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      whassup fellow weebs

      Hi guys!

      I'm a closet weeb. I came here mainly to find other cosplayers and anime fans in the UK since I'm planning to cosplay at a convention (MCM Comic Con Birmingham, in march of this year) and I'm a lil bit anxious about going alone especially since I haven't cosplayed before. I tend to like more 'realistic' anime like Terror in Resonance, Kiznaiver, Yuri on Ice, and outside of my weeb life I enjoy keeping fit, writing, art, and socialising.

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Hi @weeb welcome to AL

      You'll find plenty of cosplayers here especially when you check out the Cosplay & Meets Central section. Feel free to check out the Entrance Hall icebreaker and the chat (at bottom).

      Message me if you have any questions or even if you just want to chat. Hope you enjoy it here
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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Welcome to the forums weeb! Who are you planning to coslay as?

      Cosplay & Meets and Anime & Manga would be a great place for you to start! I don't know how many people who post in A&M are specifically from the UK, but I'm sure there are a-plenty. And if you're ever looking for more anime recommendations they're a great bunch to talk to.

      I tend to like a little more realism in the anime I watch too (though admittedly, I haven't seen the ones you mentioned). But if you like writing and art, be sure to check out the Creative Arts & Writing section. They would love to see whatever you're working on, or even Roleplayers' Sanctuary if you enjoy RPing

      And of course, if you'd like to chat about non-anime movies, music, TV shows, or books, we'd love to hear about it in Entertainment Zone ❤

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Hi @weeb and welcome to AL any questions ask away!

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Hiya Weeb! Welcome to AL. We do like to get together and have a grand old cosplay bash now and again, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet people on here or at some of the AL Meets should you choose. You'll meet plenty of like-minded weebinators in our cosplay and anime & manga sections, and even some of our clans you could form up with.

      As for anime, I'm not too big on the fantasy side myself, but I do enjoy a good fisticuffs or shoot 'em up with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Cowboy Bebop. Some of the more realistic pointing series I could recommend are Speed Grapher and Beck.

      Feel free to pop any of us a message should you need any help navigating the forums or any general questions about AL. We have a weekly icebreaker you're welcome to join anytime too. Have fun!
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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Welcome to the community.

      I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is fairly friendly.

      Since you like writing, we have a section for creative arts and writing, where you can share you work, and you can find people to chat with in the online chat often.
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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Welcome to AL!

      I'm sure you will enjoy it here.

      Good luck for your cosplay in March! I'm sure it'll be brill!

      Hope to see you around here!

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Hello and welcome to animeleague

      I hope that you will enjoy it on here and make sure you check out the chat room.

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Don't feel anxious about going to MCM I've not been to the one in Birmingham before but the first few times I went I went alone to the London one and I had such an amazing experience you'll be fine and hopefully make some friends there's always someone around willing to chat to anyone and if you're cosplaying that's always a good convo starter. You'll end up knowing what 'post expo blues' are!

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      Re: whassup fellow weebs

      Welcome to AL @weeb

      I recommend our page Cosplay & Meets Central
      I hope that you enjoy the forum and make some new friends along the way.
      If you need anything, feel free to say or PM me

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