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      Out with the old and in with the new!
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      Apr 2003

      Awards Showcase

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      Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Presenting our annual awards which celebrate all areas of cosplay..

      How Do I Enter?

      - Anyone can enter by posting their submission in this topic.

      To Enter -

      1. Simply post up to five photos of a (single) cosplay you have worn at some point this year.
      2. Please state if it's hand-made, bought or altered (Please note commissions are seen as bought, you must have made it yourself).
      3. (Optional) You can also state up to 5 interesting facts/points about your costume (ie: how you made it etc) which we will use to help judge.

      - You have until Wednesday 30th November to post your submission.
      - Feel free to comment on one another's photos and entries, and feel free to make your own topic on this forum (ie: your own cosplay journal like this one here) if you want to get more involved with our community.

      What Awards are there?

      - Best Crafted Costume (This is picked from Handmade or Altered costumes)
      - Best looking Bought Costume (Ie: you didn't make it yourself)
      - Most Creative Costume
      - Most Entertaining Costume
      - Best Group
      - Most Accurate Costume
      - Best Child Cosplay (Under 14) Award
      - Best Prop and Weaponary
      - Special Mention Awards (We will make up to five extra special mention awards)


      - The winner of Best Crafted Costume will receive a pair of tickets to an Animeleague event of their choice for 2016 (except Alcon) - This can be our Anime & Gaming Cons in (click on each for more information including dates) London, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol or any others which we may announce. You can view the full list of 2017 events HERE.
      - All award winners will receive a virtual trophy which will go on their Animeleague profile, as well as 250 AL Points, which they can choose to spend on their forum account in our virtual shop.

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter


      My take on Aquaman.

      This cosplay is hand made and has nearly 2000 sequins hand-stitched onto the shirt. The fishnet sleeve also started life off as a vest. This took hours and hours sitting watching junk tv whilst I stabbed my fingers repeatedly with a needle.

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      The Fiery One!
      Burnt out!
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      Apr 2011

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Dude! @Man in the Mask I freaking love your cosplay man! :O

      Love to role play? Join The Immortals Love art? Join Art Play Love videogames? Join the Gamer's Guild

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      Chillaxing waiting for eBay deliveries
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      Aug 2016
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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      manvir 2.jpg

      Auron from FFX...

      armour (shoulder pad and arm bracer)
      big belt


      Interesting facts:
      Didn't cost more than 50 to build
      All the armour pieces are just layered foam mats with worbla outer shell

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter


      Grell Sutcliff - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WhiteRosella

      My second mark 2 version of the outfit with updated teeth, contacts, shoes and wig.

      Five interesting facts:
      1. Grell was my first ever cosplay and I have been cosplaying her for nearly six years updating the cosplay every year.
      2. A tutorial can be found on my page to make the teeth and shoes.
      3. Grell is widely thought to be a male character however the creator Yana Toboso wrote 'Grelle's confessional' confirming Grell as transgender female.
      4. The glasses worn in the pictures are actually my prescription glasses, I bought them to cosplay Grell as accurately as possible but still be able to see properly at the same time!
      5. The teeth cost less than 10 to make and are incredibly easy to crest with the tutorial.

      Good luck everyone! 👍🏻

    6. #6

      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      PHP Code:

      My Captain Bucky O'Hare Cosplay. I also made my Husband the Deadeye Duck Cosplay so that he could be from the same 'verse as me at conventions!
      All handmade by me (I have the glue burn scars to prove it!!!) and quite thrift with others materials too.... there's a pringles tube somewhere!!!

      Completed March 2016. (Deadeye completed July 2016)

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      applying to be on Hunted. May need help on the run AL!
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      Oct 2015

      Awards Showcase

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter


      Here are a couple of shots of Willow for the Child category, everything is store purchased and some like Rainbow Dash lightly modified or added to! When I got some time will take some decent ones of my Rainbow Dash and upload them.

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      I'd like to submit my Lilith ^^ from Borderlands 2
      All hand made, wig was styled by myself too!

      - I made this in 7 days!
      - I used a whole can of hairspray for the wig!
      - I had no idea how to cell shade, and kinda made it up as I went along!


      Hope I've submitted right!


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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Here are my two cosplays from this year i have.

      -Mecha Kha'Zix from League Of Legends
      -Jirachi (Gijinka) From Prokemon

      Top 5 facts about my outfits would be:
      -all crafted out from different thicknesses of EVA foam
      -Both took 4-5 months to make
      -Jirachi's details on the head and armour were carved out using a soldering iron
      -I used different types of styles to make Jirachi using. Foam, material, Worbla, Resin and metal work

      Hope you like them all guys!!

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      Psychoelle's Avatar
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      Oct 2013
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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Figured I would join for fun

      Character - Sora Naegino
      Series - Kaleido Star
      Handmade from scratch - Bodysuit, sleeves, wings, wristlets
      Brought parts that are altered- Headband with hand-glued feathers, wig, boa
      Brought, not altered - shoes

      Due to the design being based on several pieces of artwork for the anime I had plenty of leeway to add my own bling to this.


      Close up of the rhinestones being glued on :'D I was so glad when this was all over!!!

      5 facts about the costume
      -Reasons for making - Love for the character and series, desire for a challenge, great opportunity to learn new skills as well as to test my current abilities.
      -The costume took a year and a half to complete, but 6 months of it was where the magic happened.
      -I handpainted all the details. By the time I finished that I still felt something was off, sooooo.......
      -This costume contains over 2000 rhinestones and over 1000 feathers, it took an entire month solid to finish the process.
      -When I wear this again i will need to glue some of the stones back on and I really want to remake the wing details as I was very, very pressed for time due to work commitments before its debut
      No longer attending AnimeLeague events.

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Hello~! Thought I'd enter with my Stein cosplay, since it's my absolute favourite one I've made so far.

      Character: Dr. Franken Stein
      Series: Soul Eater

      I made everything except the pants, glasses and shoes.

      Five Facts about this cosplay!
      1. The head screw is 3D printed in two parts, which are then screwed (screwception!) onto a headband that is sewn into the inside of the wig.
      2. The shirt is made from 2 turtleneck jumpers that I frankenstein'd (ayyy) together with elastic 'stitches' to match the reference photos. I made this costume over the summer. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find turtleneck jumpers in summer???? OTL
      3. Having 5 pockets on one costume would seem like a dream come true. But when you're stood in front of a photographer, fumbling about to try and find which pocket you put your coscards in, less so.
      4. The stitches on the lab coat are thick black wool, which I hand-stitched through the thick cotton of the lab coat with a needle. This part of the costume-making process took FOREVER, because wool does not like to be stitched through fabric.
      5. The shoes are 4 1/2 inch platforms because I am short and Stein is tall. And I've yet to break my ankle in them (fingers crossed!)

      There are more pictures over on my Facebook page if you're interested - https://www.facebook.com/Xenogenetics/

      Thanks everyone, and good luck~!

      Attached Images

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      So many cover shifts... D':
      Sansanvi's Avatar
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      Sep 2016
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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      @CrashQueenBaby Love that cosplay! I want to make one of Gaige at some point, I hope I can do as good a job with her as you have with Lilith That cell shading you've done is amazing.

      It's a close call which of mine to submit really, but I think purely because she's totally finished, it's going to have to be Yang this time round

      So, this is my cosplay of Yang Xiao Long from RWBY. Photography credit to Donald Manning (I may have more after MCM this weekend in which case I'll add them in). My Adam friend is @AlexTheBloody1 , in case he wants to join in the competition and tell y'all about how he made his cosplay.

      Components that have been hand-made are;
      Jacket, skirt, knee bandage thing, pouch (handmade from scratch for my Ciri cosplay and shamelessly scavenged), Ember Celica (gauntlet weapons, made from EVA foam, cardboard tube and 20mm drainage pipe)

      Components that have been altered are;
      Vest top (painted with Yang's burning heart symbol)

      Unaltered bought components;
      Boots, socks, scarf, shorts, belt, arm warmers, aviators

      I cut and styled the wig myself

      Interesting facts beyond those above
      1. Yang is only the second cosplay I've ever made, and the first I've completed weapons for (I had never worked with EVA foam previously)
      2. The jacket and skirt were the first items of clothing I've ever made. I had no pattern beyond a shirt to copy and used a sewing machine dating back to 1886. It can only do a running stitch. The needle broke before I could hem the bandage, so that had to be done by hand.
      3. Me and Alex met that day at Bristol con and basically spent the rest of the day hanging out, so I made a great new friend thanks to this cosplay. We also went on to perform a masquerade skit that same day. It didn't go to plan, there were music and weapon malfunctions, but it was still great fun and I'll probably never forget it

      Sigpic and avatar by me ^^

      Cosplay(s) in progress : Sombra (Overwatch)
      Current cosplay completion: Compiling funding resources
      Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters)
      Current cosplay completion: Assembling materials

      Link to my cosplay portfolio thread thingy
      Another to my cosplay facebook page

      Completed Cosplays & Recent Con attendance:
      Insomnia 59 (Sunday) - Ciri (The Witcher)
      Birmingham MCM 2016 (Sunday) - Yang (RWBY)
      Bristol AL Con Nov 2016 - Ciri (The Witcher) & Yang (RWBY)

      Birmingham AL Con Oct 2016 - no cosplay

      Future possible cosplay plans :
      Mercy & Ana (Overwatch), Gaige (Borderlands 2), Tallis (Dragon Age 2), Aela (Skyrim), Chidori (Full Metal Panic), Winry (FMA), Erza (Fairy Tail), Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica), Rin & Sabre (Fate Stay Night), Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle), Shihoin Yoruichi (Bleach), Evie Frye (Assassin's Creed Syndicate), Allen Walker and Klaud 9 (D Gray Man)
      Open to other suggestions ^^

      Con attendance plans:
      MCM Telford (cosplaying Ciri), MCM Birmingham (cosplaying Ciri & Isabelle Lightwood), Board Gaming Con (Birmingham)

      Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | watch anime online

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      TAKE THAT!
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      Sep 2015

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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      All these cosplays look great!

    14. #14

      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Character - Adam Taurus
      Series - Rwby
      I would say this is altered but hey you guys and gals can judge for yourself
      5 interesting facts about the cosplay
      -The mask is made of thin craft foam, hand painted and provides enough vision to move but cause to apologise a lot
      -The pattern on the jacket is original, as there are no real clear images on the web, so it had to be sketched up by hand
      -Planning this outfit took the longest but actually creating the outfit only took three days
      -The only Items bought were the wig and the gun sword, which is funny as the only thing that failed me on the day was the sword..... the most expensive item haha
      -But most importantly this cosplay allowed me to meet two fantastic friends (miss Sansanvi and her long time friend, no real names shall be mentioned without permission to preserve their secret identities) and just generally have a fantastic day being the villain for a change (well I'm terrible at being the villain but ahh well)
      Credit definitely goes to Donald Manning for the great photos

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      thanks for another amazing Alcon everyone c':
      whiscashgirl's Avatar
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      Mar 2013
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      Re: Animeleague 2016 Cosplay Community Awards - Post your 2016 Photos to Enter

      Everyone looks so good!!! *^*

      I'd like to enter my Contest Idol Lisia from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! (I could do with more pics but hopefully these will do~)

      Fun(ish) facts~!

      - Heavily altered from a basic white top and shorts, then I made/sewed on the blue ruffly bits!

      - The wig was my first attempt at styling anything more complicated than a few spikes! I made the headpiece separately and then it took a LOT of sewing and hot glue to attach to the wig, but somehow it stayed put all day!

      - Lisia is a cosplay I've been wanting to do since ORAS was released, but I never thought I'd have the confidence to do such a ~revealing cosplay >.>;; I'm really glad I did though as it was so much fun and I feel like it's helped my confidence for future cosplays!

      - That's my friend as Altaria btw but he's not part of the entry XD



      more at WhiscashGirl Cosplay! ^.^

      banner by my lovely wifey Chlobo! <3

      Cosplay Journal | Cosplay Facebook | Fanfiction | Tumblr | deviantART | AFluffyRedCloudPro

      ~* LAGC 2017 Cosplays *~
      Pearl (Tuxedo) ~ Steven Universe | Saturday Toriel ~ Undertale | Sunday Judy Hopps ~ Zootropolis

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