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    lol you should look lol at the pics hehe... and for the Night Tech high thing, I can lend you imagination.... She had avery dangerous past with her sister... beating up others, her family is just enough lol anything you wanna know, I can make up ^.^ like, maybe ur chara is smart enough to figure out that they are vampires and Sacred Pure Bloods at that XD myabe she can even figure out that they are princesses XD lol IF she is smart enough hehe
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    lol wateves! Just reply... I am getting bored :l so bored, that I am looking for pics XD
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    it isn't? hmmm....
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    lol really? I wanna start watching that cuz I love the theme song ^.^ lol "Alice Human Sacrifice"? That is a good song, english and JAPANESE ^.^
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    kwl ^.^ lol, i wanna go to a cosplay con one day ^.^ maybe go as Maka from Soul Eater, Kikyou from Inuyasha, or something... lol
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    Just say you got permission or sumthing.
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    hehe, trying for red contacts ^.^ and going to party city and getting fit-anywhere fangs lol so yes, then I will dress normal? (maybe dress up) and then go ^.^ my 'onee' is doing the same and idk about my cuzin, cuz we are all going trick-r- treating (my family nd stuff)
  8. Ooooh will you? We can rp on there~ ^^
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    Its your charaecter now. I bequeath it to you
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    You just live in the House of Night and tell us what we're suppose to do. You dont really do anything yourself though
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    The one that tells us our assignments or sumthing
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    -sighz- lol but watever, and yes. XD as elmo XDDD lol jkjk I wish, instead I'm going as a vampire ^.^
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    That would be cool. XD Hey Do you think you can act like the leader of Group X?
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    aloha ^.^ so, when u comin to Sin City?
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