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    Merry Christmas Bro.
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    Liek whoa!
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    Yeah I figured after I sent the message.
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    Which Red are you referring to?
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    Yep a 3DS XL in fact. I even got a special skin for it :3 I tried the demo for Monster Hunter: Stories and Loved it! I actually bought the full game :3 Although I mainly just use my 3DS to play music, I've played songs over 19K times according to the friend roster status thingie xd
  7. Yeah, I'm sorry. I've just been busy and exhausted x__X My brain is all bleh. xD What's been new with you?
  8. -Hugs- Hi How are you doing?
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    Hi there! Actually my avatar is a little creature called Kyubey from the anime Madoka Magica ^o^
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    Actually the Touhou games on the PS is......well. Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity is free on PC (I've almost completed it) but is being sold for money on the store, now my computer is bad but I wouldn't put it on a Console for money at least less than Ł5 at most but there it is. I bought Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet, it's okay but still would like a proper Fighting game like Hopeless Masquerade. There is Touhou Genso Wanderer which is a dungeon crawler game similar to Pokemon mystery dungeon, don't really like it and I don't think it works but it's being sold for 45 pounds >_> I don't know but Bullet ballet is decent. However I do recommend getting the Touhou Genso Wanderer theme, it's free :3
    The thing which mainly drove me to get the PS4 was Monster Hunter World which will be released Spring 2018.
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    I'm a boy but just like to sorta role play as characters I like, generally Touhou characters which means...well that role play is a girl @_@ But anyway, I don't really play many indie games though I don't really get the chance to, I've had a PC which is 10 years old and just got a PlayStation 4 as a sorta substitute..didn't really work however I do enjoy Skyrim and War Thunder on the console :3
  12. It's fine. We were really close as kids, but grew apart in our adulthood. Her passing was a bit jarring, but mostly it's just surreal. I ended up finding out via FB when my high school buddy (the one I mentioned) sent me an article. I had no idea about it before then. Thank you though ❤

    There probably is, but I have yet to see anyone from the same state, much less the same city as me =\ A couple days ago I found out that there was one member on here who apparently lived really close to me (a couple streets down), but had moved across the country earlier this year. That's about the closest I've come xDD
    Aww, I'd want to meet you too! It would be cool grabbing a beer sometime ^_^ And a road trip around the US meeting ALers would be a blast. I've always wanted to do one around Europe. That would be my dream vacation, but I never had the funds to do it xD
  13. I can totally see see that. It kinda leaves you in an awkward position when they don't seem to share the same enthusiasm as you do. I've been in that position a few times with some people on AL. Either they don't say anything at all or give a pretty underwhelming response like just writing "K" or "lol". It's just like alrighty then...That kinda makes me feel like I'm being a thorn in their side. >_> But I still like them, so I still try to talk to them. So I can totally least in an online sense. And it's fine, I don't mind rants xD

    I think that's a great idea I'mm sure a lot of people are probably unaware of that person wanting to meet them. It's almost like a confession, and even if they couldn't meet right away, it might build new or stronger friendships ❤ You seem pretty awesome; I think there's a lot of people who would like to meet you ^_^
  14. I'm sorry to hear about that. Friendships can be pretty complicated sometimes. =\
    That's not surprising. Being online a lot and introverts seem to go hand in hand xD I wasn't always as bad as I am now. I used to love going to bars and parties, but as I got older, anxiety grew and I've become a lot more of a shut-in. Family life keeps me pretty occupied, but I also feel like if I hang out with someone, maybe they won't like me for who I am and all my quirks. So even if I really want to hang out with that person or people, I have a tendency to be non commital about making plans with them. I guess because it's scary for me to think someone I like and want to be around won't feel the same way? I don't know, it's weird. As a result, I don't really have close bonds with people, so it's like a catch 22. I'm own worst enemy, I guess xDD
    I was going to say you look a lot like an old GameStop co-worker I had. He was super fun, always did Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions xD
  15. I joined when I was 13 or 14 with my best friend from middle school, but she passed away in December. One of my high school buddies is a member, but he hasn't been on in many many years, so I don't know anyone irl anymore. So it's always a trip for me when I hear about ALers meeting each other. That's really cool ❤
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