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      Underland [Light RP] [IC]

      Credit to O-Ren for the story idea

      There is a city, hidden from the eyes of the world that rests in a secret location. A city so tainted with chaos that it is split into four different ganglands. This city is a place where the creatures read about in stories and myths reside. This city is referred to as Underland. The city is concealed under a cloak of invisibility, a paradox of illusions that leads you to other areas when you are not invited in. And if you are unlucky enough to find your way into this dreaded place there is a good chance that no one will ever see you again.

      The old city has grown and changed with the ages, starting off a peaceful place then slowly growing more chaotic and dangerous. No humans dare enter this place, though some unfortunate souls do. The locals refer to them as "Alices" and make a game out of either hunting them down or helping them out. The four gangs count how many Alices they either capture and kill or help, the more Alices they kill the more powerful they are. But not everyone is involved in gang life, individuals who the gang members call Guardians, protect the Alices and guide them in an underground railroad of sorts out of the city and back into their lives. When there arent any Alices around to hunt the gangs often turn their attention to each other, dueling it out for land, or in some cases, for fun. There are currently four gangs that rule the roost and snuff out all Alices in sight. To the north is the "Queen's Deck", to the east is "Hatter's table", to the south are the "Queens Pawns", and finally to the west are the "Alley Cats". Each gang's head is chosen from the current gang members and are seen as the only form of demented monarchy in the city.

      The "Queen's Deck" members follow a woman by the name of Lilith "Red Queen" Rouge. She currently presides over the largest portion of the city. She currently holds a tie for Alices killed with the hatter, who is her arch rival. All of the gang members wear some sort of article that resembles a card and shows proudly for all to see. Her right hand man is known as the "White Rabbit" little is known about the white rabbit except that they carry around a rabbit mask and a pocket watch.

      The "Hatter's Table" is neck and neck with Queen's Deck with Alices killed. The leader is a man named Draven "Hatter" Dupree is known for being a ladies man. His right hand men are the "March Hare" and "Door Mouse". Both men are known for being brutal on the battle field, and are each second in command. All of the Hatter's Table gang members have an article that resembles either a tea kettle, tea cup, hats, or some sort of silverware though no one wears a top hat of any sort except for the hatter himself.

      The "Queen's Pawns" Are led by a woman who also calls herself a queen. Her name is Helena "White Queen" Duchesse, and unlike the Red Queen she prides herself in her wealthy background and high class status. The Queen's Pawns don't strive for alices killed, a matter of fact that more often than not help the Alices out of the city just to annoy the Hatter and the Red Queen but they find themselves keeping to themselves more often than not and not partaking in any of the tainted fruit of the city. All members of this gang have a chess piece medallion or checkered articles of clothing on them at all times.

      The "Alley Cats Are led by a man called "Cheshire". Little is known about him except for the fact that he leads the Alley cats and his two right hand Ladies are "Dee" and "Dumm". Their group is best known for being ruthless and strange, they all wear either cats or stripes at all times.


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      If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM me or any mod.
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