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      📺Weekly Anime Watching Circle - 2/12/20188/12/2018📺

      All dates and times are in London time. Check this website if in doubt: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

      The last day you can vote in this poll is 1/12/2018.

      Please, vote for the anime all members of our club will watch between 2/12/2018 and 8/12/2018.

      The discussion about the chosen anime will start on 8/12/2018.

      Please, vote by writing a post e.g. "I vote for ..." in this thread. You can only vote for 1 title.

      The titles to choose from are the following. Votes for other titles will not be counted. Please, add the title to our next poll instead, here: https://www.animeleague.net/forum/sh...s-%F0%9F%93%BA

      Attack on Titan (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Bakemonogatari (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Black★Rock Shooter (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Elfen Lied (TV series) ep. 1–4
      FLCL (OVA) ep. 1–4
      FLCL Progressive (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Gabriel DropOut (TV series) ep. 5–8
      Genshiken (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Granblue Fantasy The Animation (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Great Teacher Onizuka (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Happy Sugar Life (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Nanbaka (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Noragami (OVA) ep. 1–2
      Noragami Aragoto (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Phantom in the Twilight (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Samurai Champloo (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Spice and Wolf (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Steins;Gate (TV series) ep. 1–4
      Steins;Gate Zero (TV series) ep. 9–12
      The Ancient Magus' Bride (TV series) ep. 1–4
      The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star (OVA) ep. 1–3
      Time Travel Girl (TV series) ep. 1–4

      This is the last chance to vote for Steins;Gate Zero. It'll be removed otherwise.

      Please, vote!


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      Re: 📺Weekly Anime Watching Circle - 2/12/20188/12/2018📺

      Gabriel DropOut (TV series) ep. 5–8

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      Re: 📺Weekly Anime Watching Circle - 2/12/20188/12/2018📺

      Gabriel DropOut (TV series) ep. 5–8

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      EH Head Moderator
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      Re: 📺Weekly Anime Watching Circle - 2/12/20188/12/2018📺

      I vote for Noragami Aragoto (TV series) ep. 1–4
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