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      Thank You for Attending! Feedback Welcome! Alcon in September & LAGC to return Feb

      Massive thankyou to our hard working crew and all of you guys who attended. It's been a well enjoyed event and we look forward to the next LAGC in February 2018 (exact dates will be announced shortly as well as the new site being put up).

      Events Across to come this 2017

      Make sure not to miss out on our remaining events of 2017.. and the revealing of our 2018 calendar which will happen later this month!

      19-20 August - Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - www.cardiffanimecon.com
      31st August to September 1-3 - Alcon 2017 - www.alcon.org.uk
      October 7-8 - www.bristolanimecon.com

      Once more thank you all for attending - we'll be aiming to continue making the events better organised, so if you have any feedback please do leave it here.

      Make sure to also check out the other post-event topics -

      Post your Photos/Videos - http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?114875
      Post your Memories/Stories - http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?114876
      Lost Property - http://www.animeleague.net/forum/showthread.php?114873

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      Literally made this acc to give feedback.
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      Re: Thank You for Attending! Feedback Welcome! Alcon in September & LAGC to return Fe

      It was a good event, the addition of Alcohol made the event more adult therefore making me feel more comfortable while being there.

      There were two Adorable Star Guardian cosplayers (Lux and Janna) that were roaming around who won the cosplay event for me.

      I tried to squeeze in a game of Magic the Gathering with my friends at the last moment but didn't realise that the upstairs hall was to be closed even though the event was still going, you guys should fix that definitely.
      I also tried to book a bed on that exact night but it was made difficult so I didn't bother in the end and had to leave early missing one of the things I went there to see (DJ Archari) which was kinda upsetting but that was my fault for not booking beforehand.

      As for lost property;

      Lost will to live after losing the second round of Tekken tournament to a chick using a Cheat Stick.
      Lost even more will to live after losing a game of League I filled in for somebody else against a Vladimir.

      Overall was a good event.

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      Re: Thank You for Attending! Feedback Welcome! Alcon in September & LAGC to return Fe

      Been a regular for a few years now along with other members of an anime meet up group and we all came along on the Saturday. You could definitely tell that some things had changed compared to previous events. It seemed to me that there were a lot of new faces running events at the con and it felt like they were definitely less experienced than those I normally see. However everything still went on as planned so I respect everyone for there hard work! Another difference was that the courtyard was open later than normal, this lead to the con feeling empty at times, something that I heard people mentioning all day long! The big quiz needs to be on the Saturday as well, it's mine and all my friends favourite event (also how I met them) and it really helps to tie the afternoon into the night entertainment. I think the con overall just felt a bit disjointed, normally the days activities would flow nicely Into the evening as everyone would come inside and participate in the quiz and stay to watch the bands (which also conveniently gives everyone time to grab a few pints before the party). Whereas there was a few hours in the late afternoon this con where me and my friends were sat around feeling a bit lost and lonely. Followed by a disappointing turn out for the bands which seemed odd as they are always fantastic! The final thing that was odd was the lack of a proper karaoke machine, seems like an odd complaint but the new karaoke room and set up just didn't feel the same.

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      Re: Thank You for Attending! Feedback Welcome! Alcon in September & LAGC to return Fe

      The RPG area was closed pretty early both days that it was open, I would've loved to keep playing tcg with people.

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      Re: Thank You for Attending! Feedback Welcome! Alcon in September & LAGC to return Fe

      This was my second time being a guest at LAGC and I definitely felt more relaxed this time, it was an amazing con and I met so many fabulous people! A big thank you to all the organizers and staff that made it so awesome and to all the attendees who made it so much fun

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