We're pleased to confirm that CravendaleBeast Cosplay will be attending to Manchester Anime & Gaming Con this 8-9 April ( www.manchesteranimecon.com )


My name is Robert Holyoake from Bolton, but I go under the alias CravendaleBeast cosplay.
I've been a cosplayer and cos-builder since late 2016, where I was completely new to every aspect. I was keen to make my own costume so decided to learn via a few pointers from friends and the aide of youtube tutorials. From there I adapted what I had learnt and have been learning new tips and techniques since. I have cosplayed from Bleach and Rick and Morty thus far, and am probably best known for my Rick Sanchez (this weekend the Pickle is making its debut) or Vasto Lorde Ichigo Kurosaki.I love fighting games including Tekken 7, Super smash brothers, Street Fighter 4/5, tho I don't have as much time these days to play themI usually cosplay with my girlfriend who got me into the hobby.