We have easily over a dozen of the country's best cosplayers set to guest at London Anime & Gaming Con this 3-5 February ( www.londonanimecon.com ). Today we are pleased to add Rachael Dilly Cosplay & Photography to our lineup!

Rachael has been doing cosplay since 2012, and has been creating character looks for her cosplay page and youtube channel ever since. She creates looks varying from Disney Princesses to Zombies, and creates tutorials to help share advice and knowledge for other cosplayers.
With nearly 10k followers combined over her social media platforms, her aim is to create cosplay and makeup sfx tutorials to share with others. She is also an admin of the group called Cosplay Shout Outs, which has nearly 7 thousand members, which promotes people's cosplay and cosplay positivity, with a strong message of #stompoutcosplaybullying.

FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/dillcosplays