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    Yes, I like Duolingo and Memrise. One of my problems was keeping up my studies up as a daily habit; these apps have been very helpful for tackling that. I'm surprised you're okay with the Japanese course on Duolingo; I don't think it's set up very well so left it alone for now. Might go back to it if they sort out the stupid input option stuff. Even my husband who's more advanced than me, and a pal that's fluent in Japanese, are annoyed by it. Such a shame considering how long it took to be released. Still waiting on Klingon too, hehe. No worries about nerding out about languages. Feel free!

    Thanks. I hope they do an anime reference too. Hopefully a sports anime one, but I wouldn't rule out something like Pokemon coming up, haha.
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    Awww that's really good that you have classes! They're hard to come by around where I live because demand is low, so I've had to self-study. Thanks for the suggestion of Genki. I will give it a look since it's another potential study option. If you're not aware of it already, Erin's Challenge, which is made by Japan Foundation, is a good studying option.
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    This year I also re-started my German. Me re-kindling my language learning for fun is a big reason I started the Are you multilingual? thread in GD. I originally started out by using the Japanese for Busy People books, but nowadays I'm using apps like Memrise and Duolingo to help me study daily (both for German, more Memrise than Duolingo for Japanese). They've helped me learn to read some kanji since they don't have furigana to assist you on those apps. I want to learn Korean, Russian... and Klingon for a laugh, eventually! I did try to learn all, except Klingon, alongside each other but found I was really struggling to make progress so dropped Korean and Russian for now. I will get them later.

    If you do feel ready to start French too, all the best!
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    Yup. I was originally only studying Japanese (started because I had holidays to Japan lined up - I've been twice now and hope to go again in the next few years, hopefully 2020 for the olympics! My first trip in 2007 was Tokyo only, and second trip in 2011 was Osaka prefecture and Tokyo - got to ride the Shinkansen on the second trip, and that awful earthquake/tsunami happened right in the middle too :/ Scary holiday despite us not being near the main disaster site; saw affects on people living Tokyo and it was surreal because near enough all guests at our hotel went home within a day of the disaster. The Shinkansen was up and running again so quickly after the disaster too, it was very impressive. Such a contrast to the poor train service you get in the UK!)
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    I like listening to Japanese as well, though it's more because I'm studying it and so listening practice opportunities are always good.
    I'm still at the stage where I don't know how much I like Zelda games. The characters in it are still just more characters that were made by Nintendo to me. I've been told that Majora's Mask isn't the most friendliest game in the series after I picked it up (I almost bought it on N64 when I was younger, but decided against it because my brother owned the N64 - I have the 3DS one now), so to pick it as my first Zelda game to play, was surprising to some pals who do like Zelda games. I dunno, it's the only one that tickled my interest because of the dark themes that were in it. Hopefully some day I'll complete it. Hope you're having a good weekend.
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    Some nice favourites there, though I've not read those ones myself. I've heard they're good. My Dad was a keen collector of older American superhero comics, but I never took to them as much as manga and the Archie/Fleetway Sonic comics. Even today, I'm pretty meh about them. :/ The super hero films around today are okay, some are quite fun to watch; good to see them bring new fans to the fray too. One of my favourite hero movies is Hellboy, but I don't like the comics much. Ooo I like The Last Airbender too! I was late to that party, but I'm super glad I have seen it now. Aang is my top favourite from TLA. Tenzin is my favourite from LOK; he just cracks me up with his stoic-ness. XD
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    Chaosymphonia and I just managed to get the multiplayer to work again on Risk of Rain so have been playing that too. :3
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    Yay another Sonic fan <3 I've been a Sonic fangirl since I was about 10 back in the 90s. <3 Always cool to know another fan! Do you like the comics too? Cartoons? Cool about Kirby and Pokemon Sun. I think the last thing I was playing a bit of on my 3DS was trying to play Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I've put it on the back burner because I haven't taken to it as well as I hoped, but I will still work on it... complete it someday. It's my first proper play of a Zelda title. >_>; I'll have to get the Dishonored games a look at least. :3 I do like some sneak about games, though they tend to be more horror/survival games. I know I'm notorious for not being very good at being stealthy in games so I might find it very challenging, but that's all part of the fun I guess? XD
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    Nice! I've mostly been playing things like Heroes of the Storm. Other games I've been playing in little bits are games like Perception, LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga, Sonic 4: Episode 1, and Sonic Lost World. Most of them I'm just trying to complete at least the storyline. I've not played any of the Dishonored games, but feel free to tell me about them if you want to.
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    Howdi! Apologies for delayed reply! D: Swimming is good fun so that must of been nice to do. Did you swim again recently?
    Most of my weekends tend to be quiet/repetitive so I never know what to say lol. Catching up with house stuff, play some games, and what not before going to work Monday to Friday. Woo!
    Hope you're having a good week.
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    Heya! How're you doing? Have you had a nice weekend?
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    I know me too :/ They were so amazing. Such a shame ;-;
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    I love CL *__* although I do love Sandara and well all of them xD <3
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    achchha laga c: at least kisi ke saath thodi si desi bhasa me baat kar sakta hu
    though im really bad at hindi lol
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    haha 'ji' maat bolo. sunke lagta hain main bura ho gaya hu :p
    tumhe bangla bhi ati hain?
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