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    Thank you for the birthday wish
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    It's done wonders for my ashtma. I've always wanted to try and do the early swimming sessions at 6am, but I'm never awake in time.
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    Congrats on passing on your exams. I'm just trying to catch up on stuff. Been going swimming and not been on the laptop much so a bit tired.
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    Awww that's no good
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    Not bad thanks, you?
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    *waves back*
  7. Cos I'm shy! Thank you for the message!
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    Hello how are you?
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    Thank you its been an alright day
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    Haha, cool. Oh gosh, I'm totally okay with most horror video games and films and what not... but when it's like, one of those walk through horror house things where people are dressed up... well, let's just say the first and last time I went through one with my family, I had my eyes covered the entire time and my Dad had to lead me through it all. *makes chicken noises for emphasis* XD Regular kiddie horror rides have been okay in comparison. More bothered about it being like a roller coaster mid-ride than the silly animatronics! Fear is weird, eh? :3 This has reminded me, I like find skulls fascinating. I have a pet fake skull on my computer desk called Frank (Joker Skull from Nemesis Now). He looks like this.
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    Gosh, that must of been scary then! My life has probably been very dull in comparison.

    Do you like rollercoasters btw? I don't, though it can be a lot of fun watching friends on one - or theme park rides in general. ^_^
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    Okay, that's great... all the best for both that and the stuff related to your ex. Crikey, you have so much going on, and I think you're dealing with it all really well! Hope you feel more human again soon.
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    I understand. It can be a challenging path to take. If nothing else, it might be worth speaking to citizens advice to see what his rights and options are. His boss not being an A-hole any more is a valid reasonable adjustment imo, but see what the citizen advice people say first.
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    Health care professionals and regular people alike say stupid stuff to me all the time, showing their ignorance openly and sadly not acknowledging said ignorance in themselves. I try to explain usually, encourage awareness and all that, but this often rubs them the wrong way so I often feel like I should just not say anything. Smile politely. Remember I'll be here all day if I try to justify my existence. Sometimes working out where to draw the line on what someone like us should be tolerating can be very hard because often when people say stupid things, they usually don't mean it in spite. Almost always having to play the "benefit of the doubt" card for them. In turn, it often feels like that everything is my own fault, which some people actively try to encourage me to think, when it very much isn't. Good thing I question stuff to try and keep stuff like my sanity in check. >_>;
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    I agree. Shouldn't be that way, but you just get such different health service standards across the country, it's quite disconcerting. My local care team often leave me feeling like I'm just a number instead of a human being.
    That is really unfair that your fella has to put up with that rubbish too, especially at work. I wonder how much the disability act stuff covers him to tackle that behaviour towards him at work. It's disgusting how untouchable some people think they are. Met plenty of them in my life too. :/
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Depression - There's No Shame In It

by Mewski on 04-26-2017 at 03:58 PM
Depression has been in my life for lord knows how long. I was diagnosed at the age of 15 where I was given anti-depressants (back when you easily got them on repeat prescription) and I have to admit I didn't tell people about it, nor did I feel good about my illness. I felt like a guinea pig, I hated everything but most of all I hated myself. Along with other mental problems (which later got seen to but that's another story) I was a down right mess. I attempted many times to take my own life. The

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Where Do I Go?

by Mewski on 04-11-2017 at 01:11 PM
This year I saw myself hit the big old three-one. Yes I turned 31 years old and... I still lack any clue on where I am meant to go in life. I know things I want to do and such but I gotta make it happen somehow. Maybe it's due to being poorly for so long and then caring for sick children I just lost my mojo, but I feel the whole "where do I go in life?" feeling again.

One thing I loved doing was events. I found that from starting Alcon all those years ago. And over the years I have

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My past continues to haunt me

by Mewski on 03-14-2017 at 05:16 PM
I don't like who I was. Over the years I've matured and the immature and arrogant teenage version of me has faded. Sadly people still remember that version of me and for some reason they can't let go of the past. And to me... that's super childish and immature.

Nearly 7 years ago my son was born. When he was I had some pretty hurtful things said about his parentage. People spread rumours that his father wasn't the man I said it was. People spread lies that I had the son of someone who

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