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      Shinigami Fighters HQ

      Welcome to the Shinigami Fighters HQ

      Why choose this clan?
      Because who wouldn't want to be a Shinigami! I mean seriously have you seen some of the awesome Shinigami's in animesociedad-de-almas.jpg

      Who am I?
      I am going to be the fabulous leader of the Shinigami's for this London con, You can call me Yuuki or any other nickname you may learn , you can find me over by the upstairs stage so feel free to say hello.

      What do we do now?
      Just kidding, introduce yourself on this thread and make friends that you can spend time with at the con; or just talk about who your favourite characters or who your cosplaying.

      Lets win the pre-con clan battle, and then the Clan battle that will be taking place over the weekend, in order to win clan points at con be sure to enter the different competitions we have going on; from the things on stage to the video gaming and geek quiz. I have faith in you guys that we can win this.

      Last edited by yuuki_kurenai; 06-25-2017 at 03:00 PM.

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      I wanna join the shinigami fighters ! *^*

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      Im gonna join shinigami fighters

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      Apr 2003

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      @Rinkokoro and @yuuki_kurenai you're both presenters for LAGC as you are aware. Which of you could spend more time posting in this HQ and getting others involved? The one who can do that will become clan leader and the other one the deputy.

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      I choose Shinigami Fighters, We will be on top and beat the Shonen Warriors.

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      Quote Originally Posted by yuuki_kurenai View Post
      (This is a temporary HQ till the resident clan leaders do this up. Feel free to join and say hello to your fellow clan members in the meantime!)
      I'm in, I like shinigami

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ (Temporary)

      Quote Originally Posted by Virgy94 View Post
      I'm in, I like shinigami
      Nice to meet you

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ

      Can I join Shinigami fighters too?

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      You had eyes but you didn't recognise Mt. Tai!
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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ

      Damnit! Sign me up for some Shinigami action!!! Let's reap those {noShow}nen Warriors

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      Re: Shinigami Fighters HQ

      Come one come all, you're all invited to this show down that we call clan battle

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