Mako Basics

Mako is a magical substance that courses through the innards of Gaia; it is the planetís lifeblood. The substance Mako is brimming with powerful, unstable magical energies and forces. Research into Mako seems to indicate that it is made up of the souls of the departed, and those who have not yet been born; the cycle of life is this:

When a creature is conceived, the lifeblood of the planet enters the creature, giving it life, finally when the creature meets itís end, the lifeblood returns to the planet, and then is transferred into a new creature.

The practice of mining Mako reduces Gaiaís capability to support life, as the Mako used for electricity or otherwise never returns to the planet. However, the short terms gains are enormous, justifying the future cost.

Mako Processing

As different strengths of Mako are required for different purposes, it is processed using Mythril filtration units. Mythril by nature is a magical material, and when used to filter Mako, it prevents impurities from passing through to the end product. Depending on the purpose, a different number of filters are used, for Mako plants, Mako only needs to processed lightly, but in the case of Materia, Mako needs to be refined to the purest level, then it is crystallized under intense pressure.

The effects of exposure to Mako

Exposure to raw, unprocessed Mako usually results in wild, unstable, and unpredictable mutation, madness and eventually death. Mako free of all impurities is actually beneficial, when the human body metabolizes purified Mako, a massive surplus of energy results, the whole body is instantly strengthened and invigorated, all aspects of both physical and mental ability improve dramatically.

The ARMS initiate program showers a subject with massive doses of purified Mako over an extended period of time, this results in the long term improvement of all physical and mental abilities of the subject, it also allows the subject to cast and wield materia with much greater ease and efficiency. The actual mechanics behind this are very obscure and not very well understood, but it is believed that when a subject is showered with massive doses of purified Mako, some of it remains in the muscles, major organs and bloodstream of the subject, essentially supercharging the human body. By regularly consuming purified Mako, members of ARMS stabilize the level of magical energies flowing through their bodies.

Recent Advances

New technology has spawned the invention of a new type of Mako Powder for use in projectile weapons, large and small. After being processed to the finest of standards, purified Mako is baked in a furnace, evaporating all the moisture; the powder left behind is the packed into the heads of artillery shells and rifle cartridges. This makes for a very versatile and useful weapon, as elements and spell effects can be selected moments before firing.