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      RPN Rules & Assistant Signups (Read)

      Welcome to Roleplay Nation

      - These rules are in addition to AL's forum rules
      - These rules are for non-MV threads. For rules pertaining to the MV, please see the MV Guidebook
      - Unless otherwise indicated in the thread title, all threads are considered in-character (IC)

      What is roleplaying?

      Glad you asked! Roleplaying, or “rp'ing”, refers to a play-by-post text game. These could range from:

      Casual: These games typically don't have a minimum post limit or require character approvals. Simply jump into the thread and play away.

      Advanced/Serious: These types of games entail a few more rules such as character approvals, established post orders, minimum post length, and will generally be more story driven. Exact rules are up to the individual creating the game, though one hard difference is that players should observe basic grammar and punctuation rules. (If you're familiar with any DnD-based games, think of them as the GM/DM: what they say is final.)

      What do I need to start a roleplay?

      First, you'll need to write some sort of setting or backstory for your game. This can be as short or detailed as you'd like, and if you're starting a game within a well known setting (i.e. based on something in pop culture), you may not even need one.

      Second, you'll want to consider what additional rules you want to apply in your game. Here are a few considerations, though you're free to come up with any additional rules as you deem fit (see “GM/DM” rule above):

      Character submissions/approvals: If you'd like players to have their characters approved before playing, include a basic character template for them in the OOC thread. Generally, these include basic categories such as “Name”, “Description”, and “History”, but feel free to tailor the template to your game. If your game includes a bunch of mutants or superhumans, perhaps adding an “Abilities” section would be in order, and so on.

      Post order: Do you want your players to post in cycles, or are they free to post in whatever order they please?

      Post length: Tell your players if there's a minimum or maximum post length allowed in the thread.

      I'm ready to start my roleplay. Now what?

      If your game doesn't require character approval, then simply start the game thread and play away! If your game requires character approvals of some sort, post an out-of-character (OOC) thread for character submissions. Once you're ready to launch the game, just start the thread and play! Please note that all threads should include applicable tags at the end of their names. Here are the potential tags:

      [Casual/Advanced]: This is just to let players know whether the game is casual or advanced in nature

      [OOC]: Use this for your character submissions and general chat threads. Threads without this tag should be for in-character interactions only

      [Mature]: Use this if your game is likely to contain adult content

      [Closed]: This indicates that the thread is a private game and is not open to new players

      Okay, now that the rules are out of the way, let's cover assistants:

      What is an assistant?

      Assistants help with event ideas, section suggestions, recruiting, and overall activity in the section. They also help moderators identify infractions/problematic behaviors by bringing them to our attention.

      What are the requirements for being an assistant?

      Simple: post at least once per week in the section, and take part in the staff discussions in the RN Council section (which you'll gain access to once you're added as an assistant)

      What are the benefits of becoming an assistant?

      You'll gain access to the RN Council section, which is where we hash out our ideas for the section as staff members. Want to influence the direction of the section? Become an assistant. Want to help plan on the next section event? Become an assistant. Want to take part in the next section project (newsletter, contest planning, etc)? Well, you get the idea.

      How do I become an assistant?

      Just post here indicating your interest
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      TheRealLuthien: Your character can blow things up by touching them
      TheRealLuthien: If I knew I was going to be this fucked I wouldn't have posted!

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