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      Meow! I am MissMeowkens, nice to meet you! I am actually a returning member from years and years ago. I am a new mom and to help pass the time and to give myself something to do I thought I would join again, I wanted to get back into RP (that was my favorite thing to do when I used to get on here).

      Oh-kay. So a few things I enjoy!

      ~ Harry Potter
      ~ Your mom
      ~ CATS!
      ~ Video games!
      ~ Food

      I find myself to be a positive and open person.

      Feel free to get to know me further, thank you!

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      Kawaii Princess
      To Narnia!~
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      May 2016

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      Re: Meowllo

      Haaii ^_^
      Welcome back!!
      Yay another returning member!!
      Harry Potter<3
      What are some video games you play?
      Good to have you back!
      I hope you enjoy yourself here c:
      If you need anything feel free to message me!^^


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      Here comes a lullaby
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      Re: Meowllo

      @MissMeowkers Welcome back to AL!
      Congrats on becoming a mom! :3
      Oooh another kitty fan! You should come visit our Journal section! It'll all make sense when you meet the Hmod there. *nods*
      Have fun and see ya around!

      You do what you have to for family.

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      EH Head Moderator
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      Re: Meowllo

      Hi @MissMeowkers welcome back!

      Congrats on becoming a Mum. I love cats too.

      Feel free to message me if you need anything or fancy a chat
      Want to join the AL team? Click here to find out more || Entrance Hall

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      Re: Meowllo

      Welcome back to AL Mew

      Do you also like the Fantasic Beast?
      tho it is a different person it is created in the same HP world. I really loved that book and movie

      Cats are wonderful animals, keep saying to my hubby i want to have a big cat as pet, he keeps saying where should we keep it. haven't you enough with the 4 cats we already have :p
      when there is a moment that you wanna talk feel free to message me

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      I come burdened with glorious purpose!
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      Oct 2015

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      Re: Meowllo

      Hi and welcome back to AL, your not alone everyone likes my Mom.

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      Re: Meowllo

      Hello! You are my sister so I know everything there is to know. Welcome back!

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      Re: Meowllo

      Hi @MissMeowkers and welcome back to AL! I hope you enjoy it here as much as you did the first time

      Do you have any cats yourself?

      Artwork by the wonderful YukiChan!

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      Dec 2016

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      Re: Meowllo

      Hey @MissMeowkers Welcome back to Anime league, let's hope you stay this time :3

      Oooo, you play games, do you have steam or battlenet?

      If you have any questions or just want a friend to chat to, feel free to PM me!

      Thank you YukiChan for the sig!
      OSRS RS3

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      Re: Meowllo

      @YukiChan , thank you!
      I know I love Harry Potter!
      I usually only play Skyrim and Call of Duty. RPGs and first person shooters are my go to games.

      @Ivory , thank you very much!
      Cats are the best!
      And I will most defiantly check that out!

      @IkkleGemz , thank you very much!
      Thank you! I love motherhood so much!
      I will keep that in mind. >^w^<

      @Thaquiry , Thank you very much!
      No, I haven't seen it yet. I am in the process of reading the screenplay.
      Awe, having a big cat would be awesome! I would love a tiger.
      Who cares how many cats you have, there is always room for more!!

      @DaddyCool , Thank you!
      I find your name amusing.

      @Anime Fairy , do you? Do you really know there is all to know about me?

      @Tinuva , Thank you!
      I do, I have black tabby named Lily, after Lily Potter from the Harry Potter book series, because her eyes are a lovely green.
      Do you have any cats?

      @Blissharmony , Thank you!
      I do I do. I do have a Steam, but I don't have a lot of games on there. I am more of a console gamer, mainly the Xbox One.

      Soorrry for the late replies everyone!

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      Re: Meowllo

      @MissMeowkers true to that,
      when i was young there was a moment i could cuddle with a tiger cub that was sso much fun
      think that since then the lovefor bg cats started, the rest of the family didnt want to cuddle and hold the cub :O

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      Re: Meowllo

      @MissMeowkers , I've got two kittens, around 5 months old. One is black and white and the other is a tabby called Medli and Navi from Zelda

      Artwork by the wonderful YukiChan!

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      Dec 2015

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      Re: Meowllo

      Welcome back to AL @MissMeowkers

      I hope that you enjoy the forum and make some new friends along the way

      If you need anything feel free to say or PM me.

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