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      Re: Entrance Hall Icebreaker (All Join In) 9th February - 16th February

      @Kamina87 how are you doing?

      Sig by Naoki :3 (with art by Yagi the Goat u_u)

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      Re: Entrance Hall Icebreaker (All Join In) 9th February - 16th February

      Hi Kamina, thanks for popping in.

      All this talk of cake... did anyone get any special shaped pancakes this week? There's so much pancake art going around the interwebs these days... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgkCaMBVuQU

      @Gbaker111 can the loo brush glow in the dark, so I can pretend to make lightsaber sounds while splashing bits of poop everywhere?
      "A gentleman never leaves a puzzle unsolved..."

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