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      Zardonic Escape- Photography

      First off.... I absolutely love Zardonic- For Justice. <3

      You can listen to it here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/zardonic/for-...e-original-mix

      Now that is out of the way and explains the title of my thread in some form, I decided to dedicate a seperate thread to my photography antics.

      Now up to a year ago, I only had access to either a mobile phone with a very crappy camera and a canon digital bridge camera. Of course the bridge camera just wasn't that impressive when it came to taking photos in terms of movement. Just the slightest handshake movement foiled my elaborate plans to showcase beautiful imagery. It was a good camera in many respects and for it's price range, but eventually I wanted to expand. At first my mind turned to DSLR's and I researched the crap out of every single camera of note to find what is good and what isn't, where they excel, where they fail, quality of pictures and so forth.

      It wasn't until I spent close to a week researching camera's when I asked myself a fundamental truth....

      "How on earth do I carry all this and the lenses when I just want to go somewhere quickly, and possibly take public transport when I don't have access to a car?"

      It shook the very foundations I have just painstakingly built over the past several days in my mind, at least at that moment in time.

      So I threw all the research out of the door....research that even Einstein would be proud off and started again.

      This time I focused on bridge cameras on the high end scale that costs the same as a DSLR.

      In the end I had two choices, and while the one had the most impressive zoom I have seen in all the multiverse.... 'I swear, I see angels...' The other was not that great in zoom, but had amazing features which made it much more practical in terms of capturing movement, stabilization and impressive frame rate capture. So I bit the bullet... had a mini heart attack at the amount of funds invested in the camera and started to take images again.

      So this thread I will dedicate to my photos. If the photo is something I have taken in the past on my phone or on my previous camera, I will say so.

      For the record... I have a Sony RX100 IV.

      Jared Polin covers it in the following Youtube Review really well: https://youtu.be/JESEkhzrdQM My opinion was long formed before I saw this, but when I did, it really just confirmed the facts that it is a great camera.


      Okay, first off.... I am a coffee lover. I do enjoy drinking tea just as much, but I am not as fussy when it comes to tea.

      So I drink two types of coffee: Nescafe Azera- Americano and then seperately Filter coffee that usually involves the main flavours like Hazelnut and Maplenut with a secondary medium-strength coffee mixed in with the main flavour to round it off to perfection.

      Photos. Well...I had to take photos for a group on Facebook, so I decided I will share it here too. Boring, I know but photographers can take great pride in the simple things they take.

      As I explained in the FB group, the filter coffee I usually buy is from Pumphrey's, but they don't have retail-packed items like the filter coffee shown above. Everything is hand-done and just inserted into a brown eco-friendly paper bag and handed over the counter. So much better. I normally go for Hazelnut & any medium flavoured coffee like the Pumphrey's Viennese to round it off. Very nice, not too light or too dark and bitter- but just right.

      The following were taken on the 28th of August 2018. (I will probably work my way back as I uncover photos of importance).

      This is past Whitley bay along the coast in North East England. After 9pm in the evening as the sun is setting.

      Of course like any photographer worth his/her salt, you learn about post processing images. So this one is the same image taken and then applied different filters. Looks amazing, even if I say so myself.

      I have a lot of similar landscaped photos of the same day and will upload more later. Normally it means taking 10-20 shots of one area and then choosing the best one or two out of the whole lot to showcase.

      Here is the clock I bought last year which I purchased in a coffee shop attached to an arts n crafts shop on the other end in Blythe. I totally fell in love with it when I saw it and it's hand-made by a local artist. So I figured 'Yup! I want it!'

      I will upload more images as time goes past, but right now I don't have time to manually edit all the photos I think looks cool to a size able to post on this forum. They are massive and in RAW format, so it's a matter of saving it to a variant format like JPG and then resizing.
      Last edited by Azoth; 09-03-2018 at 03:35 AM.

      My music composed by me- listen to Cyber Tropic on Youtube: https://youtu.be/jDLw6_4V3wE

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      Re: Zardonic Escape- Photography

      You caught my attention with coffee.

      What you did with the filter was impressive! Love the deeper blues.

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      Re: Zardonic Escape- Photography

      Thanks Expendable. I like the dark one as well.

      Quite often when I visit markets the photographers who have their photos on display showcase beautiful day-time shots. And well, the usual night-time shots of the Quayside here where I live or the Angel of the North etc. The usual landmarks that people visit. But rarely do I see photos where people just visit the beach and take photographs of some of the houses. They are beautiful and some even quite old in terms of architecture. I like that. For weeks I would see the houses in that shot whenever I traveled up to Blythe to visit my dentist- she forced me to see her 3 times the one time over the length of 6 weeks, so every two weeks. And every time I swore I would take a photo when a day might show some promising cloud activity. The end result made me happy when one such day did arrive. England can be very overcast, but the weather has been decent this summer so it was just a matter of time and day.

      There are some farms near the Northumbrian coast that I am eager to visit at some point (I tried in the past... no horses when I had a camera)... the problem is running after horses to get a decent photo doesn't sound too promising for me. But there has been days I took my camera and then saw no horses and was like 'shucks!' - returning home like a lost puppy. I swear, it's like aliens abduct them and magically deposit them back at certain times. I always see them when I don't have my camera and when I do, they are nowhere to be found.

      My music composed by me- listen to Cyber Tropic on Youtube: https://youtu.be/jDLw6_4V3wE

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