We have easily over a dozen of the country's best cosplayers set to guest at London Anime & Gaming Con this 30 June to 2 July ( www.londonanimecon.com ). Today we are pleased to add Richard Von Wild Cosplay to our lineup - who will also be putting on a special performance!

Wild by name, Wild by nature. This Drag King has been taking the UK cabaret scene by storm. Richard has performed up and down the country, playing some incredible locations such as the Women's stage at Pride London, being a finalist in Man Up drag king Competition and winning the crown of Season 2 Crystal Lubrikunts Lip Sync For Your Life. Richard has performed with the likes of RPDR stars such as Alyssa Edwards and Willam. Not only has he been performing at cabaret shows, Richard is also a keen cosplayer, who combines the art of cosplay and drag to create unique performances for the pop culture crowd. He has had the opportunity to perform and give panels at conventions such as London Comic-con and Alcon, with more conventions attendances in the future lined up. He's here, he's queer, with a great rear, it's Richard von Wild.

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