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      RPN's Casual Hangout RP: THE INN (All is Welcome)

      THE INN

      Welcome to the Inn.A place to hang out with your fellow ALers.Casual attire along with casual attitudes and atmosphere.Play as yourself or any character you want.Only rules we have are to follow all AL and RPN rules,no double posting,no drama,and please try to have fun.

      Come spend the days with us

      Since it is Janurary it will be cold.Dress accordingly

      The Lobby

      The Bar

      Inside Garden

      Outside Garden

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      Re: RPN's Casual Hangout RP: THE INN (All is Welcome)

      There were three of them walking up from the car park, one in a wheelchair, one pushing, and one walking beside - all of them wearing parkas with the hood down, despite the chill in the air.

      "Ford," the young woman in the wheel chair said, glancing around from behind the heavy veil, "I thought the government was in shutdown. What are we...?"
      "I told you Sam, it's a vacation. And don't worry about the government, the Director is picking up the tab."
      "Uh huh, what's the real reason we're here?"

      Ford glanced at the other woman, who gave him a confused look. He shrugged, smiling reassuringly.

      "Let's just say the word on the grapevine is the big man upstairs wanted to meet with someone like you...."
      "And he wants to meet me here? Nice!"
      "Not quite, his protection detail decided the closest they'd let you to him was chained to a girder in a concrete bunker while a close circuit television behind a one-way mirror was kept on you, while he's a good thousand miles away."
      "So, this place has a bunker?"

      "SO we decided," Ford stressed, "That it would be good if you were someplace they couldn't find you for a while. This is only a vacation."
      "Uh huh. Where did you pick up this dress?" Sam scowled. "It looks like I'm in mourning or something. Or is it so people don't faint when they see me?"

      "Uh, people fainted?" the other woman demanded.
      "Parker, she smiled at some guy in the street, the guy panicked and blacked out, " Ford shrugged. "You could have taken the plastic surgery, you know."
      "Yeah, okay, but this dress...."
      "It was either this or the orange jumpsuit, and that's harder to hide the anklet. Just relax."

      "This place better have a pool," Sam grumbled, leaning back.
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      Re: RPN's Casual Hangout RP: THE INN (All is Welcome)

      Alex begins his walk towards the INN, humming to himself as he walked. His black steel toed boots press against the ground as he walked. As he walked his trench coat flapped open and back. His left hand corrects his red tie which lay over a black shirt and crimson vest. In his other hand he held his bags, as he walks into the lobby he adjusts his long black hair as his baby blue eyes look at the person behind the counter.

      "Yes I would like a room please. Name is Alexander Klaybourne..." he stated coldly.

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