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      Uncharted 6: Drake's Lost Voyage

      Follow Nathan and Elena's daughter Cassie as she tackles the adventures and voyages just like her father before her as she searches for the lost city of Atlantis

      Deep in the jungles of South America, the sun beamed down on one lone figure leaning on a very tall tree struggling to catch their breath. The figure kept looking behind them as if someone was after them. The figure stood up and continued on down the path, quicker this time. Finally a sunbeam cast down from the canopy high above, illuminating the figures face. It was a young woman of about 25 with long brown hair, a wild look in her eyes and adventure clothes. A gun sling was slung across her right shoulder where a Walther PPS M2 pistol was placed. Her right hand kept moving to gun and back like she may have to pull it out and defend herself at any moment.
      She knocked some low hanging branches from her face and kept moving. She had a small cut over her left eye and it was starting to drip blood down the side of her face. She wiped it away and kept moving. She almost tripped on a root that was growing out on the surface but she caught herself and kept running. Suddenly she broke out of the forest and into a clearing. She slid to a stop right before she could fall off the side of a cliff and down into the ocean. She took a deep breath, mere inches for the cliff face. She looked at the large menacing drop to the ocean water below. She turned back around to retreat back into the jungle when she heard the sound of guns cocking. She froze, her hand inches from her pistol.
      “Don’t even try it.” A man said with a very thick accent. “You would be dead before you could even lift the gun.” Reluctantly, the woman lifted her hand away from the gun and into the air. She turned around slowly to see about seven heavily armed men with fully automatic rifles pointed dead at her chest. The man in the middle smiled at her with that grin that she had just about had enough of. “You led us on quite the chase Miss Drake but this is where it ends.”
      “Malcolm Grant.” The woman said with an obvious disgust and hostility. “I didn’t know you had the balls to lead such a chase. Did someone give you a piggy back ride here?”
      “Cute.” Malcolm Said. He held out his hand. “Now give me what you got from that tomb.”
      Drake’s hand instinctively went to her pockets. “And just what are you hoping to do with it?” She asked.
      “I don’t have to answer any of your questions.” Grant said. “Now are you going to hand it over nicely or do we have to peel them off your corpse?”
      Drake looked behind her at the big drop looming behind her. She took a deep sigh. “I guess I don’t have much of a choice.”
      Malcolm smiled. “Yes good girl. You know there is no where to run so you don’t have another option...”
      Drake turned around and jumped over the side of the cliff. “No!” Malcolm shouted. The armed men started shooting but it was already too late. Drake disappeared over the side of the cliff and down to the sea below. Grant and his men went over to the side of the cliff to catch even a small glimpse of Drake but she had disappeared into the fog. “She got away Boss.” One of the men said, looking up.
      “Don’t you think I know that you idiot?!” Grant shouted. “I want boats at the bottom of the cliff right now! Find her!!”
      “But Boss.” One of the men said. “There is no way she could have survived that fall.”
      “You idiot.” Grant said. “She’s a Drake. Drakes always survive.”

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      Re: Uncharted 6: Drake's Lost Voyage

      Sweeeeet...I always love me some Atlantis adventures. I love how this story has started I can't wait to read more!

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