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      AL Chat Party This Weekend (22nd/23rd July) - Summer Special - DJs apply here!

      - This is the big one! All weekend. To join the party, just click GENERAL CHAT in the bar at the bottom of the screen!
      - Everyone is invited - even if you have never been on animeleague before you are still VERY welcome! Come join in!
      - The party goes on from midday GMT on Saturday to well past Sunday midnight!
      - Our own radio station going on throughout the day with DJs blasting out your favorite tunes. You can tune in @ www.animeleague.net/radio


      Midday - Get To Know & Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio, meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
      5pm - Welcome to the PARTY! - We kick off the proceedings and get ready for an epic weekend. Much fun and games, weee!
      8pm - AL Summer Party Night Live! - Fun and Partying as our hosts chat on air.
      10pm - Member Auction Everything to go! Bid for members with your credits. The winners get to own (in an entirely innocent way do note!) the person they win for the remainder of the chat party. Wooo!


      Midday - Get To Know and Chat/Radio Chillout - Listen to your favourite tunes over the radio and meet and get to know the other chat-partiers!
      4pm - AL Trivia Quiz and Caption Contest - Various fun and games
      5pm - Giphy Showdown - Brand new event. It's a Giphy Off - the host on radio reads out a subject and everyone posts one giphy each that's the most amusing related to it. Host picks the winner who gets a point and repeat. Person with most points at the end wins.
      7pm - AL Guys v Girls SPAM WAR - Another brand new event! We make a chatroom each - one for guys, one for girls. Let one hour of spam-fun commence! With a twist - you can only post three new lines every 30 seconds. So, better get lots of people to help! Chat with the most lines at the end wins.
      8pm to 10pm - Radio RPG - 20 Rooms The humourous radio RPG with a twist.Rules explained on air. Want to join the RPG? Tune in and let us know!
      10pm till late - Party & Games! Grab a drink and let's party in to the night! Yay!

      SATURDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

      Midday - @Kairi Nunjutsu
      3pm - @Kairi Nunjutsu
      4pm - @Jackman
      5pm - @Jackman
      6pm - @KatieLuManor
      7pm - @KatieLuManor
      8pm - @Ferefire
      9pm - @Ferefire
      10pm - @LikkleMel
      11pm - @LikkleMel
      Midnight - @Miss Purple

      SUNDAY RADIO SCHEDULE (all times in GMT)

      Listen to the radio @ www.animeleague.net/radio

      Midday - @RedHat
      3pm - @RedHat
      4pm - @Jackman
      5pm - @LikkleMel
      6pm - @LikkleMel
      7pm - @Ferefire
      8pm - @Ferefire
      9pm - @Ferefire
      10pm - @TheRedWarrior
      11pm - @TheRedWarrior
      Midnight - @CountAndre
      Want to Help Out?

      We're taking volunteers to run chatroom events.. so if you fancy runing one, or being a DJ on the radio, please post in here!
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