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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      Quote Originally Posted by LikkleMel View Post
      Hi! I'm Mel or LikkleMel I'm studying Games programming at the moment and will be managing stage, so I'll probs be bugging cosplayers to join the masquerade I love anime obvs (I wouldn't be here otherwise ) Doctor who is also my thing as well as My Little Pony Tomb Raider is my bae and I'm hoping to cosplay her sometime this year
      pony pony, pony pon3!

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      Pretty fly for an Asian guy
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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      Still haven't heard back from work about Friday. Hoping to get Monday off to recover.

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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      Oh yeah, I've never stayed in a hostal before. What's the place like, and how secure is your stuff?

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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      @DJ Lum Well don't expect anything fancy, its a place to sleep. Its decent enough. Bring flip-flops if you plan to take a shower, cause it looks a little dodgy there (men's side atleast). For your stuff, you can get a locked storage thing under the bunks, we fit like 2 bags in there so should be plenty of room for stuff. I'd say its quite alright. I was there for the summer con so I dunno how cold it gets.

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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      I got a bunch of DJ gear to store as well, so decided to cancel and grab a nearby hotel instead

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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      Anyone planning to commemorate the year of the dog on Friday with some Chinese takeout?
      Live true to yourself and never forget who you are.

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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]

      Hey im steve or blade dancer this is my first anime con but been wanting to go for a long time wont be cosplaying this year as haven't had time to work on anything but hopefully going to do cosplays at future events

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      Going to learn the waltz of the flowers by TCHAIKOVSKY
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      Re: Everyone Staying over at the Hostel! [Icebreaker]


      Hi guys, wasn't sure where to put here. Whether or not ot make an entire new thread or not. But Thank you to my roomies in room 16, if you want to add me you're more than welcome to as it was nice getting to know you guys and thanks for being really good friends. Anyone else who I happened to meet and made me feel really welcome. I would love to stay in contact. To make things easier I was dressed as Mey-Rim from black butler. =) Considering on booking again and thanks for Anime league for an awesome experience.
      But did you know the cost when you promise?

      I cosplay as: Mayrim, Undertaker from black butler, Kakashi Hatake from Naruto.

      You'd find me at Alcon Leicestershire. And also London Anime/Gaming event.

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