, she vowed to make a name for herself, to find her father, and punish him.

      -Pokemon Team: Gardevoir, Buneary
      -Favorite Pokemon Type- Fairy/Grass/Normal
      -Strengths: Confident, Kind, Caring
      -Weakness: Vengeful, too kind, Insecure
      (Chorus from Let You Down by Seether)So say something beautiful/Say what you're keeping inside/This anticipation, I will only let you down/Say something meaningful/Say what you're trying to hide/This anticipation, I will only let you down

      A big thanks to @xWickedNekox for this amazing set

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      Re: SIGN-UP: Pokemon RP

      Both are accepted

      I will be writing the In Character thread soon.

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