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      Artists/writers that inspire you

      Hi I'm curious what everyone's inspirations are? what artists/writers have inspired your work?

      I've been inspired by lots of artists. My first big inspiration was Matt Groening, his editorials for the simpsons magazine always motivated me with his anyone can draw and that you should never allow discouragement from teachers get to you messages.

      In my teen years I was inspired by Frank Miller, Jhonen Vasquez and Khouta Hirano. Then while at college I was really inspired by Ukiyo-e Prints.

      Lately I'm not sure what inspires me, sometimes just looking at other talented artists online gets me fired up.

      How about all of you?

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      Re: Artists/writers that inspire you

      As a kid, I was a fan of The Vampire Chronicles and His Dark Materials-- Anne Rice and Philip Pullman, respectively. The later Chronicles books started taking some crazy turns, though, and I more or less outgrew the style used in Materials.

      Then it was on to Robert Jordan. If I had to point to a specific author as my biggest source of inspiration, it'd have to be him. The Wheel of Time is the definition of cliche fantasy, but it's cliche fantasy at its best, in my opinion. There was also something about the consistency of his writing that set a terrible standard: I can't bring myself to read many other authors, because their writing quality wavers noticeably. Jordan ranted endlessly-- you could cut 2,000 pages of text from that series without touching any of the major story or character elements-- but his writing was good even when the material was menial.

      Brandon Sanderson also had a large impact when it comes to world building, and George R.R. Martin is great at characterization (which was one of the things I liked about Anne Rice when I was younger, even if I can't sit through any of the books these days).

      I also like to build different philosophical elements and bits of psychology into my stories these days. The first tend to come from sources like Epicurus, Jeremy Bentham, or Michael Sandel, and the psychology comes from Elliot Aronson and different textbooks/studies (I was a psych major). Sometimes, I even create characters by running them through an abbreviated Myers Briggs indicator, and I use the results to make sure I'm keeping the story in line with my characters' personalities

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      Re: Artists/writers that inspire you

      Nicholas Watts

      And this painting in Particular


      I was lucky enough to see this painting in person at the 2014 Goodwood Revival , not long after it was painted.

      It inspired me to try the more realistic style myself.

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      Re: Artists/writers that inspire you


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      Re: Artists/writers that inspire you

      There are a few writers that inspired me I think.
      Peter F. Hamilton was one of my first one's, which got me into sci-fi and technology (Primarily via the Night's Dawn Trilogy). I think what I loved was that a lot of the bio-tech explored in that was similar to stuff I had thought would be great, and before I'd even known about or read his stuff. (I talked with friends about various methods of applying some form of implants/similar to give essentially what his books had as standard 'Neural Nanonic' technology, and after the initial coincidence of finding that someone had written about the things I'd been thinking of for years really liked his books.

      Marianne Curley's Old Magic was another. It's uses alternating perspectives to tell the story (i.e each chapter is from alternating viewpoints of the two main protagonists), which I thought was an interesting style of writing.

      Julia Gray (The Guardian Cycle Series) and Phillip Pullman were also inspirations for world building and fantasy elements.

      Sadly I tend not to read much anymore. (Either through lack of time, or lack of ability to sit long enough and/or pay attention to do so.) I still own all the books, but the likes of The Night's Dawn trilogy now is too 'heavy' for me to read now (ie I get confused by it now, for reasons unknown)

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