We have our largest and best ever selection of guests to reveal for Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 10-11 February (discount tickets still available @ www.cardiffanimecon.com - get yours soon). Today we're pleased to reveal AkōseiCosplay joining our ever growing cosplay lineup.

I'm a U.K. based cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2015 and creating my own cosplays since 2016. I have attended a handful of cons in the past few years, some being AL's Birmingham and Cardiff cons - though my hometown is Bristol and so I have usually been found there. - I am at my best in cosplay and my confidence rockets! This confidence means that I have started to host panels and I enjoy meeting new people at the cons so feel free to say hello!! I hope to travel to cons in other countries in the future. You can find my cosplay progress on my page: AkōseiCosplay.
Hope to see you all soon!
FB Link - https://www.facebook.com/AkoseiCosplay/