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  1. The EO V demo is supposed to come out later today!
    So far, it's still not out yet xP
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    Thanks drill, I appreciate the explanation.
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    Hey congrats on being voted AL's Biggest Otaku!
    So I'm wondering, what are you mostly a fan of:
    manga? anime? video games? other?
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    Cool. ^_^
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    Hey when should we look for the MBC Team Magma pocky stick?
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    New Avatar yay! And not surprisingly it's a cute one ^^ who is it this time?
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    Thank you Hun <3 I love Inori, she's so pretty *__*
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    Ok my home internet is dead this evening so I have to finish this on my phone. x(
    They aren't meant to and usually don't. This was a rare occurrence admittedly coz the guy said he had nothing to do for the rest of the day. (I did, but how do you tell ppl to go without sounding rude/mean :/)
    I've had too many times where it's told me too many characters for me to not mind how much I'm typing at this point. xP
    Yeah, that's a good point. Didn't think about how it would look on here. I'll stick to this one. xP
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    Aiming to cut this down by another 1. ^^ But yes, less scrolling/page going is always a plus. xP
    Funny how I'm the one reminding you of your past when I'm 6/7 years older. xP Not that I act it.
    Or look it.
    ...or sound it.
    I've never met any friends I've made online IRL before, so this'll be a first. And nope, not an AL event. I'm going to see A Silent Voice with Michan and Sykas and we're going to a Japanese restaurant first too (or Noodles restaurant as Michan calls it :p).
    The problem with meeting people at AL events is the whole 'lots of people' thing as we've discussed previously. So, much the same as you I imagine from what you've said, I'd struggle to talk to people or even seem appealing to talk to.
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    Same here tbh. Programming stuff is long haha.
    He's hoping to do research full time in which case he avoids the coventional route of getting a job... I think. I don't really know what happens exactly. He should just bite the bullet and get used to talking to people more (past me would probably hate me for saying that though lol).
    It's a hard system to get right to be fair. Making changes taking into account the past, present and future circumstances and trying to find a solution for everyone is not a job I'd ever want. It's near impossible.
    Haha, nice link (seewhatIdidthere). xP Figured you'd say something like that though.
    That sounds convenient. My parents are 2 hours away travelling down south, so not really an option for me. xP
    Yeah, I end up doing little bits at a time coz of work. I took so long on one message the other day the page timed out to the point I had to copy my stuff and completely leave the page to get the post to work. :/
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    Where we 'normally' talk... So I just need to talk enough there til it feels more natural. ^^
    Hmm, touché at the Rock Slide. Why is Rock good against Flying anyway? Ever tried to hit a bird in the air with a stone? I haven't, but I'm sure it's pretty hard. xP
    *keeps spirits high about journal*
    Vandal Hearts had elevation as a factor, as well as bonuses when attacking if another member was adjacent to your attack target (physical attacks only). I forget if FE has this but the direction a character is facing also matters. It's quite an old game but it got a good reception and I'd say it's aged pretty well so if you have a PS emulator kicking about...
    Maybe they're at the very edges of the respective terrain types? xP
    I do think maybe you're underestimating to scale of the program you'd need to create though for such a game. :p
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    But they're so old and pretty. xP
    This took me ages coz I was trying to do it in the gaps I had during work when my code was compiling and whatnot, but then someone came over and spoke to me for like 30-45 minutes and I couldn't get rid of them. I wanted to work if nothing else. :'(
    I'm on the fence about the gif now. It might not look so good when it's that small plus it runs a bit fast. I can slow it down, but... I dunno. Not so sure now.
    You could have made that at most 5 if you'd merged some of them. I think you just didn't want to post less VMs and lose your spot in the stats. xP
    Don't worry, I cut it down for you.
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    That's a good way of doing it. My way is more to get the VM count down so I don't have to scroll so far. Not that I mind you saying a lot of course - I like having lots to read. Too lazy to resize windows (I know it probably ends up easier. I'm just weird like that xP). I often need to write a few bits at a time (like now) too, so alt-tabbing back to just the one window is easier.
    Aww, that's a shame. I thought you might have at least met Ryu, but a 24 hour drive each way is a lot so I don't blame you for not wanting to. I guess I'm not so used to online relationships - up until AL, practically everyone I had on Steam or Skype or other stuff I'd already met IRL. But that's obviously changed now. I still do want to try and meet some of the people I'm meeting on here though. Going to for the first time too on Thursday!
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    One day I'll do live chat, and I'll rope in my good buddy drill to come suffer with me! > xP
    Yeah, I've gone through that too. After working here and going to so many team lunches and things, now I just go off on my own most of the time and watch Youtube while I eat. We're such introverts.
    That'd be why snow doesn't bother me as much as you then. ^^ Because when it does happen over here we're usually not prepared for it, when we do get a decent amount it can cause things to close or shutdown. I feel bad for all the little kiddies that won't get free time off school because it never snows hard enough for the schools to close these days. xD
    Just reply to them when you can I guess. I think both of our paces have slowed down recently (mine not so much on the journal tho ).
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    On the PhD thing, I believe he got a lil bit of inheritance but for the most part he's got a big loan to pay off. He's done it purposely though - he never really spoke much and I think he's actually really shy around most people, even more so than I was. So he just wanted to dodge needing to get a job and do interviews.
    Yay! I would like you as an interviewer then.
    It is kind of a silly name, yes. xP And yeah, I tried to do it too, but I couldn't find a placement (place to work for a year) that I particularly liked and could do, so I didn't in the end.
    It's good that you've already got a system for extra tax when renting like that in place. I just hope we're not too late in implementing our version here. I guess it does inflate the prices for people wanting to rent though so it has it's downsides.
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