First try with Unity, used to TES and DromED, Build Engine, etc...

Been modding my own Fallout 4 and Skyrim shit with custom mod load orders with Vortex for a very, very long time now.

Skyrim is fun because it has voice activated dialog + bows and magic. Fallout 4 looks better but has shittier interactions due to no script extender.

usually modify other people's stuff for my own purposes but moved onto fucking with Unity and Maya early this year.

Not very good yet, VRTK helps with interaction like climbing, locomotion and etc.

Still trying to learn C# for modification of scripts, learnt some Maya for basic modelling, own the rights to a large amount of assets so I have plenty of assets to work with to make shit in any genre that I like in that visual style and supplement it with additional models I make myself with the skills I learnt at school. Going back for more Maya and some Unity next year between travels.

Anyone else developing or playing with development? it's a hobby I took up to use my mining hardware so I didn't have to sell it all off and could have a reason to keep it mining speculatively between renders/putting friends in VR with me in shit I modded from other games or built from scratch.

Willing to organize a VR presence for Animeleague.