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      Post Raichi's Characters

      Raichi's Characters

      In this thread you will find some of the characters I roleplay.
      I have a lot of characters and have not made character profiles for all of them, so please don't be discouraged if you are rp'ing with one of my characters that isn't in this list.
      If you see a character that you would be interested rp'ing with please let me know and we can set up a roleplay! Please include if you want the rp to be open or just one on one.
      I do create new characters a lot, so if you are interested in roleplaying with me, but not particularly with any of my listed characters, we can work something out.
      If you have any questions about my characters feel free to ask away

      Guilds I'm in
      The Fairy Tail Guild
      The Fiery Hearts Guild
      I'm Currently RP'ing

      Lars Harvey & Kumomaru Ito in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
      Elmo Flores & Jiro Enomoto in College Crushes & Super Heroes

      What I love RP'ing:

      Science Fiction
      Assholes & Crooks

      Fandoms I'm interested in:
      The Elder Scrolls
      Dragon Age
      Harry Potter
      Lord of the Rings
      My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
      Once Upon A Time / Disney / Brothers Grimm
      X - Men
      Heroes (the tv show)
      The Walking Dead
      Star Trek
      Fairy Tail
      Full Metal Alchemist 1 (the version with the parallel universe directly to ours)

      What I won't RP:


      My RP Characters The Fairy Clan
      The sophisticated show respect for those with different morals and values, knowing these vary per culture and per person.
      Only a barbarian scorns those who do not adhere to their view of social etiquette, and lack the wisdom to learn.

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      Fandom Characters

      Fairy Tail
      Taichi Negeel


      Name: Taichi Negeel
      Nickname: Tai
      Gender: Male
      Age: 17
      Sex: Bisexual
      Level: Normal
      Guild: Fairy Tail
      Skill Name: Acting
      Description: The art of portraying a certain character/stereotype or historical figure by means of speaking and body language.

      Skill Name: Smooth Talking
      Description: Completely disgusted by this idiots lack of embarrassment? Don’t worry, he’ll say just the right things to make you forget all about that awful first impression he made.

      Skill Name: Basic Fighting/athletic Skills
      Description: He may not be a martial artist or an expert boxer, but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw or dodge a punch! He trains to keep his body looking fit! I mean.. To keep his body healthy and strong..

      Height: 178cm
      Weight: 64kg
      Appearance: Taichi has a dark green/brown-ish haircolour. From a distance one might think it was brown, but once they see his brown lookers the hair will all of a sudden seem more green than brown. He has a similar body type as Natsu from the original comic. He wears a blue/green-ish cloak with long sleeves and a wide collar. He wears it open on hot days, revealing his trained upper body. On normal and cold days he wears it closed, but opens it up if he thinks it will impress someone. The cloak ends at a bit over the knee, but not yet halfway his calves. He wears a white loose fitting pants that’s held to his waist by a black Fairy Tail belt that he bought from the gift shop.
      His Guild emblem tattoo is placed on his left shoulder blade, and is thus only revealed if he takes off his cloak, the color of his tattoo is similar to his cloak. His hairstyle is layered until his shoulder blades, and is split on the left and swept to the sides. The length of his hair causes the top to be smooth, but get messier along the bottom. He wears a whistle as a necklace around his neck.
      Name: Knuckle Duster
      Level: D
      Description: A simple knuckle duster with four holes to stick your fingers through, and a palm piece for firm grip. It looks a bit like a stretched cat paw, but don’t let that fool you because this item isn’t cute by far. It’s stainless steel punch feels a whole lot more unpleasant than a kitty scratch.
      Price and Availability: 700 Jewels

      Flirtatious: If there’s one thing Taichi loves it’s to try and win someone over. He’s got it out for all the attractive boys and girls. His flirting tactics include: being gentlemanly(opening doors, helping out with lifting and chores etc), pick-up lines, flattery, revealing his chest, and kindness. Though if e.g. the girl he’s out for takes a liking to bad boys he’ll act like the bad guy in order to get with her. Though he made a vow to himself not to flirt with his own guild members since he doesn’t want to make them uncomfortable.
      Shameless: Having no shame is as much a curse as it is a blessing. It’s nice that he wouldn’t feel embarrassed even if he had the word idiot written on his forehead with copic markers, but not having shame makes it hard for him to find boundaries on what is acceptable to do or talk about. This causes for him to overshare information, invade personal space, and come across as an idiot.
      Protective: Though as his magic’s nature, he’s very protective of everything living. He is very empathic in the sense of getting concerned about complete strangers and will try his best to help out if anyone is in trouble. Of course, he feels strongest about his guild and friends and home town.
      Fickle: Taichi is a random guy who’s mood switches between being an extrovert loud mouth who talks on and on, to being a daydreaming and calm guy. He’s a very sociable guy in the sense of enjoying to speak with others and hang out, and yet antisocial in the sense of sometimes not paying attention/daydreaming whilst someone is speaking to him. One moment he can be a very dramatic person and the next walk calmly and silently for an undetermined period of time.
      Cold in love: Though he’s a lover at heart, feeling kindness for strangers and animals, he has a difficult time falling in love. He enjoys the chase of getting close to someone, but never stays around for the long haul. He likes to think that the reason for this is that he’s just such a passionate guy that his heart will settle for no other than “the one”.
      Likes: Animals, Avocado’s, Whistles.
      Dislikes: Bugs(he’s scared of bugs), solving riddles/strategizing, Solitude.
      History: When Taichi was twelve he washed on shore of an island with a terrible case of memory loss. He hadn’t a single memory of who he was before or what happened. It appeared a peaceful island at first, but he soon found out he wasn’t alone. A savage tribe inhabited the place, their faces painted and pierced and wearing loincloths to hide their privates. They found him and wanted to make him their sacrifice for the god they worshipped.

      It was then he discovered that the island was actually a volcano, and was tossed into the boiling lava. Out of instinct he managed to call upon his Body Link magic, even though he was unaware he could even do it. He climbed out of the volcano and emerged unscathed. The natives were celebrating their sacrifice when to their great shock Taichi had emerged. They saw this as a sign that he was to become their leader and bowed down before him.
      He couldn’t communicate with them since they spoke a different language, but life wasn’t so bad when he was treated like a king. He enjoyed a few nice weeks of savage royalty before his peace was disturbed. A few Fairy Tail wizards came to the island on an A rank mission to find out what happened to the sailors that went missing over the course of the year, a trail that led them right to the unknown island.
      They infiltrated the tribe which Taichi was unable to protect with his rank at the time. He explained what happened to him and that the tribe tried to kill him on his first encounter with them. Since they would’ve done the same to the Fairy Tail wizards had they been unable to fight them off Taichi agreed to leave the tribe behind. He didn’t want to be friends with savage killers. They reported everything to the mages counsel who took care of the rest. From that moment on Taichi decided to join Fairy Tail, with as his life goal to find out who he is and where he came from.
      Though as time passed Fairy Tail felt like his true family and it didn’t matter to him anymore. He grew stronger because of his bonds with Fairy Tail and the town of Magnolia, and as puberty hit him nearly stopped thinking with him brain all together.
      Mage Type: Body Link Shield: A defense type magic that cant take form as a skintight and orb/capsule-like shield. This shield is a magic power that stems from the heart and emotions and reveals itself as a transparent turquoise glow that surrounds the body(skintight) or object/group of protection(capsule). There are no records of this magic anywhere, and so far Taichi has been unsuccessful at teaching others. He’s assuming it is a hereditary magic like e.g. celestial magic.
      Elemental Affinity: light
      Example spells:
      Spell Name: Body Link Shield
      Level: D
      Range: 10 meters.
      Description: The caster links their body to the person or object they desire to protect. This is done by making a magical emotional connection which is released in a pulse, creating a transparent turquoise glow that protects against D ranked attacks. Everything within the capsule or skintight shield renders D ranked attacks useless.
      Drawback: Capsule takes 1 post to charge and lasts only 1 post. After this the caster must rest for two posts before he can cast it again. Skintight can last up to 10 posts, but after this the user is depleted of all magic until the next day. Skintight is limited to one person or object at a time.
      The further the user is from the target the weaker the shield becomes. At a 10 meter distance from caster the magic effect is only 50%.

      Spell Name: Body Link Shield II
      Level: C
      Range: 20 meters.
      Description: Similar to Body Link Shield, but with increased range and strength. Instead of negating D rank attacks it negates up to C rank attacks. Skintight is upgraded to a limit of two persons or objects at a time.
      Drawback: The same as rank D, but up to 10 meters it still blocks rank C attacks a full 100%. At a 20 meter distance the magic effect is only 50%.

      Spell Name: Body Link Shield III
      Level: B
      Range: 30 meters
      Description: Similar to Body Link Shield, but with increased range and strength. Instead of negating C rank attacks it negates up to B rank attacks. Skintight is upgraded to a limit of three persons or objects at a time.
      Drawback: The same as rank C, but up to 20 meters it still blocks rank B attacks a full 100%. At a 30 meter distance the magic effect is only 50%.

      Spell Name: Body Link Shield IV
      Level: A
      Range: 40 meters
      Description: Similar to Body Link Shield, but with increased range and strength. Instead of negating B rank attacks it negates up to A rank attacks. Skintight is upgraded to a limit of four persons or objects at a time.
      Drawback: The same as rank B, but up to 30 meters it still blocks rank B attacks a full 100%. At a 40 meter distance the magic effect is only 50%.

      Spell Name: Body Link Shield V
      Level: S
      Range: 50 meters
      Description: Similar to Body Link Shield, but with increased range and strength. Instead of negating A rank attacks it negates up to S rank attacks. Skintight is upgraded to a limit of five persons or objects at a time.
      Drawback: The same as rank A, but up to 40 meters it still blocks rank B attacks a full 100%. At a 50 meter distance the magic effect is only 50%.

      Spell Name: Body Link Soul Shield
      Level: S
      Range: 200 meters
      Description: This shield can take on Etherion, it is a massive capsule that can engulf an entire city and protect it from harm.
      Drawback: The caster requires a strong emotional connection to release a pulse this intense, the willingness to offer all his magical essence into one big shield. Total magical depletion will turn the casters skin green and if the caster is not treated soon and doesn’t have enough willpower to make it through recovery will cause death. Requires 100 posts of slow hospital recovery before/if caster is to make a full recovery.

      Spell Name: Body Link Spike Shield
      Level: D
      Range: 10 meters.
      Description: Similar to Shield, Spikes is as the name reveals, a spiky shield. Though the spikes are pointy, they aren’t sharp. Nevertheless if hit with enough force inflict damage to the attacker.
      Drawback: Same as body link shield.

      Spell Name: Body Link Sticky Shield
      Level: D
      Range: 10 meters.
      Description: Similar to Shield, Sticky is as the name reveals, a sticky shield. Though it may give the illusion of things sticking to the shield, it’s actually the shield that is sticking to things, as the stickiness is magic power that clings to the objects in question.
      Drawback: Same as body link shield, but original shield effect is down to 60%

      Spell Name: Body Link Stretch Shield
      Level: D
      Range: 10 meters.
      Description: Similar to Shield, Stretch is as the name reveals, a stretching shield. The caster can elongate a part of the shield to create a third arm that can stretch up to 5 meters from a 10 meter capsule shield, and 15 meters from a skintight shield. The stretched part can be controlled to fulfill functional purposes, but is not fast enough to deliver a damaging attack like e.g. a whip would.
      Drawback: Same as body link shield, but original shield effect is down to 50%

      Spell Name: Body Link Slippery Shield
      Level: D
      Range: 10 meters.
      Description: Similar to Shield, Slippery is as the name reveals, a slippery shield. Useful to slip out of a tight situation, literally.
      Drawback: Same as body link shield, but original shield effect is down to 50%

      Sharp Jim

      Name: Sharp Jim
      Age: 10
      Birth Date: 28 December
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Hetero
      Special Characteristics: He’s an exceed.

      Cool: He’s attracted to anything he deems cool.
      Confident: He thinks of himself in a positive way.
      Snob: Thinks badly of those who are not “cool” enough.
      Creative: He thinks celebrities are the best thing ever, so he taught himself several creative skills.
      Leisurely: He’s rarely in a rush, and takes his sweet time executing whatever he is doing.
      Reserved: If he hasn’t made up his mind whether or not you are cool he will keep mostly to himself.
      Tactless: He can be brutally honest, something not everyone will appreciate.
      Provocative: He won’t jump in or be a hero if there’s a robbery going on, but if someone were to target him directly he’s easily angered.
      Opportunist: He will befriend people temporarily to benefit from their skills or living circumstances. After this he’ll move on.
      Wanderer: He doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long, after a week or two a place will start to bore him and he’ll move on.
      Lone wolf: he has difficulty letting people into his heart. As soon as the slightest bit of attachment begins to form he disappears from their life.

      Likes: Making music, performing, plays. He’s a big fan of the entertainment industry, pop stars, popular stories, good music, he will appreciate it whenever he gets the chance, or even perform himself. Basically, anything that seems cool to him he will like.
      Dislikes: Children, rain, winter. Children are noisy, and most of them want to pet him, he absolutely loathes this. Getting his fur wet is uncomfortable, cold, and very uncool, that’s why he hates the rain. The winter brings snow, ice, and darkness. This complicates it for him to find shelter or take advantage of humans, not to mention slipping over ice is uncool, or getting hit by snowballs or have snow fall on you is also very uncool.
      Fears: Commitment and humiliation. He’s afraid of letting people into his heart, because it makes him vulnerable. He’s afraid that if he gets attached he’ll get overrun by all the emotions he’s been locking away to keep up a cool front. Humiliation is the opposite of cool, if something like this were to happen to him he would never be able to forget it.
      Motivations: Coolness and avoidance. He’s fixated on being cool, that means he’s always striving to become better at things like e.g. making music and becoming stronger. Every day this is his goal when he wakes up, to improve himself and thereby improve his coolness. Avoiding his own problems is a big part of his fixation. By focusing so much on one goal he pushes aside his feelings and emotions and avoids ever facing them.

      Height: 42cm
      Weight: 3.2kg
      General Appearance: He’s a brown exceed, with some extra fur sticking out from his cheeks. He’s got slanty eyes and always wears shades on his forehead to make him look cool. He only ever uses them for their purpose when he’s flying to avoid getting blinded by the sun. Furthermore he has a light brown belly and six light brown stripes on his tail.

      History: Jim didn’t have an easy time hatching. His egg had ended up in a natural hot spring, the warmth allowing him to grow until he had the strength to break out. This was a long and tiresome struggle, as the egg wobbled on the water at every attempt to break the shell. With the first cracks it become a race against the clock as the egg started to fill with water. He had to fight for his life to make his way into this world, cold and harsh with no family to comfort him. No idea who he was, or what he was doing here.

      He traveled for weeks before he came across civilization, having to survive in the wild all that time. Once there he soon learned a more convenient way of survival, humans! Most humans were happy to give him food and shelter, thus he had a chance to explore something else he missed out on during his solitude in the forest: entertainment! He went to performances in theatres and concerts, and fell in love with the industry.

      He wanted what they had, to be skilled at music and acting, to be in the limelight. To get there he had to learn instruments, thus he befriended anyone who could play an instrument and convinced them to teach him. He became well versed in many instruments and acting, and his adoration for popular entertainers turned into a fixation about being cool. His behavior not far from stardom-fever. This opened the door to more interest, such as magic, fighting, and fashion. He started hanging out with different crowds, those he deemed cool enough, and those who could teach him magic and fighting. He started wearing shades mostly as a fashion accessory, but also to help him fly in the sun. The older he got the more heartless he became, as any sign of vulnerability was uncool in his eyes.

      He wanders around earthland, constantly striving to better himself in the sense of becoming cooler.

      RP Sample:
      It was a cold winters evening, and yet that didn’t kill the spirits of the humans around him. It was because it was the holiday season. The streets were decorated with lights, and gardens with decorations. Everyone was looking forward to Christmas. Humans were walking from the mall back to their homes, probably having bought gifts in advance. Others walked from their homes to restaurants to have a family dinner, and some wondered around aimlessly.

      Jim wasn’t in a good mood. It was cold and the sky was pitch black despite it being only 7PM. He was completely broke so he had to arrange something this very evening. He was walking on the sidewalk. Ahead of him was a small family, two children and their parents. One of them was a six year old girl. As bad luck would have it she noticed him and smiled “Look, a cat! Can I go pet it?”

      The mother looked at the exceed who was casually drawing near, a bit confused as to what kind of being he was “I don’t think that’s a cat honey”

      The girl didn’t care much about it, fact of the matter was he was furry and she wanted to pet him. As bad luck would have it she ran up to him with a stupid smile on her face. But Jim wasn’t going to let himself get humiliated by a little brat. Before she closed in on him he shouted at her “Come any closer and I’ll scratch your fucking eyes out!”

      This shocked the girl so much she ran back to her parents crying. The whole family was giving him foul looks, but he didn’t care. He walked on and passed them by. He was usually more mellow when it came to defending his privacy, but his foul mood got the better of him. Not that he felt sorry. He was annoyed that he came across children at this time of the evening, most children being drawn to animal like creatures. He continued to walk, lay back, yet watchful for any opportunities.


      Name: Debby
      Gender: Female
      Age: Exceeds age differently, but compared to a human 22
      Sexuality: Hetero
      Level: Normal
      Guild: None
      Skill Name: Survival
      Description: Knowing how to obtain food in the wild, what to look out for, basic wound treatment, how to create a fire from what nature has to offer, and other basic skills one needs in order to make it in the wild.

      Skill Name: Night vision
      Description: Can see in the dark like a cat.

      Skill Name: Fighting Dirty
      Description: Pulling hair and piercings, kicking sheens, causing someone to trip, distracting others, these are just a few examples of fighting dirty. It’s basic combat skills with a spicy touch that would have any knight in great dismay at how dishonorable of a style it is.

      Height: 175cm
      Weight: 64kg
      Appearance: Debby has feminine hazel eyes and golden fur. Her ears are round, comparable to large cats like panthers and lions. She wears a strapless red mini-dress that’s frilled at the bottom, it is imbued with magical properties so that it fits her body when she grows and shrinks. Her red heels are imbued with the same magical properties.

      Skeptical: Debby has some major trust issues when it comes to the sincerity of others. She will always think of the most negative scenario regarding their true intentions and feelings towards her. This attitude makes it difficult for her to make friends or for others to want to become her friend.
      Confident: With all the compliments she received from boys during her youth there’s no way she would ever feel insecure about her looks. She knows she’s a capable fighter and strong woman who can make it on her own, and doesn’t feel the need to rely on anyone else. Her confidence shows in the feminine way she walks and forward facial expressions.
      Snooty: Not to be confused with confidence, she has little interest in those she doesn’t care about and when will always choose for herself in the face of danger. To her, anyone who tries to get close to her is either after her intimately, exotically, or want her around because she’s useful. She treats others with the same code as she thinks they treat her.
      Stubborn: Once she’s made up her mind she finds it hard to change it. In an argument even if she is proven wrong she’ll have a lot of trouble admitting it. This makes it hard for her to apologize or even consider apologizing.
      Loyal: Deep down however she’s a very nice feline, and if someone manages to break through the many walls that she puts up get her to see their real feelings she will be a friend for life. Her loyalty knows no bounds and will always put those she cares for before herself. A true friend being the one exception where she doesn’t choose for herself in the face of danger.
      Loving: Everybody needs a hug now and then. Debby especially is very affectionate deep down and though she would never admit or publically show, would enjoy nothing more than to cuddle those she cares for. (think of things like covering those she cares for in blankets at night when no one watches)

      Likes: Dancing, Snow, Heels.
      Dislikes: Flirting men, Cigars/cigarettes, Sneakers(she’d rather walk barefoot than in anything other than heels.
      When Debby was young the children in Edolas gave her a hard time. Most of the boys thought she was the most beautiful exceed in Edolas, leaving all the girls terribly jealous of how pretty Debby was. With the boys being extremely nice to her and girls being mean to her she ended up surrounding herself with boys. Sadly, she discovered the only reason they befriended her was because they wanted her to be their girlfriend, therefore she put a stop to their friendship. Her parents were concerned for their isolated daughter and tried their best to arrange playdates with other girls, but Debby wouldn’t accept it.
      During her teenage years she rebelled a lot and started hanging out with boys again, despite the fact she knew they liked her for her looks instead of her personality. She saw the world as a superficial place, where the only ones who cared about her for who she was were her parents. She in turn started behaving arrogant and nasty to the other girls, and learned how to manipulate guys to do what she wants. Though the only one she was destroying with this behavior was herself, and when her parents objected to her rebellious behavior they got into a huge fight.
      These fights made Debby believe that she didn’t belong with the other exceeds, the fact that she didn’t look like them since she was more humanoid leading her to this conclusion. Therefore she left Extalia and visited the royal city of the humans. Though the civilians were frightened of her, fearing exceeds for their reputation. The more people ran away from her the more desperate she became for a positive response, but she was only hurting herself more by chasing after humans and ended up looking over the humans from a rooftop. It broke her heart that everyone had a place to belong except for her, and was very depressed about it.
      She didn’t know that the humans from Edolas were stealing magic from another world, or that even another world existed. When that magic thunderstorm formed about the capital she didn’t know that it was a portal from another world. What she did know was that it was very dangerous to fly up there, and that she could even get herself killed, but being a depressed and rebellious teenager was all the more reason to invite danger and self-destruction into her life. Without even thinking of the consequences she flew up into the storm, crying and cursing that it wasn’t fair that she had no place to belong.
      But the deeper into the storm she flew the closer she came to her destiny, and as she crossed worlds she lost consciousness. When she came to she was falling to the ground in Earthland, a blurry vision of a forest closing in on her. Her eyes grew large as she realized she was plummeting to her death and quickly activated her wings, managing to save herself in the nick of time and made a soft landing. Once on the ground she discovered she was now small like the other Exceeds back at Extalia and rushed over to the nearest lake to look at her reflection. She smiled, happily surprised that she was no longer different, but that smile faded again right after. It dawned on her that the fact that she was humanoid had little to do with her not fitting in. It was all because the exceed boys were superficial beings who liked her only for her looks, and the girls who were mean to her were no different.
      When she came across her first human village in this new world she was confused as to why they weren’t scared of her. The humans she addressed were surprised that she could talk, and to her dismay some even wanted to keep her as a pet. She got worried when they told her they had never heard of exceeds, and felt empty inside when they said she was in Earthland and that they never heard of Edolas or Extalia before. Realizing she had traveled to a whole other world was a lot to cope with, but she told herself that it was perhaps for the better. Eventually she managed to convince herself that she didn’t belong in Edolas since she couldn’t get along with the exceeds or humans there, and that Earthland was to be her new home.
      In the following years she spent her time traveling and learning about Earthland, a place where some humans had magic in their bodies and could cast magic from it, similar to how exceeds cast wings from their bodies. They had guilds and libraries you could go to and join to learn magic. Though regardless of how welcoming and amazing this new world appeared, she couldn’t shake her skepticism. After all, the only people in her life who she knew were real with her were her parents, and she ran away from them. She decided to learn magic from books and on her own terms, no guilds, just going solo. She’d sometimes meet other humans or teamed up for beneficial reasons, but never stuck around or came across another exceed before.

      Mage Type: Athlete: speed/agility. The user focusses their magic on their legs and feet to increase their athletic capabilities, causing them to run and kick faster, and jump higher. This is a very risky magic to use since the body is not strengthened, and not unlike extreme sports has a high chance of self-injury when learning. The more professional the athlete however, the less likely it is to get injured by accident.
      +Racial magic: Aera.
      Elemental Affinity: Wind
      Example spells:
      Spell Name: Free Run
      Level: D
      Range: 0
      Description: Greatly increases the speed of the user. This makes them able to deliver fast attacks to their opponent and jump over small rivers. Can last up to 5 posts. After this the user needs to rest for 10 posts to be able to cast again.
      Drawback: As she attacks she can’t dodge, and will have to either block or take the incoming attack.

      Spell Name: Free Run II
      Level: C
      Range: 0
      Description: Same as Free Run, but can now also dodge and run up walls. Free Run II can last up to 8 posts instead of 5.
      Drawback: Takes damage from hitting anything solid/non-organic at this speed.

      Spell Name: Free Run III
      Level: B
      Range: 0
      Description: Same as Free Run II, but can last up to 12 posts instead of 8.
      Drawback: Takes great damage from hitting anything of the same rank that is solid/non-organic.

      Spell Name: Free Run IV
      Level: A
      Range: 0
      Description: Same as Free Run III, but can last up to 15 posts instead of 12.
      Drawback: Same as Free Run III

      Spell Name: Free Run V
      Level: S
      Range: 0
      Description: Same as Free Run IV, but can last up to 20 posts instead of 15.
      Drawback: Same as Free Run IV.

      Spell Name: Aera
      Level: D
      Range: 0
      Description: Aera is a magic that allows the caster to sprout large angelic wings that give them the ability to fly. While flying the user can carry objects or people, but is limited to carrying only one passenger.
      Drawback: Aera can be used for 10 posts in a row, after this the user must rest for two posts to cast it again. Can only carry a passenger for two posts in a row, the user must be passenger free for one post to carry a passenger again. The user can only carry two passengers if already airborne(since it’s more than they can lift), and will slowly sink to the ground. Can only carry two passengers for 1 post.

      Spell Name: Aera Max Speed
      Level: D
      Range: 0
      Description: Same as Aera, but with largely increased speed. Due to the increased speed can carry up to two passengers.
      Drawback: Max Speed can be used for 3 posts in a row, after this the user must rest for 3 posts to cast it again.

      Spell Name: Free Run Kick
      Level: D
      Range: 0
      Description: User takes one post to run up to object/person to gain speed. In the post that follows the user can take out a lacrima that’s 150cm’s in diameter. If a person is hit by this attack they will suffer great damage.
      Drawback: If this is aimed at a person they can see it coming from a mile away, and thus will have an easy time dodging.

      Spell Name: Free Run Dodge
      Level: D
      Range: 0
      Description: Greatly increases the speed of the user. By running away from the attack the user can escape an attack that has a diameter of 200cm.
      Drawback: Is ineffective against heat-seeking attacks/attacks that follow her.


      Birthday: March 16
      Specie: Exceed
      Rank: D
      Sexuality: Hetero
      Gender:[/center] Male

      Species Ability/Perk

      Exceeds can use a magic called Aera, this allows them to summon large angelic wings that allow them to fly. Clawford can only fly as high and fast as his magic rank allows him to.

      Special/Unique Characteristics

      Most exceeds have humanoid eyes. Clawford however has feline eyes, allowing him to see perfectly fine in the dark. However, because of this everything he sees is a shade of yellow/orange. This makes him color-blind as he wouldn’t be able to recognize any colors.

      Character Depth

      Clawford is a caring exceed with a good heart, he wants to help when others are in trouble and often puts the needs of others before his own. He’s also very protective to those he cares about and has a strong opinion about everything. He has a lot of determination and willpower, so despite the set-backs he faces on his journey he will always push forward until he reaches his limit. When it comes to fighting the situation he is in can blind him for reason, that said if he’s defending someone he cares for he will attack a mage who’s too powerful for him to defeat. In a normal situation he would of course reason not to fight said mage as he has no chance of winning.

      Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, the exceed. Clawford likes to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, and not everyone will appreciate him meddling in their business. He’s passionate about group activities, so he will always give his all for sports and games. And that’s fine for the ones he’s decent at, but he’s lousy at anything creative. Singing, dancing, acting, he will get an A for effort, but an F for performance. You’ll want to stay far away from him when he’s doing any creative acts, as it will not be pleasant for anyone but himself. Family and friends are the most important thing to him, this makes him possessive and get jealous easily, since he fears for others coming in between him and those he cares about. He will be very straight forward and tell the other right where it’s at.

      He’s both resentful and forgiving. He can stay angry at someone over a fight/argument for a very long time. This will be combined with very dark thoughts towards said person. Though when said person does an act of kindness towards him he will be very quick to forgive and forget and start over with a clean slate. This means that if he fights an evil person he will not try and convince them to become a good person, but will let darkness consume his opinion on the person: they’re bad, so they deserve to be punished.

      -Board/Card Games
      -Dragon Slayers
      -Helping the community

      -Games that require the ability to see colors

      -Small confined spaces

      -Partner up with a Dragon Slayer
      -Be a part of a guild/family
      -Help his partner and family


      Hair: Orange with a white belly
      Eyes: White with a slit for a pupil
      Skin Tone: The skin under his fur is orange and white
      Height: 46cm
      Weight: 3.8kg
      Overall Appearances: He wears a red vest with a cowl. The vest is imbued with magic, allowing for it to stretch up to 5x its original size. (the purpose of this is so that the cowl can go over his head without it dragging over the floor, since exceeds have bigger heads than bodies)

      Full Metal Alchemist
      Isha Lewis

      Name: Isha Lewis
      Alias: Those who don't know his name often say "Ishval Boy"
      Age: 14
      Gender: Male
      Siblings: Only child

      Rank: Alchemist

      Having a decently trained body he's already showing young muscles at his age, nicely accentuated by his Ishvallen tan. Like most citizens of Ishval he was born with red eyes, even though they are quite round in shape the droopy angles make his eyes appear sad. His hair is brown and short, his pony a bit longer on the sides then above his eyes and the back of head is cut short. For now all the clothing he possesses are brown shorts, a gold sleeveless vest and a long brown cape with cowl ending at his sand-colored sandals, which he carries in his dark-gray backpack unless there's a sandstorm or cold. If he obtains more clothing later on he'll vary in outfit or stick to one he really likes. He's not particularly tall or small and still a growing child.

      Isha's got a short temper when it comes to his name, finding nearly all non-Ishvallen people mistake it for a girl's name while it's a multi-sex name in Ishval. On the contrary he's very appreciative when his 'manliness' is recognized, which might be confusing for the one he's opening up to.

      He's very determined and willing to go through hell for his goals, yet protective of those close to him. Those who get close to him see a side of him he only reveals to those he feels comfortable with, which is a playful and even 'romantic'(he doesn't realize/unintentionally romantic) side. Even though he acts confident and often is, he sometimes feels insecure and cares about what others think.

      He doesn't like arguing about insignificant things, getting angry at those he cares for would be the thing he hates the most.

      Ever since Ishval got rebuilt the citizens were more open for Alchemy. However, even though many were at peace there were also still many that weren't. Isha's father wanted everything to change, Alchemy was like a miracle, and miracles existed for the good. He believed those who could perform miracles would be assisting Ishvala, to him it could be nothing more then a terrible lie that Ishvala was against Alchemy. Those who were against Alchemy were of opinion that his wife's death was a punishment of Ishvala, for the birth of the child of an Alchemist. He taught everything he knew to Isha, who grew up without a mother. His father and his alchemy teachings and lessons were all he had. If it's one thing his father taught him was to never believe such nonsense as Ishvala taking away lives for punishment, they didn't believe in a vengeful god.

      Though as years passed more people started conspire against him and his 'miracles', and even though there were more Alchemists in Ishval and plenty of civilians at peace with it, Isha's father got murdered by his conspirators. Isha was only 11 when it happened and taken into a small orphanage. If that wasn't all, now that his father was out of the way he started getting bullied. But Isha wasn't one to fright, he fought back, developing better skills each time he got beaten up by the other kids in the orphanage. His father was a good man, always working to help and make Ishval a better place. He was murdered and Isha knew it, but he saw it as a wise lesson. His father's mistake was that he never used his alchemy for destruction or defense. To better his village a strength was needed, that of great destruction, which would be feared by all and thus people would be too scared to commit taboos against alchemy. He would protect this village, for the respected people that were in peace with Ishvala and Alchemy, and to prove those against Alchemy wrong. If they would refuse to accept and respect Alchemy he would force them to.

      Even though he had a strong will and spirit, the loss of his father was devastating him. He was the only one he had left, and now he had nobody to love or comfort him. The bullies pulling a nasty prank or beating him up every day was slowly causing him to break apart, but then, unexpected, a stranger offered his friendship to him.

      His name was Shayem, a year younger then Isha, and even though Isha had never noticed Shayem before, Shayem knew very well who Isha was. From then on Isha spent every moment of spare time away from the orphanage, outside with Shayem. He shared his thoughts about Alchemy and protecting the village with him, and eventually they became the best of friends. Isha now barely spending his time at the orphanage anymore didn't get bullied as often. The bullies would pull small sneaky tricks during class, and try to chase him in his free time but he was often too quick and sneaky, using alchemy to fool them and get away. There was no way he would allow the bullies to find out about him having a best friend, that would only endanger Shayem. Though he couldn't always get away, and Shayem found out about him being beaten up.

      Finding it unbearable to see his friend like that, and knowing of his idealistic dreams Shayem suddenly knew what they had to do. He proposed to Isha to travel to Central City, where everyone was at peace with Alchemy and where stacks and piles of books awaited him to broaden his horizon and help him achieve his goal. Shayem had his own reasons for wanting to leave Ishval as well, on top of that he didn't want to be parted from Isha and wanted to support his dream and help and witness him achieve it. Together they traveled the distance to Central City, which they were able to because of the kindness of the strangers they met along the way and Isha's alchemy.

      Having decent fighting skills and knowing the basics of alchemy Isha's striving to find out about the most powerful field to master in. Some think it's fire because of Mustang's achievements, others think it's Metal because of the Elric brothers, but Isha thinks he knows which field would be best to master in. The question is, is it filed or not yet invented? His and Shayem's journey embarks here, in Central City, in the search of a document that might not exist.

      Roleplay Example

      The start of a Journey
      It was early in the morning, still dark out. Isha had sneaked out of the orphanage to meet up with Shayem at their favorite spot, from where they would start their journey through the desert. Isha was the first to arrive. "It should be 4-AM.. he should be here by now" he spoke to himself trying to warm himself with his cape from the cold breeze, but soon noticed a familiar figure approaching from afar.

      "Sorry I'm late.."
      Shayem apologized and handed over some money "This was all I could take"

      Isha took the money, put it in his bag, lifted it over his shoulder and smiled "We'll manage, let's go"

      Shayem nodded, he had a slight look of worry in his eyes yet again seemed just as excited to leave as Isha. Traveling past the last few houses they reached the desert. "Are you sure about this?" Isha asked, he knew Shayem still had a family that would be worried sick when they'd find out, but Shayem nodded with a determined face. "Central City here we come" he quickly said putting the first few steps in a hurry, Isha quickly catching up on him laughing a bit and gave a playful pat on Shayem's head. After seemingly endless walking through the desert the sun started rising to bring warmth.

      "Can I have some water..?" Shayem asked
      "Already? The sun isn't even halfway the sky yet"
      Shayem looked disappointed, he had forgotten to drink when he left home and only wanted a sip.
      "Alright, sorry, here you go" Isha got a bottle of water out of his bag and handed it to Shayem, he had a weak for anything to feel sorry for.

      Their journey continued, the sun rose higher and the boys stuffed their capes in Isha's bag due to the heat. They were lucky to not have faced a sandstorm, in fact, it was extremely hot but they were used to hot weather conditions. As the sun reached the top of the sky both boys allowed their bodies to fall down to rest. Isha laughed softly "Look at us.. going on adventure for the sake of all of those people" he was satisfied. Shayem was pleased too and searched through Isha's bag for food, but there was nothing but their capes and water. "Isha, you didn't pack food" he said upset. "So? If we keep walking we can make it in one or two days.." Isha was relaxed, he never gave things much thought. "And what about the time we sleep? A-and without food we won't have the energy to keep up this pace, we're going to die out here!" Isha sat up and looked at his upset friend as if nothing was the matter. "Do you really think I would let you die?" he got up and helped Shayem up "We better get going again" "But we just stopped!"

      Isha walked ahead "No complaining, the desert is just as much our friend as it is our enemy" Shayem caught up to him and tried to meet his eyes "I trust you" though his face showed he had a hard time trying to. They managed to get passed the first day and night just fine, both sleeping half a night while the other kept watch, clinging to each other beneath their capes to shield themselves from the bitter cold. The next morning they were walking, though their spirit wasn't lively anymore at all. Their bodies were tired, their eyes were tired, their feet hurt, and most of all.. "I'm Staaaarviiiiing..."

      Isha walked like a zombie but with his arms facing downwards, his stomach growling and acing for food. "Me too but it was your idea not to bring food" Shayem placed his cold hand onto his belly to calm it "Let's just keep walking and hope we don't die.."
      The cunning remarks caused Isha to snap out of it. He realized again that Shayem had put everything on the line for him, his family, his life, he trusted him. Isha knew very well he barely prepared for the trip and if they'd die it would be his stupid fault. He was just about to speak up but Shayem beat him to it with an enthusiastic scream "HEY LOOK!! People!!" he said with a smile and started waving to the distance. A group of five travelers were riding horses through the desert, they were grown ups, from the military! Happy to see other living beings after so long Shayem ran towards them, Isha chasing him. When they got closer he noticed their outfits and stopped Shayem "What are you doing! They're from the military!" he whispered, but it was already too late, they were already spotted.

      "Hey, are you lost, what are two children doing in the middle of the desert?" Isha immediately got defensive "Oh yeah!! Well what are Military Personnel doing in the middle of the desert!!" The only female in the group laughed at the aggressive comeback and spoke up "Don't get your panties in a bunch kid, we're here because we were ordered to." she then looked at Shayem who had a regretful look on his face, he seemed to be more likely to answer questions "You, boy, what's your name and why are you two out here" Shayem looked her in the eyes "S-sha-" Isha blocked Shayem's mouth with his hand "Non of your business!" "Well, he's really feisty that's for sure.." a man of the group said relaxed and sighed "I'm guessing they ran away from home or something.." he got off his horse to approach "Look kid, I don't care that you two are desert people or whatever you Ishvallens want to call yourselves, it's not safe for two children to travel through the desert by foot.. Why don't you and your friend accept a ride home by horse? I'm sure we can come to a solution for whatever problems you have" Sure the man was only trying to be kind and to do his job, not to mention save their lives, but to Isha all he would do was making their hard traveling work go to waste. Therefore in the meantime that the man was talking he had made a small transmutation-circle in the sand with his foot. "Sure, let me go get something from my bag" but instead of getting something from his back he got through his knees and activated the circle. A giant stone pole made out of pressured sand appeared below Isha and Shayem, boosting them high into the sky. "Shit!!" the man said slamming his hand against the pole. His colleague approached him "It's not your fault, you don't see child-alchemists often, put aside an Ishvallen child in the middle of the desert. We better move on" "But they're just kids!!! They'll die out here!!" Then the female spoke up "As soon as we'll get to Ishval we'll send reinforcements, let's just go" "Are you insane!? They'll be dead before they're found!! You guys leave without me, I'll stay here and try to reach them" The female started laughing "Good luck, I doubt they'll be coming down to greet you, let's go"

      Isha and Shayem were amazed at the view, from here everyone down below were but ants. Shayem looked in amazement and pointed to the distance, "Look! I can see Ishval!! I can't believe we walked all of that!!" Isha who was facing the other side saw but desert ahead and turned around to see Shayem's view. He knew if Shayem would look back he'd find out they had a small chance of survival with their supplies. "Shayem.. I'm sorry" "Hmm? About what? I'm the one that got us into trouble with these guys" he said looking down below and noticed they were leaving "Hey! They're leaving" Isha looked down too to see if it was true "can't be.." and looked down closely all around the pole and noticed they had left one behind. "Nope there's still one here.." it was silent for a while. Shayem had found out about the view on Isha's side and was in shock. Isha turned around having a terrible feeling he had found out "Sha-" but was whacked for his head. "I trusted you Isha!!! Look at that!! How are you planning to cross that distance without food!!!" but Shayem's anger turned to sadness and he sat down to cry in is lap. Isha felt terrible. "I'm sorry.. Shayem, I truly am sorry.." he sat down before him "Please don't cry.. I promised I'd prote-" "How!! Huh!?" Isha frowned and thought.. Suddenly he got an idea and looked down if the man and his horse were still there. "That guy's still down there, let's steal his horse!" Shayem was shocked by the suggestion "Are you crazy! We're not murderers!!!" "Psh, I'm sure he has water, Ishval's just a days walk from here" "But he's just trying to help us!" "Do you want to go back Shayem!? Because that means we've suffered for no reason! Look I am hungry and thirsty too, but this is our only option.. Please.." Shayem looked to the side with a frown "Fine, but I don't like it"

      Shayem Logue

      Name: Shayem Logue
      Alias: Those who don't know his name often say "Ishval Boy"
      Age: 13
      Gender: Male
      Siblings: Two little brothers

      Rank: Citizen of Amestris

      Shayem has a slender built and a cheeky face. His red Ishvallen eyes have a dreamy yet serious look to them. Like other Ishvallens he has a tan and "white" hair.(like scar) His hair is long and stops halfway his lower back. The pony splits in two halfs on the far left, his left side being so long he sticks it behind his ear, and the right half ending just above his eyebrows at his eyes but becomes longer past the eyes. For now all the clothing he possesses is a brown short-sleeved shirt, a long white pants and a golden cape ending at his brown slippers. If he obtains more clothing later on he'll vary in outfit or stick to one he really likes. Judging from his built he's expected to grow up slender and tall.

      Shayem is one to keep most of his feelings and thoughts to himself. That doesn't mean he doesn't show emotion, he just often shows different emotions then those he's actually feeling. Even though he's an angel to his best friend Isha, he's not much of a sweetheart on the inside. He easily submits to vengeful and hateful feelings and finds it hard to stand up for himself. In fact, once he feels intimidated he'll even do whatever is asked of him. Isha is the only one he's dared/allowed to let into his heart, because he has a weak for those who've faced misery.

      As a person he's organized and thinks things through thoroughly, unlike Isha who’s the unprepared improvising type. And even though Shayem is often influenced by negative thoughts he would never want to harm a stranger.

      Growing up in a strictly religious anti-alchemy family Shayem had to follow three strict rules.
      1. Never communicate with an Alchemists, even if their life is at stake.
      2. When an alchemists tries to communicate, flee and scream for help.
      3. Never talk about Alchemy or Alchemists until you come of age.
      Respecting his parents and their rules, not knowing any better Shayem followed these rules without hesitating or doubting them. Being the oldest of his two brothers his parents pressured him to be a role-model, praising him in front of his brothers so that they’d copy his behaviour. Though by the age of 10 his father believed Shayem had come of age, and allowed him to stay up longer to attend ‘the meetings of Ishvala’s judgement’ where father’s companions gathered at their house to talk about Alchemy and how wrong it was. Always having been taught the good ways of his god Ishvala, and never being allowed to talk about Alchemy before in his life Shayem was confused to hear all these negative plotting against the alchemist that lived around the block. All Shayem was told about Alchemists was that they went against Ishvala’s ways, performing demonic magic! ..But the way his father and his companions were plotting caused him to wonder about alchemy for the first time, and without hesitation he secretly went searching for the Alchemist across the block, that supposedly went by the name of Lewis.

      After waiting aside his house he saw a man and a boy of his age enter, this was him, Alchemist Lewis. Shayem was shocked, he never knew the Alchemist had a son!! His fathers plotting were to riot him out of town or to death, didn’t they think of Lewis’es son as all? The next meeting he played dumb and asked if the alchemist had kids, and not only did they answer correctly, they claimed that even his son was a practitioner of the forbidden art and therefore deserves what’s coming to his father. Shayem was shocked again, and thought back to the moment where he spied on them entering their house. He felt bad about attending the meetings, something was fishy so he decided to secretly do a little more investigating.

      The situation he was in everyone would of felt there was something fishy going on, during the meetings he had access to a lot of information. The fact that his father kept all the previous riots a secret to him and his brothers disturbing him the most, not to mention there was another child a year older then him that had attended 4 riots already but he was just like the others. Shayem started skipping school to spy on Alchemist Lewis, the main target of his father’s riots, and found out that the demonic magic they performed wasn’t demonic at all. Alchemist Lewis helped out people all over town to fix their broken items in exchange of some pennies, cloth or food. Drawing a circle with a symbol inside and the light that shone when it was activated seemed all but demonic, it was a miracle and Shayem was impressed. Alchemist Lewis knew very well a little boy was watching him, but he saw no harm in him and approached him. Shayem was confused, flee and scream it was now or never, but there was no way he could. “I know you’ve been spying on me three times this week, does Alchemy interest you?” the man had kind eyes and a warm smile, Shayem was still in shock and didn’t know what to say. “If you want I would be happy to teach you, I also teach my son so if you-” Shayem interrupted with a small no. Even though he saw Alchemy rather as a miracle then demonic magic, it still frightened him and there were still a lot of scary stories going around like the one stating Lewis’s wife died because she gave birth to the child of an Ishvalllen Alchemist. The conversation ended with Lewis offering his help to Shayem with a goodbye, but it didn’t end there. From that day on Shayem started seeing Lewis more often, to talk about alchemy, his life, his view on Ishvala, his son.

      And the more Shayem got to know of the innocence of Alchemy and the Lewis family, the more he started disgusting his own family and their views. He barely showed though, the only thing that showed was his absence at home and school. When his parents confronted him with it he silenced. His parents were extremely upset, not only was he giving a bad example for his little brothers, he was keeping something from them so they grounded him until he’d tell. But he didn’t. He refused to lie because it was against his faith, he refused to tell his family how he felt about his father’s riots and alchemy because he didn’t want to go against his family, so it was the only way. He had been grounded for an entire month until his father let him out a late afternoon, to allow him the honour of attending a riot. His father believed that after the riot Shayem would open up to him about whatever he was keeping from them, after all, they were very strict and Shayem had always been a model child so they never suspected him of associating with an Alchemist. Alchemist Lewis had just helped a customer in the far south of Ishval and was heading home, the planned riot against him that included Shayem headed south, carrying torches and pitchforks. Shayem didn’t carry a thing and was disgusted that his father was carrying a pitchfork. When the riot and alchemist Lewis met Lewis had no choice but to run, until eventually he was closed in. “Leave Ishval!” “Stop disgracing Ishvala” “Ishvala took your wife! Isn’t that enough!” “We don’t need Alchemists, we’ve got Ishvala!” but it didn’t matter what the crowd said, Lewis remained kind and kept offering his help, claiming that as long as the people of Ishval needed his service as an alchemist he would not leave Ishval. The riot got impatient and physically violent, to a point where Shayem couldn’t take it anymore and shielded his body with his own by hugging him tightly. “Stop it!!! You monsters!!” he had done it, for the first time he had stood up for something he believed in himself. For the first time he spoke up for his believes instead of what he was told to believe. He cried “Mister Lewis is my friend! He only does good things! There’s not a single evil thought in his mind like you monsters!! You monsters!!” he shouted, and with a loud scream of his dad he was beaten and pulled off of the alchemist. His father piercing his pitchfork through Lewis’s body blinded by rage for ‘brainwashing’ his son. “NOOOOOOO!!!!” he screamed, but his father kept stabbing, the riot falling apart fleeing home. They were okay with it, but they didn’t want to be blamed during any investigations. In shock of what Shayem’s father had done and adrenaline rushing through his body he ran home to clean his pitchfork, leaving his son behind. Shayem cried and his voice was shaking, he approached and leaned over the alchemist. “M-mister Lewis..? Mister Lewis please.. I’m so sorry.. I’m so sorry..” but all Lewis said was “Take- careof.. Isha…” with his last breath.

      Covered in blood Shayem got home that night, and from that day on his parents treated him like vermin. His heart was broken, filled with hate towards his father for being a cold-blooded murderer, loathing his mother for choosing fathers side and treating him like dirt, disgusting his family for carrying such hatred for alchemists. Even though he was filled with darkness on the inside, he kept being a good child, always doing exactly what was asked of him, staying in his room being grounded, but even though he hadn’t changed his behaviour one bit, his parents treated him bad because of what he believed. And the longer it lasted, the more damage it inflicted on his heart and the deeper the darkness grew. He had been scared to fill out Lewis’s last request, always having been a puppet controlled by his family he never got close to someone before, sure he had friends at school but they only met during the breaks and never after school. So it scared him. His close bonds only inflicted pain, Lewis because he was killed, and his family because they had pretended to love him for all these years, but it was all an act. Monsters could never love someone, and that’s why they were treating him like garbage and couldn’t love him for who he was. Or at least, that’s how he felt about it.

      After a couple of weeks had passed he finally gathered the courage to approach Isha and offer his friendship. He had sneaked out of his room, sought out the orphanage Isha was staying at, and to his amazement Isha instantly accepted his offer of friendship. Shayem snuck out of his room unnoticed almost every day to meet up with Isha, to talk about their views on alchemy. Isha was like his father in so many ways, always talking about wanting to help the village. He wondered if Isha knew about his father being murdered, but he was always to scared to start about Isha’s father, not only was it painful, Shayem and Lewis time spent together had been kept a secret on both sides, so Isha didn’t even know they knew each other. Isha never bothered to talk about his father either, it was painful and he didn’t want to cry in front of Shayem. Isha even tried to hide he was being beaten up by the kids at the orphanage but Shayem found out. This was it, they could no longer stay there, Shayem’s house was an unhealthy environment to stay, and he couldn’t say Isha’s was any better, on top of that Isha had a dream to fulfil which would be the ultimate excuse for them to leave. And so he proposed to him to leave for Central City. Isha was surprised, as far as he knew Shayem had a loving family, after all Shayem only told the facts and kept all his negative feelings for his family to himself by silencing, never talking about his family being awful to him.
      Together they traveled the distance to Central City, which they were able to because of the kindness of the strangers they met along the way and Isha's alchemy.
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      ... Elder scrolls Role Play? I say that is a capital idea.

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      *wiggles eyebrows* Well then, what are we waiting for? Though I still have to reply to the hogwarts thread and open a roleplay with Gravitation first, but after that I am definitely game

      If we're making it an open thread you are free to start it of course while I work on those other posts. I'll find a way to wiggle myself in case it turns a crowd
      My RP Characters The Fairy Clan
      The sophisticated show respect for those with different morals and values, knowing these vary per culture and per person.
      Only a barbarian scorns those who do not adhere to their view of social etiquette, and lack the wisdom to learn.

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      I usually post on Thursday' and Fridays for IC and stuff. Those are my days off that I have enough time to give better quality writing.

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      I post sporadically. My health keeps fluctuating and I have irregular appointments at different specialists, but I usually manage once a week easily.

      Anyways, did you want the elder scrolls to be just you and me? Or do we make it a thread open for everyone to join?
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      The sophisticated show respect for those with different morals and values, knowing these vary per culture and per person.
      Only a barbarian scorns those who do not adhere to their view of social etiquette, and lack the wisdom to learn.

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      Ah I have made a thread because I think the more the merrier. Got a loose plot as well Don't know if you want me to keep the conversation going here but I also made an OOC thread for the Elder Scrolls RP. Also, Fairy Tail? Sad zgawd is sad. I don't like when good dragons die.

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      Hey, I haven't finished the anime yet XD and I'll definitely join Feel free to send me a message if ya ever wanna set up another rp or something~
      My RP Characters The Fairy Clan
      The sophisticated show respect for those with different morals and values, knowing these vary per culture and per person.
      Only a barbarian scorns those who do not adhere to their view of social etiquette, and lack the wisdom to learn.

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