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      Silence is the Sound of Madness

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      Re: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - Casual

      The young child seemed confused when Lars asked him who she was. Sure she felt lighter, she always did after someone cast the ridiculous spell on her, but she had not changed. Perhaps she had taken the form of one of another fear of Lars or Hagrid. Bastien seemed to shrug off the thought and instead started to poubt. She had managed to talk with such fluidity and neither Hagrid or Lars seemed to care. Perhaps they took for granted the way they could form their thoughts aloud. This saddened her, probally more then it should have. Her lustours glow seemed to changed from baring the warmth of a welcoming hearthfire, to the stangnat glow of irrcadecent bulbs. He face took on a solen expression as she stuck out her lip, immitating a child poubting.

      "Bastien is Bastien. Do you not become--" She paused as she tried to remember his name, but gave up, "you when your robes are new? Magic people change. From meows to squeaks. They don't have new names. Why should Bastien?" She tried to draw her arms across her chest but was suprised when she encoutered ample reisistence. Her drawn out and exageratted poubty lip retracted like a whip as she became aware of her own body. Her eyes become wild with befuddlement. Her gaze drew to her bossum where it lingered for a few moments. An inquisitive twinkle could be seen in her eyes. The gateway to her thoughts seemed to imply her brain was trying to figure out what was going on. The moment passed and her attention tettered between Lars and Hagrid, as if trying to gauge whom she should address.

      "Which one of you is afraid of pretty girls?" she said as she reached for the cloak Lars was extending to her.

      The wierd quip was the last piece of the puzzle Hagrid needed to fully understand the situation. A quick burts of laughter erupted in the room. Just as the room filled with its echo, the joy on the half giants faced mirrored this emotion. He reached to Lars to put pat the man on the shoulder.

      "Lars I thought you be afraid of somethin more menancing? Or perhaps you think naked little girls is something to laugh at? are' is a stroy are. Come over some time and spill beans ore some tea." Hagrid said.

      Hearing the laughter in the room Bastien winced, expecting a great deal of pain to befuddle her. This was still a new experince that Bastien was not coped to deal with. This pain would burn through her entire body. It would feel like some forces was trying to pull her part by her very molecules. Her arms instinctivley drew to her ears, causing the cloak Lars had wrapped around her to follow back to the floor.

      "Hagrid don't laugh." Bastien said. She turned toward him abruptly, her lip now overextended again. This time it was softer, and not as pronounced. The bottom of her eyes seemed to gloss over, almost as if she was about to cry.

      Hagrid face contracted a bit at the thought of hurting the small child, but his mood didn't seem to fade. He noticed she was not actually in pain like she had expected to be, even if she had not yet noticed it herself. He reached down and grabbed the cloak the little one dropped and drew it around her. He gently pulled her arms aware from her ears as he fitted her into the cloak properly. It was almost an adorable sight. The paintings in the room seemed to be whispering back in forth to each other, much like an excited lab assistant would before a breakthrough.

      "So-rye little one. But ya being a girl is funny. And it dispelt the darkness in the rum. " Hagrid said. "I mean room. Mind must be some where else now." The giant winked towards Lars and gave his own belly a slight pat, implying that they should probally make it down to the great hall before all the food was gone.

      "Your fat is funny!" Bastien said. She drew the cloak over her head to hid the red hue that was now dusting her cheeks. Bastien had a difficult time understanding emtions she had not experinced. It seemed that all the wierd amalgam of emtions were just hitting her now. Not that Hagrid or Lars would understand.

      Hagrid for one, simply thought the Bastien just realized how naked she was and was now just starting to feel embarassed. And he knew this embarassment is why she was throwing slurs at him now, but he couldn't help but chuckle at them. Bastien was so innocent at times, it was hard to grasp the reality of what he/she was.

      "Now you know very well I am just like ya. Half breed and am part gaint not fat." Hagrid corrected the child.

      "No no no you are wrong large friend! Half is fifty percent. The little one only has a quarter of human in it." the Sorthing Hat said. Its folds wrinkled and twisted as if it immitated the furrowing of its brow. "Not sure what is all there, but very little human, definatley not half human. Natural Magic is etwined within its very soul. Most of it beast. Some dark, some light. The human part is what will tip its scale. The instinict of a creature also lumes in the recess of this childs mind. Nuture or nature. A fitting experiment for Hogwarts indeed." It almost seemed to jump as it almost yelled its last sentence.

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      Re: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - Casual

      (OOC: This may be my last post for a couple weeks-- going on a trip until the 25th. Raichi can take control of my character until I get back, if she doesn't mind.)

      “There are connections,” Allen began, “and there are capabilities. In a place like this,” he jerked his head toward the surrounding dining room, “one of those clearly outweighs the other. And if asking about my family is how you plan to determine my worth, I’d say either your priorities are mixed up, or you haven’t noticed where we are.”

      His words surprised even him. The rigidity of them, their unwavering tone: they were at odds with the meek Midlands boy providing them. Yet there was also something natural about them, something pure, like an unspoken truth, and one his companion needed to hear. So hear it he would.

      Ito lowered his eyebrows at him. Allen stared back, mouth creeping in a momentary grin. Then he pulled his hand from his pocket, and the grin gone.

      “But I imagine,” Allen continued, “that someone with your ambitions wouldn’t make such mistakes.” It wasn’t a question; he found people were more likely to be disarmed by statements than questions, and he’d become well versed in defusing hostilities.

      Of course, certain parts of him were just as versed in inciting them.

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      Re: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - Casual

      It seemed whatever Lars had noticed to be different about Bastien, quickly returned to how he was before. This boy, or now girl, puzzled him. He was so sure that for a moment the girl before him was someone else, but now that very assumption offended the child. Either way, now was not the time to investigate this. For the time being the one in front of him was Bastien and this he believed to be true. “I will explain it to you later. Please know that I didn’t mean to be hurtful.” he answered the girl when she asked what made her so different from other shapeshifting wizards. For now she seemed occupied with adjusting to her new body, until her gaze shifted between his and Hagrid’s. The words that followed had Lars take a step back, followed by a frown of confusion. When Hagrid started to laugh he turned his frown into a smile. The half giant had one of those laughs that were simply contagious, although Lars was still not sure what was so funny about all of this. It became apparent soon, as he was accused of being fearful of naked little girls.

      The accusation in itself was demeaning enough to turn his face red, his cheeks and ears glowing hot with embarrassment. He shook his head in denial, there was simply no way he was afraid of Bastien in his current form. Although he would be lying if he claimed to not feel any attraction for the girl, but that would go without saying for any man that laid eyes on her. It was irrelevant as he wouldn’t dream of acting on it, so there was no need to be fearful of it. The only thing that would strike fear in him were if she was to seduce him with a spell, but Bastien was still too young to even understand the concept of intimacy so she would never do this on purpose. He strongly doubted anyone gave the boy sex-ed, although now that he was a nearly irresistible girl perhaps it was time someone did.

      Thankfully the subject changed for the better, with jokes being made about drinks and obesity. It took away some of the awkwardness Lars was feeling, though it would take a bit more time for him to cool off and have his usual complexion back. He was thinking of suggesting for them to get the girl some clothes and head back to the great hall, for Hagrid reminded him of being hungry with his gesture to his stomach earlier. Instead the sorting hat started to speak, with information that was so interesting that Lars started repeating the facts in his head so that he would remember. He perked up somewhat, itching to start a journal on what he learned and unravel the mystery that was Bastien. “Hagrid, why don’t you make sure she gets dressed, and I will meet you at your place tonight. You still live in that cottage right outside of Hogwarts right? I want to get started on my research, and need to if Bastien is to start school tomorrow. Until then it’s probably best she stays away from the other students.”


      The fact that Allen wasn’t letting him in on anything was highly irritating to Kumomaru, but he did agree there were more ways to determine greatness than background. He himself was a prime example of it, as his dad was a bug enthusiast for a living, which was about as lame as a dad could get. Of all the men his mom could have picked, she picked the muggle with the bug fascination. Just great. He had no back-up when it came to achieving greatness, all he had was willpower and determination, not to forget the overblown dose of self-esteem. The fact that he demanded the world treat him as the man he had yet to become was pretentious, but it worked, and he takes no shame in faking it until he makes it. Ito looked up at the ceiling and back at Allen. “Of course I don’t. If you have ambitions you should have just said so. It’s like you’re going out of your way to be vague and mysterious.”

      He poured himself some orange juice and drank half the glass before turning his attention back to Allen. “Well go on, you got my attention.” He waited for a moment, but Allen’s response didn’t come quick enough so he waved his hand and clarified what it was he wanted to hear from him. “Your ambitions.”
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      Silence is the Sound of Madness

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      Re: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - Casual

      Bastien’s thoughts were filled with inquiries about his new life. As he was surprised it was projected to start so soon. So many different ideas ranging from Lars competency as a wizard to interacting with other creatures his age. He was very different from the wizards he would soon be sharing a dorm with. Not only that, but Hagrid would not be there to help him if he needed it. Although Bastien did spend a lot of time around wizards while in the custody of the various international ministries, he still wasn’t quite accepting of their customs, but he would do them none the less. If Bastien excelled at one thing more than anything else, it was his ability to meld into the backround.

      “Well ter-night might not be the best. I mean I wasn’t even suppose to be ere.” Hagrid said. He subconsciously stroked his beard as his head slightly bobbed about as he spoke. “Ya See, I kinda snuck in here to make sure Bastien, he –“ Hagrid paused a moment as he collected his thoughts. “she was supposed to meet her prefect and be shown around which ever dorm she was assigned to. Besides ain’t your class room the best lab for ya artsy facts?” Hagrid said. His tone carried no more hesitation as now he was trying to make light of the situation. Hagrid was never comfortable with how serious people could get over some of the smallest things. While Bastien wasn’t a small issues, the giant found life was easier in small measurable bouts.

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