We plan to have our largest and best ever cosplay guest lineup for this February's London Anime & Gaming Con with over 20 cosplay guests planned including at least one guest of honour. First up - we're pleased to announce that UK Cosplayer and professional Radio Presenter (Host of Let the Geek Out) EJ Allen, shall be attending!

EJ Allen is a UK based cosplayer and radio presenter who hosts the UK’s only FM radio show dedicated to video game and anime music entitled Let the Geek Out! She has also grown up a cosplay fan base of over 10’000 people in just six short months impressing the cosplay scene with her range of hand made cosplays and her unique touches to costumes which help bring the characters to life. A lover of almost everything geeky, EJ loves nothing more then having a good geek out session with any one who’s up for chatting and willing to listen and if you can play a few card games as well she’ll be even happier!

Check out her page @ https://www.facebook.com/magentastrife