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      Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      This is a topic that's been a hot debate recently and it's reached another level with Nintendo getting very much involved:


      So basically, Nintendo are seemingly spearheading a movement to shut down ROM sites, which they can do with the law on their side. ROM sites are places you can download ROMs of a lot of games, mostly ones you can't actually buy legitimately anymore such as old N64 titles etc, and then emulate them on your PC (or in some cases run them on a modded console). Sound illegal, and you'd be right, you are effectively obtaining something without paying for it.

      But, how else would you play these games? You can't buy them new, and all you really can do is buy them off eBay second hand which doesn't benefit the creator, and yet Nintendo managed to pass a lawsuit and sue a couple $12 million for running a ROM site. Do you think that's justified?

      Unfortunately for consumers, unless companies like Nintendo provide a way for you to play old games "legally", there are titles that will completely fade into obscurity since ROM sites are great ways to archive titles that are otherwise unknown.

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      The Lonely Hollow
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      Re: Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      I read this last night. that couple got DESTROYED financially and morally. Nintendo's policy against ROMs have always been pretty strict though, I've just never seen them go full ham like this about it.

      I believe Japan takes piracy a lot more seriously too.

      if the games include anything Nintendo doesn't own, then no, that would be totally disgusting of them

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      Re: Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      There so many roms out there I think there just getting sick and tired of it, but I"m sure someone will still try and do it though. And yes I agree anything that Nintendo doesn't own shouldn't be gone after.

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      Re: Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      japan's draconian as shit about piracy, but you'd have to be braindead to think "oh, i totally won't get fined or put in jail if i do something illegal and get caught"

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      Re: Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      This reminds me of the Napster lawsuits years ago. Yes, they successfully shutdown Napster for a time, but pirating music has done anything but slow down in the years since.

      Companies might gain a little more traction if they offered ROMS directly, though even that would only be a drop in the bucket. It's a justified win for Nintendo, but it's a lost war

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      Xabungle in the Jungle
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      Re: Nintendo Cracking Down on ROM Sites

      Probably just misdirected pent up rage over the fact that they can't stop people from immediately hacking everything they release.
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