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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      My computer is down right now. I’m hoping to get it back up in a week

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      I'll write up a bio for the North. I'll have one up by this weekend most likely.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      I may try and write something next few days, but busy, so might not get chance.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      I will be trying to post again soon as well.

      Also looking forward to the North opening up

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Waiting for the North...

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Seems it's time to get the North started.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Name: Sierra
      Race: Racoon Girl (Deer People)
      Occupation: Slayer


      Superior Stealth: The ability to move without being seen or heard.

      Expert Tracker: The ability to track, mainly used to track targets.

      Fast Climber: Skilled at climbing with various gear.

      Gymnastic Ability: She is capable of amazing tumbling and rolling skills.

      Acrobatic Ability: She is capable of precision jumping coupled with fast movement and appears light on her feat and she has excellent balance in high places.

      Death Strike: The ability to strike an opponent's vitals to either kill them or knock them out cold. A suitable amount of time is needed for observing a target to be able to use this ability.

      Dead Shot: Good Range combat, only if steady, not good at mobile range combat.
      Dual Short Sword expert: Superb with short sword combat when pressing forward and on the offensive. Defense is fair at best.

      Silent strike: This is a combination of stealth and a short a quick short sword strike to a vital, it only works with the target is unaware of the Slayer's presence.

      Herbal Poison use: Skilled at making natural poisons and applying them to her weapons without poisoning herself. Her knowledge is of herbal poisons in the North.

      Appearance: Petite and Furry, her features besides her furry body, tail, and racoon ears is strikingly human. If she wore a hood and and covered her arms, she'd pass as a human girl.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Bio approved.

      I’ll try and have the Northern Kingdoms posted soon. Three is enough characters, I’d like three more.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      If you want I could RP another character for the northern kindom

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      You are welcomed to play another character for the North.

      We have 3 so far, so it would be better if we had 4.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Hello, I was hoping to join in on the northern RP if possible and have just have a question for the cat people. Would they have their bodies covered with fur in this setting or could they be humanoid with different cat features like a tail and ears? I'm fine with either situation just want to understand what kind of appearance I should have in mind when describing my character.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      I’m fine with either. I’ve seen them described in both ways and others too.

      As long as the basic description I gave them is part of it you are free to imagine and describe what your character looks like.

      I plan on having the North up this weekend.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Name: Zane

      Race: Male Panther Cat-Folk

      Occupation: Scout


      Bow Mastery: Learning to hunt with his mother during his early years has made him an excellent hunter and a decent archer when it comes to a fight. He carries the same bow his mother once held.

      -Aimed shot: When given a chance to take a deep breathe and aim for a few seconds, Zane is capable of making precise shots up to 100 yards. Anything that breaks his concentration before he fires causes him to wildly shoot due to being frighten, possibly even hitting allies.
      -Quick Shot: Zane is able to quickly notch an and fire an arrow within 25 yards of his sight. These shots are not as accurate and typically are aimed towards large areas of a person's body.

      Basic sword fighting: From his father's side he learned a few tricks in sword fighting to defend himself up close but lacks the experience and training to fight a skilled fighter in hand to hand combat. The short sword he now carries on his waist was his father's.

      Survival Skills: Growing up mostly in the wild parts of the Northern Kingdom Zane learned how to fend for himself and others, learning how to make shelters, track different animals, maintaining a good sense of direction, and how to make traps from his mother during his younger years.

      Stealth: When Zane finds himself in the wilds of the Northern Kingdoms, his experience has made it easier for him to sneak his way through unnoticed by most. His experience means nothing though when it comes to cities and large towns.

      Basic Medicinal Herbs: Zane has learned to make simple remedies for cuts, burns, and minor symptoms from his knowledge of medicinal herbs, but cannot make complicated medicines or treat serious wounds that may arise from battle.

      History: Zane was born in a small village far from the main capital of Northern Kingdom. He was the only son of the village chief and was raised in a higher standing compared to many already. Growing up he was taught how to be a hunter and gatherer by his gentle mother and taught swordsmanship from a strict but fair father. As a young child he didn't find much unusual about his village, with many of the villagers treating him and his family with respect. When he was in his early teens his village was destroyed in a raid led by humans, leaving him homeless with only his mother's bow, his father's short sword, and a mysterious gold ring given to him by his mother before she passed on. Since than he has grown a distrust towards most humans and now acts as a guide for many lost travelers and for those from the city who pay for his guidance.

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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Working on a post, trying to get things moving along so expect the sisters to at least head towards the main gate.
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      Re: Rune Wars [OOC] [Open]

      Sounds good.

      @hokage234 your profile looks good.
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