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This thread can be used for a multitude of reasons as is listed below, BUT...
if you need help and aren't sure where to go, you're in the right place! Ask your questions!
An admin or another member of staff will respond to you as quickly as possible. =)

General Questions & Help:
  • Confused over something? Want to know how to do make a dropbox, put a signature up, where you can spend your AL Points, how to enter a clan, etc? Ask your questions here. This is the only guaranteed way to get a response. PMing an admin or member of staff with a question does not always guarantee a quick reply. However we will try to help you to the best of our ability as quickly as we can. All questions asked here will usually have a response to them within 48 hours. Not fast enough for you? Check out the FAQ's and see if that helps!

Purchase a Rank Bar with your Credits:

  • Win awards by participating in contests, events, and games around AL! You can also win awards in the Semi-Annual AL Awards! Awards are gifted to you and displayed in your profile!
  • Staff will announce awards handed out, contest winners, and so forth in this thread! To view how we do awards, check the Award FAQs.

Make Forum and Staff Suggestions:
  • If you've got an idea - we want to hear about it! Forum idea's, events, games, changes, improvements, etc, any or all of the above are always welcome. The idea will be passed through the right chains of command! Want to recommend someone for a staff position? It wouldn't be the first time someones been promoted because of it! Tell us why you think that person is an outstanding leader and what they do on the board to deserve the promotion. Your recommendation will be taken in to consideration the next time a position opens!

Staff Changes:
  • To view more info about staff check the Staff FAQs.

Forum Bans - Temporary, Indefinite, and Permanent:
  • The Admin team will keep an updated list of any member that has been placed on a ban.
  • Temporary bans are usually for those first timers - the ban will be lifted at a certain time which will be posted.
  • Indefinite bans are issued for those who didn't quite learn the first time or did something really offensive on the board. Indefinite means a time limit has not yet been determined and is up to the admins discretion as to when to lift it. We will let the banned member back on the board but only after we feel the offense will not be repeated.
  • Permanent bans are for the hackers, the trolls, those that issue threats, etc - the big time trouble makers deliberately seeking to upset the community of AL. Permanent bans are not lifted. You've done something outrageous enough that we can never trust you back on the board.