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      I'm feeling really less worth it here.
      Gonzalez96's Avatar
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      Jul 2017
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      Unofficial Petition of LAGC venue move

      Hi and long time no see!

      I just thought it would be worth making a post here in regards in suggesting AL a possible new venue for LAGC.

      I've just been to the London MCM Comic Con on Saturday and i was comparing between that venue at the Excel and the LAGC venue at the London Metropolitan University at Holloway Road and apparently I am having to address some concerns to LAGC'S current venue:

      Lack of available Wi-FI
      Lack of disabled step free access including;

      At the venue especially to the gaming/ cards area
      Nearby transport links including the Underground (Holloway Road does not have step free access)

      So I would like to send out a bit of a petition, just simply to see if anyone can agree with me as sometimes I can be wrong, to have LAGC move their venue to somewhere in East London. This can be such as:

      1. Another University with better facilities and access. Possible example I can think of is the University of East London.
      2. Tobacco Dock.

      The reasons why I suggest East London is because it is the most recently developed area around London and it has better transport links around there, such as the DLR and the "New" Jubilee line.

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      Let's Get Down to Business.
      Ferefire's Avatar
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      Apr 2003
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      Re: Unofficial Petition of LAGC venue move

      Hi @Gonzalez96

      While I appreciate your support to seeing what we do move forward, please do understand that Tobacco Docks is a very expensive proposition and would require a far larger event. Now, don't get me wrong, we'd like to have an ambition to run larger, but this must be taken one stepping stone at a time.

      As for other Universities, again this is something we have looked in to, as a team, and as a team we have come to the conclusion our current venue for this size is the best one by a long way for our current size.

      I do note you used to be more involved with us, Gonzalez. I would highly recommend if you want to contribute and help AL to consider posting a lot more and looking at justifying your assistant position? These kind of topics aren't really going to make the kind of change you are looking for I am afraid. It is easy to be a passive backseat driver and while that support is appreciated, why not get more actively involved?

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      I'm feeling really less worth it here.
      Gonzalez96's Avatar
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      Jul 2017
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      Re: Unofficial Petition of LAGC venue move


      I have been really busy lately as my current schedule is loaded with work and college. Also due to the fact that I'm committing away from home, I am currently no longer able to remain active an AL on a regular basis.

      I have been considering stepping down from the A&M section as unusually my position has yet to be removed as of yet. However I have been so busy and with the cause of stress and anxiety and not been able to commit myself onto my computer very much, I have not been able to inform them of my intention to step down as of yet.

      I have tried at my very best to commit myself in AL the best i can with my original intention to become a more well known member of the community. I have struggled at times whilst trying to make things that would be deemed popular, not just for the whole commmunity but for people willing to join. Unfortunately I have fallen myself out from it and also due to my recent flop of my AnimeCars series in the VG section. This has also contributed to why I've had to quietly fall into inactive.

      I have been going to a few cons lately including MCM London and I'm hoping to return to the London Geek Meet this month and the LAGC this February. I'm set to go to more Conventions and Events in the future and there are quite a few i'm willing to suggest to anyone here in case they might not have even heard specifically about them yet.

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