We shall be revealing 2-3 guests a week until end of July as we slowly unveil our massive guest lineup for Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 19-20 August ( www.cardiffanimecon.com ). Today we're pleased to announce that Dyfrig Griffiths aka Iron Warrior Cosplay will be joining our biggest and best ever cosplay guest lineup for the event.

Based in Carmarthen, Dyfrig has been going to comic conventions for quite a few years and over the last 4 months has been building this massive cosplay. Dyfrig does guesting/judging and often MC's at different conventions among other events across the UK. He is easily recognisable from his big beard and larger than life personality. THE IRON WARRIOR COSPLAY is a large Chaos Space Marine striding at over 9ft tall, you can't miss him.
This is a recently built cosplay couldn't have been done without the help from some of Dyfrig's amazing friends, David Roth and Dave Dayman.
"I couldn't have done it without you guys"
- Dyfrig Griffiths

For costume photos and updates on future events find them on Facebook:
Dyfrig Griffiths - Iron Warrior Cosplay - https://www.facebook.com/ironwarriorscosplay/
David Roth - David Roth - Exeter Cosplay
Dave Dayman - The Grey Knight Cosplay