As we all know, Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con (taking place 4-5 June, go get your tickets now @ ) is THE party convention, with the event going on till midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

- Free Glowsticks on all nights
- Dance-Offs and DJ showdowns, events events!
- Not one, but THREE Parties!
- Awesome DJs bringing you the music including DJ Pippa512 and DJ Xzavier

Party Lineup

Saturday 9pm to Midnight - Big Geek Party - DJ Xzavier brings you the glowstick rave. Get ready for some Saturday night partying!
Sunday 8pm to 10pm - Glowstick Rave - The music takes a more video gaming twist. Bought to you by DJ Pippa512
Sunday 10pm to Midnight - Farewell Party - It's the farewell party as we play all the classics and see LIAGC out in style!

Do you have any music requests, suggestions or ideas for the parties at LIAGC? Let us know in here!