Animeleague Rules

We ask for everyone to show respect toward other members, to this community, and to try their best to get along. The rules are drafted to best reflect this. Most of these rules are common sense and just ask you to show a basic level of decency. These rules apply across all of Animeleague including it's chatroom and social networks to all members including it's staff.

Members; Any member of animeleague, regardless of staff-standing.
Staff; Anyone who works as board-mods. They are coloured purple, green or red.
Section-Staff; When posting in a specific section, the mods who are listed on it (with the hmod green colored mod being that section's leader). Admins can also act as section-staff in any section.
Admins; Those who run the community overall and make the final decisions/judgments. They are coloured red.

1. Respect your fellow members - This includes no attempts to insult, deride or provoke other members. Flaming and baiting are big no-nos, as is causing drama toward other members. In any debates or discussion, respect is equally important, remember that the goal is not to be right, but to reach a better understanding of the subject and each other.

2. Respect the Community - Each section has it's own set of rules and etiquette (for example some allow spam, some do not); please respect them and read the rules before you post! Please also respect each section's staff and avoid causing any drama toward them, the section or to the community overall.

3. Follow Topic Intention - Don't turn a topic into something it's not. If the opening post is random/spammy, then it should follow the topic is random/spammy. If it's casual keep your post more casual and if the opening post is detailed and serious please follow suit. The only time you can do this is if the topic's author or section-staff member says it's okay. Otherwise just make a new topic. Finally, if a topic-author asks you to follow certain rules to post in that topic (ie: it's a RPG, a debate or someone's journal for example), then do stick to them.

4. No Harassment - Harassing another member through PM, IM, or on the boards. In most cases this may be following an argument. If you feel you are being harassed and want the member to leave you alone, then PM them back requesting very explicitly for them to not contact you any further and block them if possible. If they proceed to contact you then please contact a member of staff. If the harrassment in nature is violent, sexual or stalking then please contact us immediately.

5. No Bad Posting Behaviors - Including but not limited to posting more than six topics in the same section in a one hour period, double posting in a non-spam topic where it could have been edited into the prior post (you are allowed to double-post to bump a topic provided you wait at least three days), speaking excessively in a non-English language (thusly making it impossible to moderate your post), posting Background musics or media without warning, oversized Signatures over 400 pixels tall (including all text and images), posting a mass of images in a post and so on. Only exceptions are if a section-staff member gives you permission.

6. No Unapproved Advertising - Includes linking to a commercial service or social network fanpage where it was unsolicited OR linking to a message board or chatroom without prior approval from staff. This includes in topics, signatures, in your profile and via PM. To ask staff for permission by contacting Ferefire or an admin. You may freely promote anything relating to AL (such as a clan, group or topic on AL), you may link to external portfolios, social network accounts and websites provided they do not contain message boards/chatrooms and you may link to commercial websites if someone asks.

7. Alternate Account Registration - If you are registering a second account you must email or PM an admin with the usernames. If you do not inform us and we understand you are using an alt to pretend to be someone else (and we have solid reasons to believe this beyond just the IP being the same as we understand some people may share networks or computers) then we will suspend that account and notify you. Any rule breakages done by extra accounts will count toward your original account as a whole.

8. Work-Safe Content - While we are not PG13 and swearing is allowed, please note that some people post from work-places/school and colleges and that not everyone wants to read very crude posts or images. If your post or posted image goes too far we will send you a polite reminder to tone it down. Swearing is fine, but show some taste in what you post and do not post pornography or anything that may get someone in trouble at work. If you intend to post something NSFW (not safe for work), please either spoiler tag it or post it in an 18+ tagged group/clan.

9. Follow Complaints Procedure- If you have a complaint as to how the board is run, it's rules, how they are applied, or about it's staff members please post this privately to a member of our staff; do not make a topic about it. If you are not satisified with their response you can issue an official complaint to us by emailing and the admins will investigate it. This process ensures that any issues/problems are dealt with quickly in as drama-free manner as possible. Note a complaint is not the same as giving constructive criticism or suggestions on how to improve and you are free to post that (General Discussion is the best place to make a topic) as long as it is respectfully put and does not cause drama.

10. Admin Catch All Rule - Every situation is different, and there may be situations where these rules are not sufficient. AL admins (and no one else) hold the right to remove posts which are not covered by the above rules if any post or behavior may be a problem to other members or this community. If we do this then an admin will PM you an explanation. If the admins believe you are deliberately looking for loopholes in rules, then this counts as trolling and you may be banned.

The following behavior will get you immediately banned and we will reserve the right to report you to your isp and any relevant authorities -

1. No Hacking - Attempting to unlawfully edit or manipulate board code and/or access someone's account without permission.
2. No Trolling - Seeking to damage the community through either mass breaking of rules or looking for loopholes in rules to still cause damage.
3. No Breaking of the Law - This can include sexual harrassment, threats of violence and stalking of other members

Finally, in being a member you agree to and understand and agree to these legalities -

- Legally we reserve the rights to remove, edit, or to manipulate any content on this site for any reason. We also reserve the right to delete, ban, or suspend your account at any time and for any reason.
- The IP address of all posts are recorded, and all personal information you enter will be stored in a database. This will be kept confidential. You may request for your membership and information to be removed by emailing
- We will not be held legally responsible for any posts or content on these message boards, nor the actions of our members.
- We reserve the right to change this agreement in the future within the bounds of UK law.