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      Re: Favourite games that don't exist (yet?)

      OOh that would be fun to travel to other worlds and fight others aliens. Or travel from Earth to Thor's world oh yeah that could be cool.

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      Re: Favourite games that don't exist (yet?)

      Asgard! Yes, with a multiverse as big as Marvel's it's certainly possible to push the boat out a bit there.

      On the DC side of things, I'm surprised Rocksteady never tried to cash in on the Justice League films by developing a game that used the Arkham series style of gameplay. Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Flash would be sorted. It would just be difficult to get Superman into it (who we can fairly say has always struggled in video games). Failing that, a spinoff to the Arkham series that introduces the Titans as a team of playable characters. We've already played as Robin before so I don't see why it can't be explored. I just wouldn't want to see yet another Arkham sequel after where they left it with Arkham Knight.

      Or maybe even a Suicide Squad game? There's plenty of single player multiplayer options with any of those. And DC do games better than they do films in my view.
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