The Harajuku Fashion Show 2018
Saturday at 1pm - Applications are Open! (See below on how to apply)

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Aisha Anime will be hosting the Harajuku Fashion Show at London Anime & Gaming Con this 16-18 February ( ). It'll take place on the Saturday at 1pm and will celebrate all things Japanese fashion, showcasing great creativity from fashionistas or fashion enthusiasts to put their twists on jfashion.

What we are looking for:

*Models - styling together there own Japanese Style including: Lolita/punk/gothic/visual kei/fairy kei/roccoco/creepy cute/hime/rave/sweet/classic/kimino/mori/prince/decora/gyaru/yomamba.
*Designers - to showcase their Japanese style or fusion rage of clothing/accessories.
*Makeup Artists/hairstylists - not afraid to try bold looks or soft and natural for mori styles

What you get out of this:

- All professional Models, hair stylists, makeup artists, Designers, will receive a free entry ticket to the event on Saturday 1st July. Since this is an event you will be able to walk around freely and watch other stage events, look at the merchandise, access the bar, watch movies, play games - including the after party.
- Amateur models (we'll confirm which you are upon application) won't get free entry, but still get following benefits -

Models: You will get at least two digital professional photos of you in your outfit for your portfolio and many cat walk photos and from backstage.
Hair stylists/Makeup artists: you get to practice your skills and also obtain photos for your portfolio
Designers: Showcase your pieces on a catwalk.

How to Signup:

If you are interested, please email with -

Modelling name:
Description of proposed outfits(s):
Photo of outfit or something similar.