Hi Everyone

I am taking my daughter to the con for the first time (it is the first time for me too) and she is so excited.

She is quite a fussy eater. I am confused as on the LAGC website under FAQs it indicates the following at this link
Q - Am I allowed to bring food and drink in?
The convention has a licensed bar in it, and as such bringing in any drink whether alcoholic or not is disallowed. The bringing in of hot food is also disallowed. You are allowed to bring in cold food.

But on the email, which gives you access to your ticket the following is written.


The venue does not allow outside food or drink to be bought in. Please do not bring food or drink along, or you won't be allowed in until it has been removed. There is food and drink served at the downstairs bar, and you can ask for free water from the bar.

Which is correct, can I bring in cold food or not?

Thanks in anticipation of your help.