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      Re: sub or dub

      Quote Originally Posted by LordSchmee View Post
      Dubs are a lot stronger than they used to be.

      I've been watching anime for a hell of a long time. I learned early on that dubs tend to be terrible, and now I've pretty much watched subs exclusively for the last 10 years. Is my experience out of date?

      I also prefer subs because I'm familiar with Japanese and I like it. Not to the extent of not needing subs--my vocabulary would require me to look up words at least every few minutes, and who the hell wants to do that--I mean I'm familiar with its expression and nuance. It's a fun language that has lots of variation in the little bits and pieces, so there's lots of character in the language expression itself, more so than simply vocabulary, tone, and delivery could give. It's a much more contextual and socially conscious language compared to English, which makes it a right pain in the ass to use to actually talk to real people that you don't know that well (I swear going to a store is like trying to smile at church gatherings) but great for watching shows because you get a lot more out of a character by how they say things in different contexts.

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      Re: sub or dub

      Dub but I'll watch it with subs if dub isn't available.

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      Re: sub or dub

      Since watching Maid-Sama in dub, I decided to move on to watching sub

      Only because it's easier to understand what they were actually saying.

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      Re: sub or dub

      No preference i'll watch either........unless its cringy

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