Introducing Video Gaming challenges!

Are you ready to pick up the controller and test your speed running tricks, your score attack reflectes and your racing skills?
Then we have an exciting new way for people to test their skills in various different video game challenges! It Does not matter what skill level
you have, whether you are a casual gamer or even a pro! All it matters is your having fun! Signup is not required, just pick up the controller and play! Once
done, just ask a staff member to record your score or time. When we have your time or score recorded, come back at a set time (time TBC) and we will announce the winner!

Here is the list of games that will have challenges running (more will be added later on in the year!)

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Sonic Mania

Red Faction Guerella

Stepmania (DDR)

Additional information

All these challenges will be running on both days!
Ask questions in this post if your unsure about anything