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  1. Wuhan virus and Cronoa Virus and travel ban europe (not uk) to usa on Friday

    Travel ban for people traveling...
  2. My diary (I am starting University and such)

    I am starting classes this summer, so I figured I would start this around this time for fun.
  3. My diary (I am starting University and such)

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    Art appreciation

    I figured I would start a threat where people talk about art they appreciate or a cool or fun project they have done.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh Dual links

    Hi everyone, I was wondering who else playing Dual links.

    theblackmist is my username.
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    Comic based off animeleague

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to create a comic about animeleague and get it published.
  7. Re: Easter Member Survivor - Signup Here! [Starts 3rd April]

    I am signing up.
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    Re: Graffiti 'Art'

    I like graffiti. Anything else to say would just depend on the details and such.
  9. Re: If you could have any job or career, what would it be?

    I want to be a business owner (my dad has businesses) and do any work through being one (I like illustration and animation and whatever else I would need to do for comics, novels, animations and...
  10. Re: SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    Thank you guys. I have been fixing my portfolio to back up my bachelors degree. Jigglypuff I son'rdon't think anyone really does that regaedless of the fact that would end up a big problem. Also...
  11. Re: SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    Toon Boom Harmony, Final Cut Pro, Xvid, Pro tools, Adobe (I have It on my phone) that . Could the IT specialists somehow do a computer recovery even though I am seeing that the software is all gone? ...
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    Networking and Collaborations.

    I know there is the thread for tutorials and such. Figured it would be cool to start this thread dedictae to collaborations and such.
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    Sticky: Re: AL General Information & Join Our Staff

    Thank you.
  14. Re: SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    Yeah I have been trying to work on some stuff for the portfolio. I graduated from a University back in 2012 with a Digital Arts degree. I was trying to get a company started up with a relative. I...
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    Sticky: Re: AL General Information & Join Our Staff

    1. How much time a day can you put into helping out?
    I have my mobile phone so I can be on at any time basically.

    2. Do you understand the obligations of being an assistant ?
    Yes I do. I was...
  16. Re: SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    Oh I am a writer and Illustrator. Something strange happened with my software. I ment to mention this is the other thread also.
  17. Re: SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    Yuppers. I am open for a collaboration if you are.
  18. SOS fixing a situation. In need of a remote job and project funding.

    I have been looking for a remote job. I was wondering if anyone could help. I am also work on projects and could use funding. Collaborations also.
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    Re: SOS fixing a situation.

    I am trying to fly out so... about $1000 dollars. I will pay back.
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    SOS fixing a situation.

    Hi, I don't want to bother anyone but... I am in a weird situation and I was hoping someone could help me out by lending me some money I would pay back.

    Also I am not able to get my driver...
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    Poll: Vigilantism

    As a supporter of vigilantism (where people take the law into their own hands), I was wondering who else does, and why.

    Here are two articles that are about some people who decided to be...
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    Was conned

    So my phone is not working properly and I need a new phone in order to make money off of creating apps, as well as for my safety as a woman, and guess what...

    I find out I was conned. Now in...
  23. Was stalked online by parents and threated to not contact my German Embassy

    So, while I was logging onto my apps and signing up for some more apps, my dad rudely randomly came into my room and (technically) threatened me not to contact the German Embassy and talk to people...
  24. Seeking Asylum, Passport was stolen by parents

    So I have been planning on moving back to Germany (was attemping to obtain a copy of my German birth certificate so I could obtain a German passport), and I find out my parents stole my passport.
  25. Re: Going to See Star Wars on Friday? Reflections Will Be Posted

    I thought the movie was good. Anyone see the movie in IMAX 3D? I wish the IMAX part applied to more then one part of the movie. :(
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    Classism in the USA

    Has anyone noticed that there is a high amount of classism in the US?

    I feel safer in Germany, where you are not targeted for being wealthy.
    Also, I like the fact the German Government helps...
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    Re: Happy New Year

    Happy new years!

    I will be going out with friends.
  28. Re: Web Attack Knocks BBC Websites Offline...

    I think it is interesting to note that this is happening around the time there are threats of "The Big Bang Theory" and "Supergirl" being cancelled.
  29. Discrimmnation from the state of Maryland, with the specific organization the dmv

    So I went to have my drivers license renewed as part of preparing to move back to Germany (to make sure the move goes smoothly). The license expires January 4th. Right as I was about to receive my...
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    Re: Social Networking.

    For the most part I only use facebook. As far as twitter is concerned, I only follow people on twitter.
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    Re: Dating and Heights

    I always wanted to date a guy that is very tall, but my boyfriend being 5'11 isn't a big deal. To be honest I wish both of us were taller (I know I have always wished I was taller...I am 5ft)
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    Re: Orion and Future Space Travel

    I would love to go to space or the ocean, especially if there were emergency pods and other ships near by. Would be fun.
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    Re: Ebooks / Physical Copies

    I like both. The upside to e-books is I can carry a lot of them at once on an electronic device. However, the upside to reading a physical copy of a book is that it is easier on the eyes and is more...
  34. Thread: Everykey

    by theblackmist


    This device uses bluetooth technology to unlock any password locked device, even from a distance.
    The good news is if...
  35. Re: 10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

    Oh don't worry. I am not judgmental about the liquor. If anything, I have another post explaining why I think the writer is judgmental about the liquor.
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    Re: something does not add up

    Don't worry I wasn't talking about the alcohol abuse you all are mentioning. Or the physical abuse that can come from drinking too much. I was talking about "stuff happens" moments. Or someone not...
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    Family traditions

    When I was in elementary school in Texas, my family had the tradition of eating dinners together. Naturally, this stopped when we...
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    something does not add up

    I find Number 12 interesting, when...
  39. 12 Signs You’re Dating A Man, Not A Boy

    So, I came across this article. And as a girl, I feel obligated to share whether I agree with this (as in if I would...
  40. 10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

    So, I came across this.

    I think I agree with a good portion of this, especially after reading everything...
  41. Thread: Road trip

    by theblackmist

    Road trip

    So, I have not officially been on a road trip,...
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    Re: Honey kills all bacteria

    Yeah I know. That is why I have a thread about the site. I wanted to see what people thought of the site.
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    First Cat cafe opens

    So, the US of A is about to get it's first cafe. I am excited.

    Who would be interested in going to...
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    Re: Honey kills all bacteria

    Thanks for sharing that information.
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    Honey kills all bacteria

    So, more sources are stating that honey kills all bacteria. Since I have always loved honey, I find this to bring me lots of joy!
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    Check into hotels with smart phone

    Son it will be common for people to use smart phones to check into hotels, the way they are used for a...
  47. Re: If you could time travel to a period of time...which one?

    That would be awesome. I would love to meet some authors also, like Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe.
  48. Re: The good, the bad, the religious ugly. Which path would follow?

    A form of Christianity. I am not 100% sure which one I lean towards. I think it is either Methodist, Lutheran, or Protestant. What I like is that it taught me to take care of my body. Because of this...
  49. First virtual reality film to be released (will be for Oculus)

    Who all thinks this kicks @$$? I honestly cannot wait to be able to see this film. I really hope...
  50. If you could time travel to a period of time...which one?

    So, even though I am interested in my 3d modeling and animation, I still have a high interest in mathamatics and science. Includes time travel, which I have noticed we seem to be getting closer and...
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