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    I spots a Yomi!!!
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    Heeeeeeey!!! You stiiiiiiiill haven't made a journal for me to spam in!!!
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    Yeah, it was weird.

    Still make a journal so I can spam and post random stuff in it.
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    You know, I could have swore we were friends before. However I sent a friend request and I don't believe we were.

    On another note I'm sure the journal will handle just fine.
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    You must make a journal again!!!!!
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    Ok then I guess I don't still have you added. ( it went crazy when I linked my outlook account to it, So I lost pretty much everyone's contacts )
    Its Driftfirewolf42
    I should come up as Fire.
  7. I am hoping to evolve one up and see if I get better results, but Geodudes are not very common around here.
    Interesting. I may be able to learn more about the second generation as it is supposed to be coming next month and possibly the legendary bird event.
    Oh I think I remember that group sometime ago. I can't remember if I was a part of it then, but I do remember it.

    I should have Skype up and running right now. (I think I usually have that one running all the time if I remember right.) I haven't really had anyone call me on my new phone much, so I have no idea how mine really is.
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    Still super cool that you got a Golem.
    And yes please go check it out, its got pokemon GO, and a bunch of other pokemon stuff to..
    Plus I am going to be shameless here for a moment,.. I have been told I must bring back the pack. You should totally join it this go around.

    and Yes I am up, and totally willing to talk. Pm/s, Skype? My phone kind of sucks, there is something wrong with the mic, other wise I'd offer that. ( I so need to get a new phone V_V )
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    Those are a lot of nice pokemon, especially the Golem I have such a love for that one. and There are ultra balls now!!! ( still a loser who doesn't have a phone that can play it on V_V ) and yes there is a Clan. Its the only clan with Pokemon in the name. You SOOO should check it out. It would be really great to be in at least one forum with ya. We'd actually get to hang out, instead of just messages.

    It would be a first for us! ^__^ LOL

    and Again Yomi,.. rabbit hole or not. Hit me up on skype, or send me a pm. I am hear if you need to talk or just have someone listen.
  10. It's all good. I have been doing my thing here and there. I have been hunting things down mostly. I have caught quite a few things. I missed out on a Gengar one night, but caught a 922 Ninetails, 2 Dragonites (1191 and 152), 1042 Golem, and a 1076 Nidoqueen. I Evolved a 1472 Venusaur, a 1432 Victreebel, 1450 Vileplume, a 1396 Slowbro, not to mention on all the Eevee evolves I have done. (Eevees are like cockroaches here) Missed a Snorlax earlier this week. It was 1596 and it bolted after one berry and an ultra ball break out. I was a little pissed about that. Is there a clan? I am curious to see how others on here are fairing. Everyone that I normally see is pretty hardcore here. That and some are using trackers here.
    It's just my luck I suppose. Between bad luck and other things, I don't know which is worse. I try not to pull people down that rabbit hole though.
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    -pokes the Yomi - Sorry I didn't get back to you, Read it right before I went to bed on night, and totally spaced. I'm really sorry about that @_@! Been freaking busy lately, plus the baby is finally teething, which is it weird I am excited about that LOL. So how does the pokemon hunting go? Catch anything super cool lately ( You should totally join the Pokemon clan with me tho. The we could hang out outside of visitor messages XP ) But yeah, Just wanted to poke ya, and let ya know. I haven't forgotten about ya.. and well I was thinking about you. I hope things have started to look up for ya.
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    Well ya know I'm here if you ever need to talk, and I do honestly mean that. Sometimes it just nice to be able to talk to someone who is in no way connected or able to make things more complicated. I know its been years since we've really chatted,.. but that doesn't change the fact that I am here for you. Ok?!
    That's super cool that mystic plans stuff like that! its funny because that would have never crossed my mind. Actually planning stuff for the game, and meeting up. I so want to do that now!
    Yeah I hear ya, I would love to have Charizard. Tho not a huge fan of Dragonite. Mainly because I like the way the pre evolved forms look better. I so badly want a Gengar!!!! Or a growlithe ( cause ya know I can spell so well @_@ )
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    Yeah I have to agree, that usually is how it always is. Which is good and bad in itself. Sweet, we are planning to go with team mystic too! Mainly because my oldest son's favorite color is blue, and he loves water pokemon. V_V makes me sad because go figure I love Fire types. So which pokemon do you REALLY want to catch? and Good poke hunting this evening.
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    Well I wish ya the best of luck, surviving can be draining. V_V I haven't gotten to play pokemon Go yet, my phone doesn't have enough pixels or whatever. It looks super cool tho. Have you picked a team yet?
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    YOMI!!!! yes I am back. IN fact you just missed me on the radio. I was playing the 20 rooms game. But yes, you should come around more often. Maybe I an even convince you to RP this go around. anyways, how are you?!!!
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