The Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con Clan Battle!

Have YOU picked your side yet? Two clans line up and get ready to compete for points at Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 2-3 February 2019

When you enter CAGC, you pick a free conbadge to wear signifying which clan you're in. You then earn points for them over the convention to help them towards victory! Points are calculated by who wins events, tournaments, challenges & so forth!

It's a great way to really get involved and get to make new friends!

Pre-Convention Event Online - The Clan HQ Posting Race!

Points are up for grabs BEFOREHAND on the forums!

Starting from NOW until the end of January begins the great HQ posting race! Each clan has a HQ topic in the Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con section. The clan with the most posts/pages in their HQ shall be awarded 100 points!


- Shonen Warriors - CLICK HERE
- Shinigami Fighters - CLICK HERE

100 points is a massive bonus, given winning the (for example) masquerade gives your clan 45 points!

A few rules -

1. No double posting! You can't just reply and reply and reply to yourself. Someone else needs to reply first!
2. You can post in other clan HQs, nothing stopping you, though unsure why you'd want to help them!
3. To join a clan, it's as simple as posting in that HQ topic saying "sign me up". Easy!
4. Yes, you're allowed to promote via fb groups and so forth, but please make sure any groups allow such advertising beforehand!

We have a further 50 point bonus to the clan that gets the most signed up members before LAGC. As stated, a member joins by posting in that clan's HQ topic.

So! What are you guys waiting for! Join a clan and help their HQ race away to get to the most pages and get recruiting members! Good luck all!